How to Train Sit Pretty/Namaste/Salute Trick to your Puppy Dog | Easy Dog Training at Home

Today is our training video and you have requested a lot for this video Today we will learn about Sit Pretty which you can teach as Namaste or Salute choice of the word is yours, I have trained him Sit Pretty So we will learn it in this video There are 3 requirements for this training First requirement is First requirement is your puppy is at least 4 months to learn this Thus teach this training in the last, I also taught it to Buddy at last The reason for this is puppy's entire weight is on his lower legs and it is lot of weight and their muscles are not developed at this young age so train at least after 4 months of age so this was the first rule Second rule is, train this trick on a hard surface not on a soft surface like the bed, not on it because there won't be any stability on it, the puppy can fall on it's side or front and even not on a slippery surface this floor is wooden, it is hard but little slippery but Buddy is trained so he can do it The third rule is the puppy should know the Sit command at least and this is why you should train it in the last because unless he sits, he won't be able to do this training Also the third rule is about puppy sitting like you would have seen Buddy in sitting on one leg so if he is sitting on one leg then he won't be able to this training he has to sit on both the legs only that will give him stability..let me show you what I'm saying he is now slipping and also sitting on one leg so this is a wrong position to do this training this training will only work when he is sitting on both the legs so we will fix that first this is the correct position when i will train him Let me tell you the concept of the training before doing the demo The concept is, the puppy should be in Sit position on both the legs on a hard surface, not slippery then take a treat in your hand I have training treats in my hand, these are made of chicken You can get any treats or even use peas and carrots for training As long as you have food in your hand, the puppy will keep following your command Take treats slowly on top of his head then he will try to jump to get the treat One problem people face in this is sometimes the puppy gets up and tries to jump if he does that then do not give the treat and instead say No, fix the position and then try again he is sitting in an incorrect position and will not have stability he can have stress and pain on one leg so this is incorrect position See this is the perfect position and now this is incorrect position What i will do after fixing his position, I will not use the word but will train the action first you saw it was little easy as Buddy knows it basically the idea is this We will take a treat get it over his head and when he raises both the legs in air then we will say Sit Pretty or Namaste because it looks like he is doing a Namaste I will introduce the word slowly to him and also increase the duration slowly you saw I said Yes and gave him the treat may be i hold his position and give after 4 seconds or 6 seconds You can increase the duration slowly too Puppy do not need any support for this training as you might be thinking to prevent falling forward or sideways, no support is needed if the lower muscles are developed then he will do it easily Buddy does it even standing haha You see Buddy is holding my hand while doing it but we are practicing prefect sit pretty will be when he do it without holding my hand So train everyday and one day Buddy will also do this training without touching my hand Let's try again See how lazy he is, he did it on one leg So this is Sit Pretty training, choice of the word is yours You can say Namaste, Salute or any other word Buddy is doing a high five

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