How To Train A BEAGLE To Listen & Behave

in this video I'm going to teach you how
to train a beagle all that more and sky coming up hello doc lover my name is Saro
I'm a dog trainer also coach dog owners in this video I'm gonna teach you and
show you how to train a beagle beagles are fun and my loving and very smart
breed very smart dog this is sky small B go because come in
two sizes 13 inch and 15 inch sky is about 13 inch beagles are sent dogs so
that means they follow their nose and they just follow sense and they go and
just chase it so since they are scent dog and they love to smell and follow
the scent you can still control and manage and train them to not to do that
I have had personally a couple of beagles so far and I had the privilege
of raising them and training them and I have been able to control and manage
them as long as you start training them early as soon as they turn 3 or 4 months
of age and you start working on them you will be able to control and manage their
scent driven ability so one of the first tips that I'm going to share with you is
that don't off leash your beagle for the first year this will ease your mind
first of all and second of all you will teach your B go to stay and hang on you
at least for the first year which is going to give you the opportunity when
you are off fishing your puppy or your dog after a year then your vehicle is
going to be used to hanging around you and by this also will allow your Vigo to
learn to control and manage its needs to chase and follow its end so you're gonna
be able to manage it and control it and therefore you're gonna have better
success when you're all finishing it after a year the other suggestion that I
have is you also need to keep your puppy or beagle at home under control and on
leash as well don't just give them freedom and let them do whatever they
want keeping your dog on leash and practicing with your dog on leash and
practicing things will mean that you're gonna have better results in future I
have a video that I show you how to practice things that you learn from this
channel throughout the day and I'm gonna link that video right here the other tip
that I have is focus on your puppy or your beagles daily 5 essential needs
these 5 essential needs are exercised training socialization chair and then
affection I have a video that I have talked about all the details about this
five essential needs and I'm gonna link it right here now as I said I don't
recommend our fishing your be go for the first year but if you're gonna lease
your beagle make sure that it's fenced area it's
safe and secure and your puppy is not or your dog is not going to catch a scent
and just take off so as soon as your puppy or your viggo stops playing you
want to put leash on and control your viggo from then on also don't feel bad
keeping your beagle on this for the first year you hate it but your beagle
is gonna love it your beagle is going to love you to do that they love to be
connected to us and they love to be taught what to do and be under control
but the worst thing that we can do is off leash about beagles too early too
soon when the not ready that will help your beagle to
develop other bad habits that you don't want them to learn the other tip that I
have is start training your viggo as soon as they turn three to four months
of age and if you need help teaching and learning how to train your dog for basic
obedience which I recommend I'm gonna link the video playlists that I have
created to trained beagles and any dog I'm going to link it right here
you can go ahead and watch that and after that try to move up to higher
levels of obedience like intermediate level and also advanced level as well to
be honest with you I don't believe that beagles are not trainable can never off
leash beagles if you take the right steps and do the right things you can
always get the same results as you would get from other breeds of dogs and other
dogs all you have to do is just work a little bit harder work a little bit more
maybe and you will get good results so for example sky has been trained with
basic obedience and they have worked on her somewhat and she is a pretty good
dog now and she can be off leash most of the time but my Harvey for example he's
off leash all the time and he can be off leash anywhere at any time and he's very
well trained easily trained is play motivated and most beagles are very
playful and you can take advantage of that and teach them and train them using
play or praise reward system unless you're using your beagle for
hunting that's a different story but if your beagle is one of your family
members and as a pet they're very easy to train and get great results all of
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