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– Now, we have several
puppy potty training videos on the channel, and one
of the common questions that people ask us is, "How do
I get my puppy to let me know "when they need to go outside?" Well, in today's video, I'm
gonna teach you exactly how to do that, and this method
isn't gonna require any bells. The only bells you'll be
ringing are bells of joy. (laughs) I'm Ken Steepe, and welcome
back to McCann Dogs. (pretty guitar strum) (barking) Now, the four legged family member that we're using in today's
video is our puppy, Beline, and it wasn't long ago that we had to teach Beline some potty training.

So today, I'm gonna show
you the exact method we used to have Beline have an
easy and reliable way to ask us to go outside to potty. Puppy potty training
accidents can be unpredictable so here's a dog trainer hack. We know that after your puppy's been in their crate all night that
they're gonna have to go. So here's what I want you to do. You're gonna grab your puppy's leash, you're gonna go open your
puppy's crate and pick them up. Clip on their leash, and then
head up to the exterior door that you're going to use to take your puppy outside to potty. The reason we picked the puppy up is that we don't wanna risk
the chance that your puppy's going to have an accident when
they come out of their crate, between their crate
and that exterior door.

So the best thing you can
do is pick that puppy up so that they don't have an
opportunity to make that mistake, and then you can take them up to the inside of that exterior door. Now, what most people do at this point is take their puppy directly
outside, but here's the trick. At this point, we want
you to set the puppy down and hang onto to the leash.

Your puppy's really got two choices. It's either have an accident on the floor, which we've talked about in
previous potty training videos. You know, it's not the best outcome, but it gives you an
opportunity to tell the puppy that that's not what you want, or your puppy's gonna indicate. They're gonna maybe
sniff, or they're going to maybe go towards the door
or they're gonna look to you. They're gonna look a
little bit uncomfortable, and that's the moment you mark with your, "Do you want to go outside?" And this is the foundation for this skill that your puppy needs to come to you to indicate that they need to go outside. Now, this isn't the kind of skill that will be learned in one session.

pexels photo 4588031

You're gonna need to
plan the same routines a few mornings in a row, as
well at other times of the day. You need to be really
supervising your puppy and very aware if they start to indicate that they need to go potty, and maybe those signals are
sniffing or looking to you or scratching or whatever they might be, you're going to learn them
in those morning sessions. If your puppy indicates
they need to go outside, you need to pick them up and
immediately take them out.

It's beneficial to have
your puppy come and find you to let you know that
they need to go outside rather than them being
stuck waiting at the door or while you don't know that
they need to go outside. So remember, set your
puppy up to be successful by starting this first
thing in the morning when you know that they need to go. If your puppy happens to pee in the house, make sure you mark that moment
with an, "Oops," or a, "Ah," or something to mark that precise moment that they have made a mistake. The reason we love this method is it gives your dog the responsibility of letting you know that
they have to go outside now and saying that, you
need to be supervising.

So whether they make a good
choice or a bad choice, you're there to let them know. Now, if this is your
first time on the channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button. We publish new videos every single week to help you spend some quality time with your four legged family members. Do you have a question or a
comment about potty training? Drop it in the comments below,
and that video beside me is actually a video about the four reasons that your potty training isn't working.

On that note, I'm Ken, happy training. (bright, fun music).

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