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Help Your Dog Abide By Their New Year’s Resolution to Shed Those Pounds

To begin, we must admit that pudgy canines are adorable. But unfortunately, overweight pets are often unhealthy and can have a myriad of health issues that can severely limit the quality of life and longevity for your canine’s life. So if you are somewhat worried about your dog’s fitness routine and dietary habits of your dog, the question becomes; how can you help him or her keep that figurative New Year’s resolution to shed the pounds?

Obesity and Your Dog – Learn the Warning Signs and How to Stop It

Like humans, overweight dogs are at risk to develop chronic health problems, including arthritis, injury, heat stroke, complications during surgery and a shortened life span. Quality of life is another very important issue; if your pet becomes too heavy she can have difficulty walking and may even struggle for breath.

Dog And Owner – Love Or What?

Have you ever asked yourself whether or not your dog loves you? Are you sometimes afraid that he will not love you anymore if you don’t give him those biscuits he wants or that maybe he will like you less if you ignore his plea to let him off the lead?

Treatment For Diabetic Dogs

This article offers some tips on administering insulin shots for your diabetic dog. Other treatment tips revealed.

Pet Insurance – Compare the Advantages and Disadvantages

Buying pet insurance for your dog can be a daunting task. Understanding the most important aspects of an insurance policy can help you choose the best vet insurance.

Clicker Dog Training Tips To Effectively Make Your Pet Obedient

Achieve desirable results in instilling good behavior in pet dogs by following some clicker dog training tips. Clicker training helps forge better bonding and relationship between animals and their owners.

Bringing Your Puppy Home The First Day, Things to Consider

When you pick up your puppy the first day, there are things you have to consider for the safety of the puppy. Bringing your puppy home doesn’t need to be a traumatic experience, for you or your dog. Cars are unfamiliar for puppies simply because they have never been on a ride before.

Creating a Calm Crate for Your Dog

During Superstorm Sandy many dogs were relocated to shelters where they lived in crates. Being enclosed in a crate for the first time can cause stress and anxiety for animals. Veterinarians, behaviorists and dog trainers share their techniques to ease crate stress and anxiety for pets.

What Families With Small Children Should Consider When Selecting a Toy Breed Dog

A pet dog can be a wonderful addition to the family and a friend for life. However, families with small children considering adopting toy breeds need to consider how their new pet will fit into their family dynamic and choose carefully.

Weight Pulling for Pit Bulls

The dog sport of weight pulling can give your pit bull focus, build his confidence, and also strengthen your bond. Pit bulls have legendary reputations for tremendous strength and willingness to please their owners, which makes them the ideal breed for this sport.

Dog Care Tips and Guidelines

Pet dogs should be treated with great care and affection just like the way you care yourself. Unlike other pets, dogs can execute an extra task by taking up the work of a caretaker. Indeed, well trained pet dogs can even carry out tasks just like getting the newspaper for his master, helping his master in crossing the road and protecting his master from any upcoming threat which may befall.

What To Do When You Dog Has Diarrhea?

Most people don’t have a quick access to a vet. This article clears up the questions about handling the problem about diarrhea in dogs.

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