Here’s A COMMON Puppy Training Mistake

Fun With Your Dog In The Sun – 11 Tips To Have A Safe And Happy Summer With Your Dog!

Summer is on it’s way and with it comes fun! Summer can also mean very hot temperatures. Beyond providing proper nutrition, fresh water, exercise and a safe environment is important during the summer to take added precautions to make to make sure your pets are happy and safe this Summer.

Stop Dogs Chewing On Furniture: 3 Tips To Keep Your Furniture Unscathed

There are many reasons why dogs chew on just anything they see and more often than not, teething is one of the culprits. Of course, there is also boredom which triggers dogs to keep on chewing even the hardest pieces of furniture they see in your home. So how does one really stop dogs chewing on furniture? Here are just some tips that might finally help you put a stop to this chewing problem in your dog:

Limping Dogs Often Have a Dog Cruciate Ligament Injury

When you have a limping dog, it can be very discouraging trying to learn what is essentially triggering them to limp and where exactly the concern is. Oftentimes pet owners come up empty handed when they are feeling their dog to seek out the problem because their canine never demonstrated to them exactly where the discomfort is. If this describes the case and your canine has been limping in excess of 3 days, it is advisable to contact your veterinarian and schedule a visit.

Handling Poop Bags the New Way

There is now a new way of handling poop bags. It is a safer way, a more discreet way and an easier way. This new way is also healthier because it includes carrying hand sanitizer, which must always be used after handling dog poop.

How to Treat Your Dog When He Has an Accident

Not unlike toilet training a child, house-breaking a dog can be a trying time for the household. When you first bring a puppy or young dog into the home, there’s a sense of love and excitement that pervades the atmosphere. Your four-footed is certain to share in the emotions, and may too anxious to please that accidents are inevitable. As you work with your dog not to soil himself or your furniture, you must keep a cool head at all times. Training properly will help bring your pet to answer nature’s call properly.

Important Questions to Answer Before Getting Your First Dog

The most important question you can ask is this: are you willing to commit to a multi-year relationship? One that could last up to several decades? Dog ownership is a serious responsibility.

Helping Pets

Ok pet lovers, listen to this! I found a great way to help my pet get used to having people around. But before I tell you my secret let me take a moment to explain the issues that so many people have regarding their pets and the tedious and difficult, not to mention time consuming and exhausting, ways people try to solve their pet problems.

Dog Training – Important Tips

These are the most important tips for dog trainers. They will really help you training your own dog if you keep up and listen carefully step by step.

Explaining The Good Oil About Itchy Dog Home Remedy Treatment

Learn what you can about the dos and don’ts of itchy dog home remedy treatments. Natural treatments can do harm and yet some are extremely useful.

Why Dogs Get Excited Or Hyper

Dogs get excited. That’s a fact that is quite obvious to most people. However when it comes to dog owners they seem to get very bewildered when their nice dog is suddenly humping every leg he sees.

Dog Food For Puppies – What Do They Need And Why?

A healthy and nutritious dog food for your puppy is more critical than in an adult dog food. Their development and overall longevity is dependent on the proper balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Snowshoeing With Dogs

Snowshoeing with dogs is a great way to exercise together as a pack in a fun outdoor environment. Even if your dog isn’t a husky or hearty golden retriever this is still an activity that they can enjoy. My chihuahua who refuses to go out in the rain eagerly jumps out of the car when we arrive at the mountain for a snowshoeing adventure.

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