How to Train a Puppy or Dog to Patiently Wait for Food and Not Bark (Easy Training Tips)

Today's video is training video and i will show you how to train a puppy or a dog so that it doesn't eat food without your confirmation it doesn't bark you will see in this video how much Buddy barks how much excited Buddy gets for food he doesn't listen to us and he keeps on barking so we are going to train him in this video idea of training is very simple if your pup or dog barks a lot then don't feed him at that time either remove the food or hide it with your hand or stop serving the food at that time and the moment he stops barking then praise him so that he thinks that this is the accepted behavior and this is how i will get food and when this happens then you continue feeding him you will see in this video how i am going to do that by the end of the video you will see how much Buddy has learned and now he patiently wait for food and doesn't bark Now i am going to show how much excited Buddy gets for food it's his breakfast / meal #1 time and he is going to bark a lot this time and i am going to start training him, today is June 13th I don't know how long it is going to take so that it behaves and doesn't bark a lot doesn't get excited for food and i think it will help us in future let's see how he behaves now already we are just trying to set his bowl you saw how much excited he was for food and it's kind of irritating sometimes, so i am going to train him i don't know how long it will take but let's see it's Buddy's dinner time and you can see what's going on and this is what i'm trying to train him on let's see how i am going to do it it's going good if you do this everyday, i am sure the pup will learn very soon he will bark a little but you will have to be hard a little if you don't get hard then he will not learn whenever there is a pause for 2 seconds when he is silent, praise him and continue feeding and when he barks, stop feeding if he feels that he needs food then he will stop barking like Buddy is not barking at this moment and he knows if he barks i will stop So when he stops barking, praise him and then continue feeding I have been training him for 2 days only and he is performing very well already earlier Buddy never waited and used to jump to have food and today is 16th June actually 15th June within 2 days, Buddy has become so patient that he is waiting even being in front of food not barking and if you do this training every day then the pup will learn very fast if he breaks the stay then take the food back we are trying again today this recording is after 4 more days Buddy is here by the way sitting I didn't ask him to sit he sat on his own I am not going to ask him to eat and he will not in fact i will step back If you liked this video then Hit the Like button and also Subscribe to the channel as i am going to publish more training videos on this channel and if you would like to see Buddy's cute photos then you can follow his IG and FB, links are in the description

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