How to Clip Your Dog’s Nails (STRESS FREE)!

Common Potty Training Problems: Scent Marking

Scent marking is when a dog urinates to mark a territory. This really isn’t a common potty training problem because it deals more with dominance and territorial issues.

Dog Acting Out? Find Out How to Housebreak a Puppy

Early training and interacting with other puppies will go a long way as your puppy grows up into an adult. In order to give your little guy the most desirable chance to fully and victoriously adjust in your household, house training, puppy socialization, leash training and basic obedience will need to be deep-set in him right from the beginning.

Benefits of Using an Electronic Dog Training Collar

There are many reasons that electronic dog training collars should be used, and managing the difficult aspects of dog training is one of them. Many people just don’t have the time to train their dogs the way they want to, and if this is the case then using electronic dog training collars may be your only hope.

Grooming Your Dogs Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore

One of the most important aspects of owning a dog is keeping them groomed. Dogs, like people need daily physical cleaning to be happy and healthy. While dogs do not need to bathe everyday like we do, it is a good idea to set up a routine and keep with it. If your dog has problems with skin, nails, or ears, be sure to follow the orders of your Vet. Here are some of the basics of grooming your dog.

Raising a Puppy: Three Things to Consider Before Adopting a Young Dog

Adding a puppy to the family is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Raising a puppy takes time, money, patience and commitment. Are you ready to commit the next ten or more years of your life to this animal? Are you ready to adjust your life style?

Benefits of Using an Electronic Dog Training Fence

The benefits of using an electronic training fence over a more traditional enclosure will simply amaze you. Training by itself can be very challenging at times for those of you that have never spent hours on end training animals in general. This doesn’t have to continue to be the case, and using a dog training fence can help you with the difficult dog training procedures.

The White Golden Retriever – All That Shines Is Not Golden

The truth about the white golden retriever. Why such a beautiful dog is ignored by international breed standards. The white golden’s connection with the English cream golden retriever. And the potential downsides of “a pure white” golden retriever.

Here’s an Effective Way to Housebreak Your Puppy

One of the many things you will first teach your puppy is housebreaking. Many pet owners admit that they do not know how to housebreak puppies or they lack the idea of executing it. In housebreaking your puppy, significant amount patience is required and this should begin shortly after you have your dog in your home.

Housebreaking Your Puppy – Why Using a Wire Dog Crate Is Best

When you welcome a puppy into your life you are just like a new parent. That little puppy is solely dependent on you. As any new parent strives to keep his child safe, so should a puppy parent. That’s why a wire dog crate is essential for house training your puppy. Choosing a wire dog crate is not like putting your pooch in jail, it is like keeping him safe in crib. Think of a your pup’s crate like his bedroom, a place where he can keep his toys, sleep, stay out of trouble, and do his homework (learning to “hold it”).

How Plaque Attack Can Help Your Canine

Pet lovers go to great lengths to look after their pets especially from a health point of view. One very important area of pets bodies are the teeth. This is an area where bacteria can build up if it is not taken care of. Pet owners who get plaque attack and use it on their pets teeth will be amazed at the results. The breath will also be much better after this is applied.

High Tech Pet Products – Researchers Develop New Radio Fence Technology

If you’ve been considering the purchase of an electric underground fence, you have a couple of different technology choices that have been standard on the market for several years. Recently a new technology has entered the radio fence arena. Pulsed Proportional Stimulus technology changes the way stimulus is handled in electronic containment systems.

How to Train a Siberian Husky Puppy

Siberian huskies are beautiful arctic dogs. Owning a Siberian is a privilege and you should learn how to properly train your dog.

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