How to teach your dog to ring a bell to go outside [4 steps]

Would you like to teach your dog to ring a 
bell to go outside? Then watch this video! The first step is to teach your dog to target: 
just present your hand towards your dog and wait.   Mark with a "yes" and reward with a treat as soon 
as your dog's nose makes contact with your hand.   Repeat this a few times. You can 
also add a verbal cue "touch". Second step: you take the training bell, hold it 
in your hand, and just as the previous step, you   wait for your dog to touch it with his nose. Mark 
and reward when he does and repeat a few times. Once your dog understands that touching 
the bell brings him good things,   place the training bell on the 
ground and wait. Your dog will   more than likely touch it again, mark 
and reward as he does, then repeat. Now that your dog understands the behaviour of 
touching the bell, the final step is to teach   him to ring it when he needs to go outside. 
The way to teach that is to simply place   the bell on the ground close to the door 
that you normally use to let him outside.   More than likely your dog will touch the bell 

When he does mark with a "yes", open the   door, and let him outside. You opening the door 
to let him go outside now becomes the reward.  Repeat whenever your dog needs to go out. Just 
make sure your dog doesn't overuse the bell… I taught my dog Bruce, this boy, to beg and 
since then let's say that he has the tendency   to beg whenever he wants something, just to be 
pet or a treat.

pexels photo 5749819

I don't mind because it's cute,   but just be aware of that. I hope you enjoyed 
this video and if you want more tips like this,   make sure to subscribe to my channel, and 
i will see you in next week's video. Bye!.

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