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How to leash train a dog that won't walk by the online dog trainer this is little Ruby she's an eight month
old little spoon lynch's gorgeous little girl however when she went for a walk she was
causing around as a whole host of problems here's one little trick which helped to
turn around as you can see soon as the lead came out even in the back garden little Ruby
would go pretty crazy polling and yanking and mouthing in
chewing the lead she was a small dog but she could pull
pretty strong and she was tenacious she didn't give up
even on long walk should keep putting all the way down the road and across the
street should be dragging here dragging in there she even drag you back home there she
goes she just doesn't stop po-po poll choo choo choo it was a nightmare let me
show you a simple y have correcting this behavior as always
the key to everything was gaining ruby's trust and respect and
I did that through implementing in putting in
place those five golden rules his little trick that that helped
establish a little bit more respect on the walk how to leash train a dog that won't walk one very simple way of getting into
changed behavior is to put a little chain through her
collar and so that the first foot-and-a-half
her leash is now a change but she still has a soft little fabric
cholera now ruby still free to jump up into the
chain if she wants to it's her choice there's going to be no
shouting or pulling on the lead we're gonna let her
change around behavior up her own free will as you can see here she thinks about it she has a look she
says I think I'll try and jump up and get the lead just one good jump there you go tries to
get it she can't reach it she says fine as
quick as that now she's a change dog she's not gonna
buy the chewing the chain anymore she just gonna walk nice and sensibly
perfect as you can see very soon she was walking
perfectly by my side happy to walk behind me very loose lead
and she's not showing it and here we are on the way back home
still a very loose leash and remember this is outside we're not
in the garden anymore far more distractions but she's perfect and one she's changed her behavior we can revert back to the old lead no
chain required it was a temporary training to by
putting in place the five golden rules in the pack leader I gained ambers immediate respect she
knew she could trust me and should follow me and so walking
nicely on the lead by my side made perfect sense to her

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