How To Train Bernedoodle Puppy To Sit – Dog Obedience

hi everybody this is Lisa from and today I have Maizy is 9 weeks old
today so happy nine-week-old birthday Maisy
I got Maisy when she was 7 weeks old and the day after I taught her how to sit
and she learned really quickly so everybody was asking how I did it and I
just wanted to share with you a couple tips on how I got me easy to sit and
hopefully it'll work on your puppy as well so here we go so first thing I did
was I caught Maisy when she was sitting she was just naturally sitting and I
said good sit Maisy and I gave her a treat good sit yes next thing I did was
I call her and I say Maisy sit and I would put it up over her head so
naturally she was gonna sit back Maisy sit yes say yes immediately as they
complete the sit and give a tree hi Brody you want to sit – can you sit sit
yes good boy so Maisy picked that up pretty quickly
and I'm sure your puppy will too it's really basic very simple but like I said
when you start off just catch them in the sit and that'll just start it off
for you and then just have your treats handy some people like to use a clicker
instead of saying yes I started out with a clicker and I realized that I did not
always have my clicker with me but I had my mouth so I could just say yes so
every time Maisy will sit or perform something a command that I asked her
then I just say yes and give her a treat but Maisy 6 one more time Maisy she's
looking for more treats Maisy sit yes good girl so I hope this helps you and
training your puppy and if you would like to see more videos like this please
hit the subscribe button if you'd like to leave any questions or comments you
can also leave those below so I look forward to seeing you on the next video

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