How We Can Save Dogs Lives Because Of You

Diabetic Dog Treats

Diabetes is the most common hormonal problem for dogs. There are an increasing number of dogs in the U.S. with diabetes, perhaps because of the growing number of overweight and obese dogs. If you have a dog with diabetes you need to be very strict about what you feed your dog. However, your dog can still have some dog treats, as long as you take his diabetic condition into consideration.

When Is A Dog Considered An Adult?

Some people automatically consider a dog an adult when he turns a year old. However, this is actually a tricky question. Many dogs take longer than a year to mature.

When Do Dogs Reach Sexual Maturity?

There’s a popular belief that all dogs reach sexual maturity by the time they’re six months old but this is not accurate. Depending on your dog’s breed and size, your dog may reach sexual maturity much later.

Why Are Some Dogs Submissive?

If you’ve ever wondered why some dogs are submissive, as opposed to dominant, the short answer is because somebody has to be. Dogs, like wolves, have a pack social structure. This means that there is a hierarchical social order, with a dominant leader at the top and other wolves/dogs filling other roles in the order below.

Using A Doggy Door

Doggy doors are a great convenience for both owners and dogs. Whether you have a puppy, a dog in the prime of life or an elderly dog, a doggy door allows your dog to go in and out at will into a safe backyard. Your dog can potty or play as he wishes. Doggy doors are not hard to install and it’s easy to teach your dog to use one.

Why Do Dogs Drool?

Just about all dogs drool but it’s much more noticeable in some dogs than others. The most basic reason dogs drool is related to the same reasons they salivate, or, indeed, why humans salivate: they are anticipating food. Any time a dog starts expecting food there will usually be some drool soon.

Microchipping Your Dog

Microchips for pets have been around for quite a while now. They are considered routine for many breeders. If you purchase a puppy from a pet store your puppy will likely have a microchip already implanted. Many rescue and shelter groups also use microchips in the puppies and dogs they place.

Useful Tips To Avoid Giving Your Dog Unhealthy and Toxic Doggie Treats

Dog parents should make sure that the doggie treats they give to their dogs are safe and healthy. They have to take certain things into consideration when giving these treats, such as the amount and quality of the treats.

Search And Rescue Dog Training

Search and rescue dogs have one of the toughest jobs in the dog world. It’s not surprising, then, that their training has to begin when they are only pups. This article will give you some info about search and rescue training.

What Should You Look For In A Good Dog Trainer?

If you are looking for a trainer for you and your dog it’s usually a good idea to seek out a trainer who has a lot of experience. There are many training courses and dog training schools offering classes for people wishing to become dog trainers. Some of them are better than others.

How To Train A Dog To Catch A Frisbee

What is cooler than a Frisbee dog? Most dog lovers agree that watching a dog who can catch a Frisbee is great entertainment. Here are some tips to get you and your dog started.

How To Care For A Pregnant Dog

Whether you have planned for your dog’s pregnancy or your girl made her own plans, if your dog is pregnant she needs the very best care you can give her. She is carrying puppies now and that means that the care you provide will help determine their health. Good care will also make the whelping itself go easier. Here are some good things to know about how to care for a pregnant dog.

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