How to Train Your Dog for a Rally-O Show : Left Finish During a Rally-O Competition

So we are going to go over a couple of the
more difficult exercises so you can begin to work on them with your dog. The one we
are going to do right now is teach your dog how to do a call front which is to let the
dog to go a little bit ahead of you, call them back towards you and then finish to the
left. A left finish what that is doing is getting the dog into heel position so we want
to have the dog sitting by our left hand side and ready to go forward in heel position.
So we are going to demonstrate this with Ursula up you get so I want to walk forward to the
sign with Ursula on my left hand side.

Come on come around good girl, come here. So she
is walking with me like this okay let's go, then I want to take a step back, call front,
Ursula come, good girl. Now she has not done a whole lot of left finishes so I'm going
to shape her to do this. I got a cookie in my left hand and I'm going to put it in front
of her and move my left leg out of the way that gives her room to come up around and
then I'm putting her into a sit. Yes good girl ideally I like her to be a little bit
closer so we are going to try that one again.

pexels photo 4588031

Come on Monkey let's go good girl, ready,
let's go, Ursula come, good girl, this way, so I'm bringing her all the way back and up
to the front and sit. Yes stay, come here, sit, stay, okay, good, good job, so when you
are working with your dog make sure you use plenty of reinforcements and rewards and go
so slow with your hand when you are shaping them that they are actually following your
hand. One of the tricky part of this exercise is that you really have to move your left
hand to the left hand side of your body out of the way especially with a larger dog like
this because it gives the dog space to come by.

Watch what would happen if I tried to
do the shaping with my right hand so I got the dog standing in front of me and if I want
to shape them around I really have to contort my body and it doesn't give the dog the ability
to go all the way behind me and come back in. So if I move my left leg out of the way
I can aurally bring the dog back behind me, sit, and put her in a sit, okay good job..

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