How to Train a Poodle (Or Any Other Dog Breed!) | Helpful Top Tips on How to Easily Train Your Dog!

Hello welcome back to Relax My Dog, I'm Charlotte and this is Ellie the standard Poodle and today we will be talking
about how to train your poodle so there are different types of rewards that you can offer your dog when training, you can use treats, a clicker or their favourite toy,
depending on your dog depends on which will work best
so for Ellie here she loves treats although she does also love the ball, so number one – 'sit' – to do this you'll need your dog's attention and your reward at hand,
firstly show your dog the treat get the treats and follow it over your dog's
head, as it follows the treat back it should sit down, as it sits say the
word sit, reward them with the treats, good girl, get it to sit
put your hand out, show it the treat, you can crunch your hand into a ball and put it
out in front of her and she will instinctively paw for it, if not you can
pick up her paw and then give her a treat and she will associate this with
repetition to paw get the treat and you have to show her the treat you then hold this high up above her head and bring it all the way down
to the floor and she should instinctively follow it, when she does
this she can give her a gentle tap on the bum and she should lower down into a lie you then say the words and they begin to associate it the most
important command is teaching your dog to come when called, this is when a dog
might run out into a field or into oncoming traffic, it's really important
that they know when to stop and they listen to you and respect your voice, you
can start by putting your dog on a lead and standing still, you can then gently
pull them toward you while saying their name and the words come or heel, when
they get to your side reward them with a treat, you have to repeatedly
do this because remember repetition really is key when teaching animals, once
you've got them to come you can try it without a lead, take the lead off when
you think that they recognize the words we're going to establish if Ellie
actually has learned anything are you ready Ellie come here getting your dog to bark on command you can associate it with something that they already bark at so you can wait for your
dog to bark give it a treat and associate a word
with it so you could say bark every time she barks, so with Ellie we say "go see them off" – "stop", good girl so we're going to try to teach Ellie a new trick and they do say the old dogs can't learn new tricks but let's give it a go on Ellie, today we're going
to try and make her twirl on command so so Ellie isn't doing so well at
twirling, are you Ellie? she's getting confused and doing all the tricks that
she already knows and we've only been doing this for half
an hour so I think that she would get it repetition is key for when you're training
an animal and that's all from me and Ellie today with Relax My Dog, we want to say a big thank you for watching and if your animals have learn any tricks from
watching this please let us know please subscribe and we'll see you next week, won't we Ellie? Say bye! Woof!

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