How to stop your dog from being dominant

in this video I'm gonna explain how dogs
dominate us if you think that your dog is dominating you this is the video for
you all that and more coming up a lot like level my name is Saro I'm a dog
trainer also coached dog owners many of my clients many dog owners claim that their
dog is sometimes dominating them and they're getting frustrated because they
don't know how to deal with this issue don't you worry I'm gonna explain it all
and it's gonna all make sense I don't believe that dogs dominate us I have
made a separate video that I talk about dogs and domination I'm gonna place the
link of this video right here that you can go ahead and watch it but I want you
to understand that just because your dog sleeps in bed with you walks out of the
door first pulls on the leash is being aggressive towards other things dogs or
people marks everywhere by peeing and pooping inside of the house and outside
if places its paw on your foot or on you it doesn't mean that they're dominating
you these are all misunderstanding domination is basically let's say it's
controlling something or someone who's in control now let's say if you ask your
dog to sit and you repeat that five times and your dog still doesn't see
who's in control so the fact that your dog is controlling you and you are not
able to get your dog to sit that may be a sign of domination that's the maximum
level of domination in dogs just ignoring you now the next part is also
important to understand that when you're asking your dog to do something let's
say you're asking your dog to sit and after 5 or 10 times you repeated that
command and your dog still doesn't sit you know if you feel bad to reinforce or
correct your dog then your dog is in control now the last part is if your dog
just walks away or you just walk away or give up because your dog didn't sit
after you asked it 10 times or 20 times and your dog still doesn't listen to you
then your dog is in control now I'm going to talk about a little bit of a
sensitive issue you may have a dog who's fearful stressed anxious shy and you are
feeling bad to do anything with your dog telling you to do something because
you're afraid you're gonna hurt your dog's feelings you ask your dog to walk
and your dog puts a brake on and doesn't want to go anywhere that you're going
your dog sees someone or someone with a hat and your dog freaks out and you feel
bad your dog hears the fireworks and gets traumatized and get scared and
start shivering you start feeling bad again so who's in charge in here who's
the dominant one I hope you get that your dog is in control and you are the
one who's being dominated but you are supposed to be the one who takes care of
the dog you are the one who has adopted the dog you are the one who owns the dog
your dog depends on you you can't help your dog if you are we if you can't
reinforce the behavior that you really want and you think that is gonna help
your dog so in my point of view those dogs who menu plate the humans their
owners are the ones who are dominating their owners and are controlling their
humans and at the end nobody wins nobody benefits from that so I suggest you to
not think about who's dominating who and think about how you can help your dog by
having the power and the knowledge to reinforce the behavior that you want so
your dog can change and behave normal so you can enjoy your dog after all you
don't have to be aggressive you don't have to be reinforcing negative energy
to your dog you just need to reinforce the right behavior to your dog and you
can do that by using clay or praise you don't have to use treats or anything
like that or shock collars or tools that are harming those all you have to do is
just learn how to do it so you can learn in my channel
using the techniques that I share in my channel using play and praise reward
system so he told misunderstanding if you
understand your dog and you understand the fact that your dog wants to know
what to do what's the right thing to do what's the way to live with humans and
you are clear about giving those cues and information to your dog I guarantee
you nobody is going to dominate anybody you don't have to dominate your dog and
you don't even have to think that your dog is dominating you I hope you enjoyed
this video if you have any questions leave those questions in the comment
area and I'll address them in my future videos all right away as always if you
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