How to Pee and Potty Train your Puppy at Home | How I Did it (You will Thank Me for This)

Today's topic is How to pee and potty train your puppy pee meaning susu (in Hindi) We will be talking about pee and potty training in this video It's been 1.5 months since we got Buddy In this video i want to share my experiences So that you learn from my mistakes and you are able to pee and potty train your puppy easily In the first part we will discuss How to pee and potty train puppy during the day and in the second part we will discuss training in the night Buddy also pooped inside the house once But he peed like a lot inside the house he didn't do it on purpose He doesn't know where to pee, right? so this will happen if you got a puppy then it will happen peed on bed? what did you do? yes you, what did you do? you peed on bed nobody pees on bed you pee outside, you are a good boy no? Where are you going? Come here, we are still talking haha ran away come here you peeing again? yes this is the place to do it but who does on bed? It's mentioned on internet that no dog pees on his bed to reduce this thing What you can do is take your pup out to pee yourself rather than he pee and poop inside the house This will help in pup will learn that peeing or potty in the house is not allowed but outside is allowed like after he wakes up take him out to pee and potty because after he wakes up, chances are pup has to pee After exercise or play whenever you are done playing with the pup take the pup out to pee yourself Although he peed like 1 hour ago If he played or ran with you then take him out for pee as the chances are higher Before bed like before sleeping in the night take him out to pee and potty and first thing in the morning after he wakes up take him again to pee and poop If you take care of these points then accidents will reduce in the house ok Buddy has just got up from sleep and he is sitting at the gate on his own and this is the perfect time to take him out for pee because he just got up from sleep as i mentioned Whenever pup gets up from sleep take him out to pee and i will take a kibble grain for him to praise him and treat him after he pees I am giving him some time because he is not gonna pee right away and this is acceptable but he will surely do it so give some time and be bore don't let him play, see he is peeing right now I'm sure you don't wanna see this and when he pees, praise him and give treat If you are taking your pup out to pee or potty then make him pee or poop, don't play with him don't talk to him so that he learns it is potty break or pee break it's not a play break else if you start playing with him after pee/potty then it will get confused that is it a pee/potty break or play break did i come out to pee/potty or to play? whenever you go out with the pup to pee/poop don't talk to him and don't play with him point #4, stand bored don't involve in any activity because it can divert his attention from pee/poop towards playing and he might not pee there and then and instead he might pee when you bring him in that he doesn't pee when you are out but pees when you bring him in it's frustrating at that moment so remember if you go out to pee, don't talk and stand bored and if he is not peeing when outside not pooping either then bring him inside within 2-3 minutes and within 5 minutes of bringing him in, go out again for him to try peeing again this is the most important point if there is a pee/potty accident in the house then you should stop the pee/poop activity and start shouting No at the pup and say No in a hard tone like Buddy No, NO so that he will get to know "Oh no what have i done?" pee/potty inside wasn't allowed pick him up and take him outside instantly and make him try again when outside although he has already peed inside the house but you should make him try again to pee and poop outside so that he realizes pee and potty outside is allowed but not allowed inside the house because i am being scold upon when i do inside but i get praised when outside and if he pee/potty outside then always give him treat he will feel very good about it he will start going out for the love of the treat the day i started giving him treats when outside now he expects from me that i will give him treats he stopped peeing and pooping inside the house see after eating food get your pup out instantly they feel like peeing and pooping after having food so Buddy has peed I am gonna give 2 more mins and if he doesn't poop then i'll bring him inside I gave 2 mins and he is pooping already I am sure you won't like to see this i'll move the camera little forward within 5 mins of having food Buddy has peed and pooped both so you will have to take care that when your pup/dog had its food bring him outside instantly oh you want treat? Let me get some If a pup pees inside by mistake don't talk to him in long sentences he won't get it only use No word it would feel bad after hearing No word as it would be in a harsh tone If you speak in long sentences, he won't understand only use No word Buddy what did you do? I told you last time to not to pee inside don't pee inside, only pee outside you don't have to talk in such a long statement only use No word so that he will learn only the No word because of the tone like No! No! he will understand that it's not allowed get him outside and praise him remember this about potty pups poop after few hours of eating like Buddy poops about 2-3 hours later of eating try him to do the business before bed so you will have to manage all this initially you won't know when the pup pees or poops after eating but if you learn that he poops 2-3 hours later after having food then you should take care of it yourself and take him outside and let him do his business spend most time of the day inside the house with the puppy if you spend more time outside the house with the pup then puppy will think that his house is outside but if you spend more time in the house then he will know that this is my house and let me tell you a fact puppies never spoil their home if the pup gets to know that he lives there then he will not soil the house try to spend more time in the house with the puppy reduce outing time outside the house so that he learns the responsibility that this is my house and we go outside to pee/potty, and to play.

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Ok now we will discuss second part of the video training in the night is little different not much #1 rule for night's training is that puppy's age in month + 1 are the hours a pup can hold it's pee for example, if Buddy is 3 months so 3 months + 1 = 4 hours Buddy can hold pee initially i didn't know this first night was little hard Buddy had peed at 3-4 places in the house we didn't know when he can pee since i came to know about this rule, it has become very easy and remember to take him out to pee before he does it himself so that there are no accidents in the house for example, if your puppy pees in 4 hours puppy is 3 months old and 4 hours it can hold then set an alarm for 4 hours and take him outside to pee before he does it in the house because if you don't set an alarm, you will see pee in the house we still set an alarm because Buddy is 3.5 months old and he can't hold that much because if you sleep like 7-8 hours then he can't hold for that long non stop so it's better that you wake up at night and take him out yourself second point for night potty training is that you dinner or the last meal of the pup should be like 2-3 hours before sleep like if you sleep at 10 PM then feed him at 7 PM this will give you gap of 2-3 hours and it will allow the pup to pee and poop before bed try to have him go outside to pee and poop before bed because if you do this then chances are he will sleep deeply and will get up after 3-4 hours it may be that your pup doesn't poop in the night like Buddy doesn't poop in the night when i wake him up after his last meal in the night sometimes he poop and sometimes he doesn't but till now he has learned to hold it till the morning but yes your pup might be different so try to set an alarm to wake up in the night as per the rule i mentioned – months +1 that many hours the pup can store/hold this rule applies until the pup is 7 months of age the rule doesn't apply after 7 months of age if you take care of all these points i'm sure your pup will also learn that peeing inside the house is not allowed i get scolded when i do inside but i get treats when i do outside very soon the pup will understand this and start doing it outside Buddy took 1 month to learn but i hope your pup learns faster and even if your pup has learned the training but still you should continue it treating him outside and other points i spoke about because pups are very young and they tend to forget easily even today we treat Buddy when he pees/poops outside although he has learned it but we still continue the training because before he forgets it continue the training until you are completely sure that these accidents don't happen in the house if you feel this video was helpful then hit the Like button and Subscribe to the channel because i am gonna post more training videos on this channel

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