How To STOP Your Dog Pulling On The Leash NOW

Which Facts Should You Know About The Pekingese?

The Pekingese, often called the “Peke” or “Lion Dog”, is a toy breed of dog. Here are just a few things you should know about them…

5 Most Popular Non-Shedding Dogs In The World

Interested in finding out about hypoallergenic dogs? Below are the top 5 dog breeds that are suitable for people with dog allergies.

Barking Dog Collar: Correcting Dog’s Bad Habits

Many dogs develop disagreeable habits such as unprovoked barking. One possible method of rectifying this problem is by using the barking dog collar. Pet owners should be aware that their pets are prone to acquiring the uncontrollable custom of panicky growling complemented by too much anxiety and other forms of an explosive nature.

Herding Dog Training

Owning a herd dog is such a privilege and can be of so much help, when you have a herd of sheep, or any other animals. The part you have to focus on the most, is the training of the dog you choose.

What the Best Dog Trainers Say About Dog Behavior?

“A dog is a man’s best friend” and only pet owners can implement the right behavioral techniques in order to foster this relationship. With the overwhelming increase in pet owners with an opinion, advice on training is available pro bono, but whom better to seek the most lucrative tips from than the best dog trainers. Many first time and even veteran dog owners find it overwhelming to understand a dog’s behavior so it is essential to train them from the start, rather than having to deal with it later on.

Is It Okay to Multi-Task While Training Dogs?

I have been pondering this question since I have two dogs and I train with them on specific things on a weekly basis. The second portion of this question is: Is it okay to train two dogs at the same time? Again, something I have been playing around and exploring lately.

About Dogs, Assumptions and Procrastination

I can totally relate to my clients or potential clients who even when they know the need help with their pup, they do not make the call a.s.a.p. Furthermore, it is rare to have a person call me because they just adopted a dog from a shelter or they are thinking of getting a new dog and they want to make sure they do things right from the get-go. Funny because just yesterday I did get “that call” from a client who wants to work with me in getting ready for their new puppy. Wow! How exciting – breaking the human rule of procrastination. And even more exciting is that they want to get a Springer Spaniel, a breed that I have tons of experience with after having had three terrific Spaniels as my companions. BTW, my business is named after one of my Spaniels: CHACO.

Trying To Find Remedies For Kennel Cough Symptoms?

Most dog owners would agree that kennel cough symptoms in a dog causes them concern. Kennel cough could be compared to the common cold in humans. Research shows it is caused by a virus, and not bacteria as was originally believed. Since it is a virus, it is easily spread. The symptoms are scary to listen to, but if your dog has kennel cough symptoms it is not necessarily a sign of something serious. As a dog owner you do not need to be unduly worried. The reason is that most instances the problem does not require veterinary attention.

Understanding Dog Sleep and Choosing the Perfect Dog Bed

It’s a fact that dogs like to sleep… a lot. How much your dogs sleep depends on age, environment and amount of activities, but suffice it to say that dogs sleep more than we do. Unlike their human counterparts who sleep for 8 or so hours at a time, dogs take lots of short naps throughout the day in addition to their nightly routine.

Information on a German Shepherd Dog

The last thing you cannot afford to overlook is the cost. Everyone understands that you must part with some money to buy a dog. You can compare the rates from a number of outlets that deal with pets and animals. The rates vary depending on the training as well as other aspects that go to the grooming of the dogs.

Success Tips for Housebreaking Dogs

Just imagine it’s Monday evening and you just had one of the longest days of your life. This week seems to be off to a terrible start. Work was stressful and you still have tons to do before bedtime. You arrive at home only to discover Max, your beloved four-legged friend, had yet another accident in your bedroom. Maybe some of you can relate to coming downstairs on a cold, snowy, December morning only to find an unwanted gift next to the Christmas tree. Yes, you guessed right, it was a special gift from (insert your dog’s name here). These kinds of scenarios are all too real for many dog lovers.

Crate Training Your Puppy From Day One

Crate training your puppy or dog at any age does not have to be a bad experience for either dog our owner. Starting crate training from the first day is an essential part of your dog’s training. Patience and lots of praise will soon have your dog happy to spend time in his own special den.

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