How to Train Your Dog for a Rally-O Show : 270-Degree Turn at a Rally Obedience Show

So another exercise that you can practice
with your dog is when you take a 270 turn to the left and then make a left hand turn
after that. We are going to demonstrate that with Ursula and again we would try it on leash
and then we would do it off leash. Let's go, come on, good and remember when you are working
with your dog on leash try to have the leash just there as a safety device not that your
pulling your dog around with the leash use your body and your voice to try to get your
dog to follow you. So we are going to do a 270 turn and then a left hand turn. Munchiken
let's go now when you are making a left hand turn it is important that your dog is actually
following what you are doing there is my 270 and here is my left hand turn.

Okay good girl,
it is important that they are following what they are doing when you are making a left
hand turn because otherwise they are going to be out ahead of you and you would make
your turn and your dog would wind up on your left hand side. Let's try that again and this
time we are going to do it off leash and see if she does as well. Okay come here, Ursula
ready let's go so I'm going to do my 270 I need my dog turning to my right, good girl,
and then I make my left hand turn back to the sign.

pexels photo 4148998

Good job. We would try that again
she lost a little bit of focus probably my fought cause I'm talking to you and not paying
attention to her. Ready let's go come on Urs, good girl, let's go, let's go this way, and
then left, this way, good girl, good job not bad for her first time..

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