How I’m using 12 Baseballs to Train This Pit Bull to Listen to me! [REALITY DOG TRAINING EP 15]

Dog Health Concerns: What Are the Most Common Health Problems of Dogs?

Dogs are among the most popular pets in different parts of the world. They are smart, fun to be with, and capable of loving unconditionally. A dog is actually not just a pet.

Bothered By Dog-Related Problems? This Article Will Help You

Having a dog is a great joy, but this isn’t so with every dog. There are things you need to know about taking care of your pet. You should go over this article to learn more about dogs and what you can do to be a good pet owner.

How to Get Started With Dog Agility

Prior to being operational for work all dogs must be agile in their own right. The agility phase of training in these fundamental obedience exercises is calculated to ensure the maximum use of his natural agility. It is therefore necessary to emphasise that all the exercises shown below are essentially a development of obedience training.

Basic Ways on How to Train and Discipline Your Dog

Hey, dog parent! You must be very delighted to have an adorable furry little buddy at home. Indeed, dogs are very loving and loyal.

How To Give Dogs With Hip Dysplasia A Better Quality Of Life

One of the most common conditions affecting dogs is hip dysplasia. The condition is brought about by the abnormal growth of the hip-joints, which then causes the joints to become loose. Certain breeds, especially the large ones, are more prone to developing it, but certain environmental factors may affect its severity.

How to Get Rid of Your Dog’s Fleas Naturally

Having dogs that are infested with fleas can be a nightmare because you get them all in your house, in your yard and all over you as well. I’m going to share with you how I found a natural cure for fleas that is very effective.

What Is The Perfect Age To Bring Home A Puppy?

This article is going to discuss that age old question at what age you should bring a puppy home. We’re going to discuss that question and I am going to tell you the perfect age for bringing your puppy home. You may not agree with me but that’s okay it’s still the perfect age.

There Is A Dog Breed For Every Lifestyle!

Even though selecting the right breed of dog for you and your family seems like it should be easy in all actuality it is not. There are so many breeds to choose from with so many different characteristics. However if you’ll follow some of the tips below and take time to do some research I know you can find the right dog.

The Number One Reason Why Dogs Die

I can imagine that there’s nothing worse than seeing your dog run out into the street and being hit by a car and dying before your eyes. It has to be a very traumatic experience. However that scene plays out over and over again daily all over the country. Here are a few tips to keep it from happening to you.

The Canine Good Citizen Test

The Canine Good Citizen Test, or CGC, is an exam given by the American Kennel Club. Passing this test will allow you to have a dog that is well behaved not only at home but also when out in different surroundings. It also shows that you the owner have been determined enough to train your dog and give it the attention needed to have a well behaved dog.

Re-Housebreaking Your Adult Dog

Has your adult dog started using your house for a toilet again? Maybe your dog just has an occasional accident as some people say, every now and then. If so it’s time to take a step backwards and return to the basics.

Choosing a Great Dog From a Shelter

If you and your family have decided to get a new dog, selecting one from the local shelter is an excellent way to find the right dog for you. There are however a few things that you should be aware of and watch out for when selecting that pound puppy.

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