Hybrid Work. Made Real. A Webex Special Event.

'- Hello everyone, welcome to our online event Make the mixed working model a reality We are very happy that there are thousands of people Willing to spend precious time with us Today we have prepared a lot of wonderful content for you But we think the best way to start Or invite our chairman and chief executive officer Chuck Robbins came to talk to us He will discuss macro trends with us As well as cultural, human and many other aspects Let's take a look -Chuck, how are you? -I'm fine, Jeetu The best thing about this conversation is We are sitting together face to face Although we love technology But we are in a room now -This situation is very rare, this kind of thing does not happen often So I cherish this moment -Yes, it hasn't been like this for a long time I think it’s good news for us, hope so We are trying to get out of the epidemic We are looking forward to it -Indeed, but this past year Completely changed everything as you know You have talked about this topic many times What do our customers think about the mixed office model? -first of all I think everyone has realized We will work in a new mode Some employees will always be at home Remote work A small part will always be working in the office But most employees They need mixed mode They want to work at home for a while and work in the office for a while I think this creates a mixed office model Every customer tries to understand "How will this affect my technology resources How do I build my system architecture? " Especially when it comes to meetings, right? Because every meeting will have remote participants -Yes, according to our survey 98% of meetings are like this -At least 98% -Yes it is.

(laugh) -Considering how to build such an environment Make everyone feel that they can get the same attention Is a problem everyone wants to solve And the safety of returning to work How do we deal with all these dynamic problems And in some cases They are considering how to make a policy To deal with the situation after returning to work So now the situation is more complicated -The questions are very consistent, very consistent -I think this hybrid mode is more difficult It’s harder than working alone Such as just in the office or just at home -I think so Ironically, as we have experienced recently Before the epidemic, if you were the person working remotely You are usually at a disadvantage in the meeting You don't think you actually participated in the meeting Because everyone else is in the meeting room And now- Will encounter such a situation That's two or three people in the meeting room And the other eight or ten are at home -The meeting room feels like that Because everyone in the system is shrunk into modules of the same size The same for all others So I know you guys have done a lot of work To set up a tour Make every participant feel involved All get equal attention no matter where they are or- -We have a way to solve that problem -This is the right way -You once said publicly You were asked several times a few years ago "Why do you want to engage in business collaboration?" But think about it today Few people will ask you that again But why is this for us Cisco Are they strategically significant at the entire company level? -First of all, this is a great cause This is in line with the business model transformation we have been trying The direction is the same from the perspective of SaaS But more importantly This is especially important for our customers Before the outbreak, it was very important How important it is now Is beyond our imagination -So, how their employees are in this new era How to maintain productivity and communicate effectively with customers Because their customers are now actually To accept this type of communication In many cases, even expecting such an exchange -Yes it is -And it may not have been like this before I think So this is really important This is also an area within our customer service Our brand is displayed in front of users, right? So from the perspective of brand building This is also very important to us Then it’s obvious that from an architectural point of view What our customers need we have integrated the call function Meeting function, and contact center This is the customer experience -Very rich experience -And employee experience is essential to development I think this is much more important than before Even compared to two years ago -I was just thinking, Chuck Today is the fifth time we meet I have joined the company for ten months So I see you every two months -Are there so many times? -I remember clearly -By now, I have regarded you as a friend However, we rarely meet This is the power of technology As you think -This is the power of technology Everyone is adopting this model now Let this become a normal mode of communication So if I talk to other people face to face But chatting with you via video, that’s a special case I don't think it feels so natural But since everyone is doing this Do this every meeting It feels very natural -Correct -That’s how you joined us.

We also appointed a new chief financial officer -Yes-also through the video So this proves that we can do anything with this technology Including the provision of healthcare and education opportunities And everything else -When I first discovered this possibility Very exciting But now it’s no secret. This is a highly competitive market. -Yes it is -There are also quite a few people who remain skeptical What do you think of people who are skeptical of Webex? -First of all, I might admit that if it was two years ago There may be some basis for their skepticism At that time we still need to improve I think you and the team accomplished the task brilliantly The speed of new features And the focus on user experience is quite strong If you think about when we first developed this product, first of all This was originally built on an internal platform We fully considered corporate security when we built This is very important to us -Yes it is -If you want to develop one Products that are all focused on user experience, then you often don’t Consider too much security on the front end So the work you do is excellent Successfully elevate user experience to new heights I think this is the best product in the industry today -The best at the moment Existing functions Is currently the best in the industry And at the same time you also have enterprise-level security The system architecture you built Integrated call and contact center And so on various functions I think many customers have said "Did you know? It was the epidemic that led to such a decision" -Yes it is -Now as we get out of the epidemic We need to make long-term strategic architecture decisions Therefore, I encourage everyone to think about it Because your previous work was excellent -Thank you.

I think the whole team performed well Then may I ask, the past year When you really consider this macro environment and new ways of working What surprised you the most? What do you think will always be preserved- -First of all, I want to talk about the adaptability of technology I mean, if you also consider The global basic Internet and carrier network words There are also Webex platform and other products None of these are specifically designed for the past 18 months But they are holding on Then you talked about the topic of productivity Employees can improve work efficiency But I think that for some people Work efficiency is trapped in the current environment caused by Partly offset by anxiety But I think another point is You can meet the educational needs You can meet the healthcare needs But it also highlights the digital divide Those who study at home Students who don’t have broadband or computers This inequality highlights their situation So I think I hope this will drive us To solve this kind of problem -Correct -I also think that this kind of through video The natural ability to communicate in one way or another Will always be with us Everyone will gladly accept In this way, I can participate in many more conferences than before I had to fly to various places before I think what I also hope to be with us is Some of our understanding That are some of the biggest challenges we face today We can use new technology to solve one by one Think about it If in a rural area in an underserved area We can provide education services if we can access the broadband network Can provide some health care services Now we know that we can create jobs for people in those communities And they don’t need to relocate to Major metropolitan areas -Correct -So we learned a lot We can use these insights Solve our country, or frankly Challenges facing our world -Chuck, I always tell people that I am an immigrant Moved here many years ago If I did not immigrate to the U.S.

I might not get The opportunities I'm fortunate to have nowadays don’t even have channels to get them I hope for the next generation Geographical location will not become a restriction and restriction So if we can make the competitive environment fairer It's really an honor This is an ambition but I think I can start a little bit From what this company did The company’s mission statement is Building a more inclusive future for all So how do you think about technology From a technical point of view, what do you expect from us all Make sure we don’t just treat it as An empty mission statement But can turn it into technology investment Deliver to the market -We hope to have substance Not just a few slogans because of empty slogans It would actually be counterproductive Empty slogans will actually make people More suspicious of what you really care about So if you don’t practice Do not follow the slogan That would have bad consequences But when we put forward this slogan Are the aspects I just mentioned Our technology Connect people at the most basic level Provide them with Opportunities to participate in the global economy And now that we can provide educational opportunities, we already know that We can provide health care opportunities, this is also known Then we have community service -Our corporate social responsibility Our community service work has always been carried out in this field So you can combine conduction technology In a way that fits our beliefs Create opportunities for our community I think we practice this every day Then, work with you and your team Considering a more inclusive economic recovery And the need to drive inclusiveness through technology Because our job is to connect people together Even in some areas, as we are sitting here now for those employees Create these functions And considering that what you are doing now is around using the platform To promote inclusiveness which is full of power The functionality has been expanding since the product was first created I am very proud of the team Also proud that we have set it as a goal -They do very well Our core brand value Is about inclusiveness So all the products we build Should further promote inclusiveness Well, the last question the team asked me to ask you is I know you have been to many places But when the ban was lifted Where do you want to travel most? -I want to go everywhere but I want to say In the past year, New York has been in a difficult situation I said the place I want to go is New York Because I know that when I go back to New York Even if we are out of the epidemic Goodbye But actually, I’m going to New York next week And now I might say that I want to go to India for the same reason Before the second wave of epidemics I joked with many Indian customers through video I told them I was never like now Anxious to fly for 22 hours To visit India I think the answer has changed I want to go to India because I know this country When the opportunity comes, it will get better I think this is very important The current situation is sad -Yes, we pray for all people in India Chuck, I know when I say It’s an honor that you feel the same way when the audience is with us today We are concerned about these innovations in progress Are all very excited I hope- I always tell people "This is the past 15 years The fastest innovation in Webex -And this will be the next four years The slowest innovation Because in the future our speed will be faster than now -Your team will be nervous to hear this But i would love to hear you say that (laugh) -thank you very much It's a great honor to work with you every day We are happy to continue working hard Guarantee to advance your mission The next guest I want to introduce to you is Chief Personnel, Policy and Purpose Officer of Cisco Fran Katsoudas '- hello, Jeetu'- hello, Fran '- hello, hello'- hello Is everyone greeting in such an awkward way now? '- yes, hi '- I think everyone doesn’t know but you and me I think we are close friends now '- Yes, yes '- but this is the second time We meet face to face '- the second time in ten months '- incredible When can we give a hug? '- soon '- Fran, I would like to ask you to share your insights with us In your eyes, what has the past 15 months been like What needs us to face in the future So, let's get started.

'- Thank you, Jeetu When I look back on the past year I thought of it immediately The challenges our employees must face and how they can adapt The biggest challenge is not The shift to telecommuting Because remote office is not difficult for Cisco All along, most of our employees Work remotely at least once a week The biggest challenge is the lack of face-to-face interaction The lack of travel, hugs, and contact with people It is difficult to not be able to choose the office method independently Balancing our schedule is even more difficult Because at the end of the day It’s not like it used to be, it means getting off work and taking a break We recognize the meaning of commuting It's much more than just going from point A to point B I keep thinking What is the difference between remote office and mixed office Remote, make people feel far away Feel isolated Telecommuting means physically and psychologically There is a wall separating us Makes people feel like an outsider from time to time Remote office is not a mixed office Hybrid mode will be in remote mode The wall that makes us feel distant and isolated is torn down The driving force of the hybrid model comes from inclusiveness and connectivity And the awareness that "empathy is a superpower" The hybrid model is well thought out At this stage, companies are considering their employees and teams Consider how they will work And we have the opportunity to follow the way we want To define a mixed office model In this office model, we put people first To listen to everyone's voice Don't let anyone feel like an outsider No matter where they are because we know that at Cisco Work does not depend on where you are, but on what you do By combining the power of Webex technology Combined with our use of physical space We can create a seamless collaborative experience In mixed office mode, 98% of meetings Will include participants outside the meeting room Our personnel, policy and purpose department Existing workplace resources More teams that have conceived a hybrid office concept We are putting together all the necessary elements Lay the foundation for innovation and success Bear in mind throughout the organization Our goal of inclusive collaboration We can tear down the walls that hinder collaboration and connection one by one No matter if these walls are physical or psychological we know This inclusive culture will be the backbone of success We also know that as long as the right team is formed, we are in sight A few years ago, we started to rethink our approach We have a mentality that fits Cisco’s mission That is, digitization must make the company humane We know that the traditional organization chart is static Does not accurately represent whether we have performed the best level at work We know our best job It is done dynamically across teams and functional departments but this is not reflected Enter our Intelligent Human Network and People Insights This analysis goes beyond the traditional organizational model To understand how the work is really done This shows how the team collaborates with each other And how leaders work together and how to work with their teams And the secret is Understand the best collaboration model and characteristics The image behind me shows my department And how we work together I can see where the team has worked closely together See a specific team or community How is it incorporated and integrated into the organization Conversely, I can also see Where does the team have insufficient contact and cooperation And I can actually go further Detail my personal collaboration practices Our faith in this work is so firm So that we will go further Using neuroscience methods To determine which elements are essential To create a collaborative, empathetic experience Let's wait and see where this journey will take us By creating a window, understand how work is done How time is allocated We can help employees work smarter Improve personal well-being Create a more inclusive office experience for everyone This is Webex's People Insights feature Aruna will explain to us in detail This feature allows individuals and teams to To participate in meetings, to integrate work and life as data connection Set and achieve goals so that they can manage their most valuable assets time The past year has fully proved The risk of burnout and all of us need to pay attention Our personal happiness If we do this well Technology can truly help companies achieve humanity We have a wonderful opportunity at such a moment To reshape the future of work One that focuses on human potential And the future of collaborative power For a long time, we recruited based on positions rather than selected talents We divide our lives Acting as employees, parents, and friends depending on what you do Or other corresponding roles Tell us this past year We can play these roles at the same time We can bring all our identities to work With these titles, support each other We will be better because of it This is how Cisco is transitioning to a hybrid model We will embrace the full potential of mankind And turn it into action Because by letting our employees Fully show your true self at work We know that no matter where we are, we can achieve more together '- Fran, thank you for sharing your insights with us '- Thank you, Jeetu I will be with Ariana later and have a chat with you '- Yes, very much looking forward to it Will be an interesting conversation '- thank you'- thanks again Next, we will introduce our strategy Many people may know that Cisco’s mission is Create an inclusive future for everyone Everyone here refers to the 3 billion digital workers around the world 1 billion of them are knowledge workers Another 2 billion belong to frontline workers Give them a chance Equal participation in the global economy Opportunity in the world The distribution is very uneven but human potential is not like this And we believe that technology can create a level playing field This also makes us full of passion The reason for working every day Since last year we have worked harder Work towards fulfilling the mission Since September We are in terms of product features Make a huge innovation Fundamentally changed and improved User's product experience We strive to ensure that the experience is extremely immersive Pleasant to make users like using the product And I am willing to share my experience with my friends and family At the Cisco Live conference in March We announced that it has been a product Added more than 400 functions Looking back at the 15-year history of Webex, you will find Such a speed of innovation is unprecedented And we believe Our speed will be even faster in the future All these 400 innovations have improved the experience Further strengthened organizational security Today I am honored to announce This number has doubled since March The current product has more than 800 functions The user experience improves every day Simplify the product to ensure that the product people use Handy But the organic innovation we do Not limited to user experience and security We also found that there are some Very meaningful innovation Makes us feel the need to join the product portfolio In the past 10 months We acquired four very strategic companies Enrich our product portfolio One is BabbleLabs, which focuses on sound and acoustic engineering One is IMI Mobile, which focuses on full-pipe communication The third one is Slido.

They have a very amazing method. Ability to engage the audience to interact in the meeting No matter how big the audience is The fourth one was announced recently Socio company acquisition intention So that we can fundamentally reimagine conference activities Make it more comprehensive Not limited to physical or virtual But a combination of the two Through the integration of organic innovation And functions gained from market acquisitions In a very short time Achieve seamless integration in the product For hundreds of millions of users Use our function Let us have the ability to serve users of any scale, any region, and any industry Provide thoughtful service For example, the Under Armor example The company is a top sportswear manufacturer And T-Mobile They provide users Stunning connection service And McLaren Obsessed with the precision and performance of racing All these companies use Webex Bringing major changes to the business a few years ago These companies would never expect to realize it in this way Although this is great But customers always ask What will the future of work look like? We believe in future work Must be mixed mode Sometimes people work from home Sometimes people will choose Go to the office Sometimes people’s working environment is somewhere in between According to the research we have done We found that 77% of employers Will adopt a flexible working model As the company adopts a flexible working model So get out and reflect on what mixed work would look like What would be different This is very important Honestly, everyone may be surprised by reality Mixed work will be more difficult to adapt For people working in the office like this The same is true for people who work from home Because of the difference We all have to adapt Let me give some examples Pre-epidemic era Approximately 8% of meetings have at least one participant Not at the meeting We call it remote participant from now on 98% of meetings will have at least one participant The location is different from other participants Think about the impact this will have How would you decorate the meeting room Past meeting room Set up for everyone in the meeting room Try to optimize their experience In the future, we not only need to consider The feelings of people in the meeting room Can't forget Those who are not in the meeting room Participants' feelings Because there will be 98% of meetings At least one participant is not present at the meeting Please think about how you would judge Whether colleagues and employees are in good condition In the real world, due to the close distance, plus some visual signals We can judge intuitively Is someone in good condition And after entering the mixed world We must be more proactive in communicating with people In order to judge whether the other party is tired Or feel tired Or feel tired and need help All these dimensions All require us to set a different set of success indicators Different from what was used in the past Understand how people communicate Is the production efficiency high? Another common problem is What does future success look like? For everyone's mind "What does a successful mixed work solution look like" We did related research Everyone also gave a lot of good feedback Everyone put forward five basic characteristics for us Very important must always be remembered The first is flexibility The second is tolerance The third is support Four, safety 5.

Efficient management based on the system Let's explain one by one below Regarding flexibility, everyone raised Need many different ways of working Responsibilities and environment Meet everyone's work needs The system must be smart enough Rich enough To adapt to differences in working environment The focus is not only on flexibility It's also about making sure everyone feels I also have a place, no different from others Their participation experience is the same as others No one feels left behind No one feels like a second-class participant The third aspect that everyone mentioned So that we can make sure Provide help and support to colleagues As Fran said, empathy is a superpower And the other side of high productivity is happiness In fact, if you ignore happiness, Can't maintain high yields The fourth point is very important to the organization That is the protection organization Protect user protection data Safety must be designed from the ground up Rather than reinforce it in retrospect Everyone also gave back Privacy is a basic human right that needs to be respected Regarding this, we think Design and build security, privacy is protected by default Finally, the end user who uses the product What kind of experience they have is also very important In fact, in the past year We have done a lot of effort Improve user experience In the future we will also make sure User experience continues to improve Last year's unsung hero Be an IT expert They allow our company to continue to operate Their experience For modernization and elimination of friction Also very important The above five basic characteristics Is the focus of everyone's feedback Although I may have a preference But I do believe in where Cisco is Owned comprehensive solutions Best to achieve mixed working mode It all starts with the strategy developed by Webex Revolve around an application suite Comprehensive application of multiple functions covering calls, messages, meetings Many functions All these rich features And features that will be added in the future Will be provided through API and SDK Build a common platform In order to interact with other applications Because our goal is No matter what application you use as a user You can use Webex to achieve seamless integration Whether you are using the Webex application Or by embedding Webex in the app Achieve two-way integration Work flow will not be interrupted All these core functions Will also provide designated groups of people through the platform Build an exclusive experience Whether it is a call center operator And also a marketing activity coordinator Or personnel specialist IT experts and more Our partner ecosystem will also use these APIs Build custom applications for specific vertical industries Such as medical and telemedicine Education or government, etc.

We want to ensure these experiences Can be presented to users in a beautiful way Whether in the meeting room or office Still at the desk or home office But also with Apple, Microsoft Google achieves seamless integration Seamless integration with the equipment they provide Make our app feel like Operating system extension All these sophisticated functions Will be built on the framework of artificial intelligence We have the core functional structure of AI We are fortunate Acquired such capabilities in the past few years After several years of development and construction Spend more than $1 billion Ensure that our AI stack is strong and stable Now these complex functions Gradually bloom and bear fruit Used to eliminate noise Gesture recognition language translation Used in many places Finally, we also want to make sure The power of all this All are safe and guaranteed, privacy is protected, and compliance is required This is our strategy We were at Webex One in December Announced the strategy To verify the implementation of the strategy We hope to launch reliable Verification basis So we launched a unified application Support comprehensive experience Including calling, sending and receiving information, holding meetings, etc.

The feedback from everyone is very good Today, we have to announce an important thing Like last December We are about to launch the Webex suite Only one license required Can have Calling, sending and receiving information, holding meetings, etc. There are also surveys, questions and answers, and event hosting functions Buy one license to get all functions This is the industry's first launch Top Hybrid Work Suite Why is it called a top-notch hybrid work suite? prior to Such business services Usually only pay attention to Service discount Is it low enough But ignored Can each component be used together Is it fully integrated smoothly? Cannot guarantee that every component is a top-notch product Not just for Optimized for the most mediocre features Only focus on whether a single function is good enough Because what we want is a truly integrated product We don’t want this in the Webex suite Not only can everyone get a very attractive price Besides Will also have a fully integrated suite All components are fully functional All belong to the industry's top products Each element Can be self-contained Yet integrated with each other This is our promise to everyone Help you transform into the future mixed working mode Provide a fully integrated Webex suite Achieve mixed work And one more thing After turning to mixed work in the future We want to make sure The company brand can carry Our core values ​​of communion Because the brand reflects our mission The brand should also carry We are concise Elegant design and easy-to-use attention Building for people We pay great attention to this during the colorful experience So no matter what kind of medium people come into contact with us May be a product website Or see our show We all want to make sure that the brand reflects these values We also put a lot of energy into renovating the brand So that everyone knows our identity Understand our meaning Below, the marketing team and the design team work together Co-created a wonderful video Which expresses the mission of our brand I want to show everyone Come and have a look '- Thank you Jeetu good morning everyone I’m glad you all participated in this encouraging event Today is an important day for everyone Jeetu just introduced Webex's new suite This is the only hybrid office solution you need I’m very excited to show you Webex’s new kit here How to make the client's mixed office a reality During the epidemic Many people have to take shortcuts Made at the time Enough to cope with the choice of remote office But this means that many people have to make do with But why does your team have to do it? At Webex, we never because it’s good enough or safe enough Will just cope Webex new package contains The best features in all aspects But the function of this kit is much more than just holding meetings The platform used to build this kit More than 615 million users are used every month Its business call function 6 billion calls processed every month There are also first-class audience interaction features Used by 70 million users And a full range of conference platforms Support has been provided to 125 million participants and this number is still growing This platform is completely Supported by the top artificial intelligence technology developed by us We have been in this field in the past few years More than 1 billion US dollars have been invested Now team members are in different time zones and countries Different working hours Languages ​​and needs are also different So the cooperation tools we need are not only flexible Also adapt to the working style of each employee and team Webex suite can help you solve all these problems For some people like me Those who have to deal with a lot of business anytime, anywhere Allow them to be anywhere on any device Can be connected uninterrupted, whether at home or Either in the car or in the office, this has completely subverted the rules of the industry Webex application is extremely flexible Can perfectly match my way of working The kit also has many powerful functions such as transcription Denoising, sending message gesture recognition Wait, no one wins These powerful functions are just Part of our launch since December Our team is still innovating For example, the video conference interface layout to be frank We all know and use The 5×5 grid meeting interface layout is a bit outdated New features of our Webex custom interface layout Allows you to flexibly personalize the meeting interface layout Until the view is satisfied Let's take a look This is the grid view we are familiar with In this grid view example We can enlarge this standard 5×5 interface layout all the time To 2×2 layout To focus on a smaller number of participants Webex also provides other such Stacked view and side-by-side view layout options The stacked view allows us to zoom in on the image of the active speaker At the top, thumbnails of other participants will be displayed in a film style And you can also adjust the size Even remove it to show only the image of the active speaker A participant is sharing content The host wants to create a view Let all other conference participants All see this shared view Then, they only need to remove the participants from the film thumbnails Drag and drop onto the stage Then you can synchronize the view to all participants What we see now is what the participants are watching The host can also change the view layout instantly They are preparing to remove Ken and add Andrea to the stage Now switch back to the participant view We now see Ken is replaced by Andrea I really like the flexibility of these new custom interface layouts They really make the meeting more interactive More dynamic, more effective We noticed one thing last year That is to allow participants to interact online in the meeting Really a challenge We also recognize that interaction can make online meetings a complete success One of the greatest additions to the Webex suite is the addition of Slido Slido uses interactive features such as word cloud, question and answer, voting, all real-time functions Solved the interactivity problem of the Webex suite Show you what i mean Slido is now integrated into the Webex meeting function Facilitates meeting participants In different types of polls, surveys, and Q&A groups Interaction and integration During the meeting We can also see that before the meeting The poll results have been counted Those who can ask questions are conference participants Interact And the key to ensuring that they understand the content of the meeting Now, we see a participant asking a question Other participants can give a thumbs up to that question To increase the likelihood of the question being answered The host can now initiate an instant vote when the meeting is held The host can choose various forms of voting Rankings, ratings, word clouds and even quizzes This can make the meeting more productive At the same time it can add some fun Take a look at this example, the host initiated a multiple-choice vote To collect feedback to understand how the meeting is performing This vote ensures that each People attending the meeting Have the opportunity to express their opinions Everyone can see the instant voting results in the meeting As you can see, Slido is now part of the Webex suite You don’t have to buy tools separately Audience interaction at this scale is truly transformative This is what we will ensure Slido Collaboration with other collaboration tools is even the reason for collaboration with Microsoft and Zoom How many times have you found yourself now In the process of making an important call You realize that you really need Involve all other participants? Or upgrade the phone to an all-participating meeting? I always think like this Webex suite can help you achieve You can change the call mode in just a few clicks Switch to an immersive and collaborative Webex experience In addition, you can enjoy many functions such as real-time translation Transcription, gesture recognition and Webex insight capabilities I like this feature Because it allows me to concentrate and never miss any opportunity Now, I’m talking about these for a specific purpose We have always been the leader in the field when designing immersive equipment Webex's series of devices have been inspiring Webex has the most comprehensive equipment portfolio Whether you are at home in the office We are still working on the front line.

We have considered these scenes Employees who work from home can use Webex desktop cameras and headsets enhance audio and video experience Our Webex Workbench Professional Edition is a multi-function all-in-one monitor And video collaboration equipment It is powerful and uses artificial intelligence technology to reduce meeting fatigue It even allows you to pass other The device enters the meeting We launched the Webex Workbench in December last year It is a small version of the award-winning workbench professional version Today, I am very excited to announce Everyone can get a lower price this month Ordered Webex Workbench Now back to the office scene Webex conference room series equipment Allows you to find open office locations very easily Book a meeting room to start your meeting Webex also specializes Design collaboration equipment for frontline workers Whether you work in a hospital Work in a retail store or a manufacturing plant We have put enterprise-level quality Integrated into this solid set of equipment When you need it most Realize hands-free collaboration This is not all available at the price of Webex Cloud Webex suite Make your company owner Can afford all Webex devices This aspect also reflects the flexibility of the Webex suite In this extremely rushed age of mixed office Everyone can get help Don't you want to have a personal assistant With a Webex device, you can also have your own Webex assistant It can recognize your voice, you can talk to it You can order it to hold a meeting Make a call and turn down the volume Isn't this amazing enough But now we are upgrading it to a higher level We are using the new version of the Webex assistant technology platform The platform allows customers, partners Third-party developers Customize your own Webex assistant in an innovative way You can add custom skills Meet your company's needs Next let's take a look at these Skills developed by our growing network of partners ''- Hi, this is Anor Elzorini Is the assistant product manager of Webex If you are familiar with Webex Assistant You should know natural language How does voice conversation streamline the workflow Help your team collaborate more efficiently Check out by our partners These skills are specially developed The first one is Appspace You can use Appspace to call Webex Assistant To find a suitable place to work Learn how to use Webex devices Show company content, etc.

Now I will show you it on the Room Kit And how does it work on devices supported by Webex Assistant Okay, Webex, ask Appspace to see the usage of 19 buildings ''- [Computer] This is the usage of 19 buildings ''- [Anor] Looks like it’s safe to go there Such exciting new applications Can help us get back to the office safely Sit comfortably at your desk I can check with confidence Capacity and usage of the next work destination '- The skills that Webex Assistant possesses are really amazing It can make the workplace more flexible And personalization go try it out Our efforts to increase flexibility go beyond these All Webex solutions can be combined with many Seamless integration of mainstream cloud applications This way you can complete the work smoothly without getting out of the workflow Moreover, we will continue to add industry-leading new applications New integration with partners Stay tuned for new applications that will be launched in the future I like this An online conference that can gather thousands of viewers I also miss being able to contact and interact face to face For example, make appointments with customers after a day’s work Or meet up with colleagues and have dinner together But in reality it's like the future work is mixed The same is true for future events Participants are on-site and online No matter how they joined, how do you make sure Everyone has this high degree of interactivity And positive experience Webex suite thought of this Please tell us more about Omar Tawako (Cheerful music) '- thank you all We have completely reimagined all kinds of activities We realize that in the future we will Highly interactive and offline activities The high impact of online activities combined To develop it into a new hybrid event In addition, we feel that the past activity patterns Make the audience feel I didn't get involved We are subverting this model We are making audience members the center of the event In this way, marketers no matter When and what kind of event Can continue to interact with the audience Finally, marketers don’t have to force themselves To choose a different activity platform To hold large and small internal and external events We have integrated all types of activities into one platform Webex has the most comprehensive Activity Technology Library The Webex platform can now support events of all sizes Whether it is a small seminar or a large multi-day event The Webex platform can also support any type of activity Whether it's offline, online or mixed events All activities can benefit from the innovation and security of the Webex platform And scale benefits, let’s look at the specific ways We have updated the seminar mode of Webex events To host a two-way interactive meeting between the presenter and the participants We have also increased the capacity of the event to 10,000 people It is expected to expand to 25,000 people You can host large events and small events Only one platform is needed Sometimes you may need to involve more people in the event New Webex event webcast mode for those larger events 100,000 people can participate This is very suitable for holding a one-way communication event that can chat Such as all-hands meetings, concerts, broadcasts Now let’s change the topic to talk about mixed activities Before the epidemic Most events are designed for live audiences In order to participate in the event Participants must go to the same offline place Even go to another country for this These activities are very interactive but very expensive Under the epidemic, immediate activities Forced to switch to online activities Although the number of participants in the event has become more The cost is lower, but the interactive nature of this online activity Also lower Basically mixed events will be held in the future Such activities must not only have the vitality and interactivity of on-site experience I have to experience it online Influence and digital enhancement technology Now we see the second major trend That is continuous interaction Instead of treating each activity as Is a fleeting island Continuous interaction So that we can communicate with the audience at any time For example, before the event You can manage registration Ticket sales, profile creation and schedule setting When the activity is in progress You can manage broadcasts to promote online contacts with participants Manage audience voting and Q&A sessions After the meeting, you can start the analysis and video on demand functions Can continue to involve the audience in the interaction But continuous interaction also means You can remember the same participant who participated in different activities For example, the same person Attended a company's annual meeting Also participated in other activities such as seminars By making the audience the center of the event Continuous interaction allows participants to get a personalized experience Such as single sign-on, keep preferences Can also view past content Such as video recording and conversation recording In order to obtain the effect of continuous interaction We need a new platform We are very excited to announce Cisco intends to acquire Socio Labs This is a way to help the future mixed activity model Modern virtual activity technology platform By adding Socio Hybrid event management platform Webex can provide event organizers A one-stop event platform Provide them with everything they need They can successfully host offline, online and mixed events Socio allows you to easily customize personalized brand promotion Manage registration and ticketing functions It integrates website, mobile and event showroom experience Can also provide information about participants and sponsors Executable insight analysis With Socio technology Event organizers can provide their participants Personalized journey allows them to experience the complete process of all activities The way is to remember their preferences Allow them to watch content And continue to establish a network connection Mixed events need to be on-site at the same time Provide services to online audiences Socio can provide equal Interactive and inclusive experience We have talked about many different functions But let’s take a look at the actual scene Now, imagine you are sitting in the main lecture hall You can use your phone As the second screen Instant speech text on mobile phone can be translated into more than 100 languages You can also interact with the same speaker Both on-site and online, you can interact through voting and Q&A sessions After listening to the main speech, you think there is a branch You want to participate, but the distance is too far, you can’t catch up At this time, you can participate online through your mobile phone Ask and chat above As if in person The conversation with the club can continue The conversation can continue even after the club ends Chat can continue Questions not answered at the meeting Able to answer on the chat box after the meeting Your persistent customization after the meeting Will continue to be held until your next event Webex and Socio Plus our recently acquired Slido Together to create the industry's most comprehensive event technology platform By combining the scale of Webex Security and like instant translation Innovative features such as instant voting Combined with Socio's mixed event management technology Conference organizers have a powerful platform This platform allows organizers to be on a unified stack Efficiently hold events of various scales and types All needs can be covered through one platform, Webex is transforming the way events are held Make it easier to use and simple Future events will be led by Webex Thank you very much, please continue with Javad '- Thanks Omar The functions you just saw are included in the Webex suite This means you don’t need to buy anymore Separate meeting management tool Now, take a look at the Webex suite How to provide an inclusive experience for all users I often hear from our customers One of the biggest problems faced by mixed offices It’s how to make sure that every participant feels that he is fully involved in the meeting Sent out their own opinions and enjoyed an equal experience And the Webex suite is solving this problem I’m glad to have Miya McClain to show you -Thank you, Javed.

I totally agree with you. We understand that companies all over the world We are accepting the new challenges of mixed working mode. People attending the same meeting may be in different locations. Sometimes even all over the world. They may communicate in different languages. Regardless of these factors, we don’t want any attendees I feel like I'm inferior. We want to make sure that we can reach the full potential of everyone. For example, join a meeting through Webex.com. We hope that participants feel I am in all the meetings I attended Can participate equally. We announced in December to provide Instant translation from English to 15 languages. We raised the bar, And increased to 108 languages, Reduce barriers to collaboration. Although instant translation of English is important, However, many users do not speak English as their native language.

This is how we expand instant translation And the reason for the transcription of the meeting, The scope of services includes Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi, Dutch and Spanish. In addition to translating English to 108 languages, You can also translate any of these languages. No matter which language is used, We all want to make sure you get the best experience in Webex. We discovered last year that many people work in noisy environments that are out of control. Through the acquisition of Babblelabs, we integrated it into Webex Can eliminate background noise, Let everyone be professional. It's as if they are in a company conference room. People can focus on pending discussions, decisions or debates, Instead of the noise around you, Such as the barking of a dog or your child in a murmur.

We received a lot of feedback about removing background noise, This is what we launched through audio smart technology The first feature. We are passing "My Voice Only", Invest to consolidate this trend. When we plan to return to the office, We need to take a closer look Returned environmental profile. We know everyone is sharing space Or work in areas with open corridors. All of these are great for conversation, Therefore, your voice may not be the only voice in the room. Through the new My Voice Only function, We can not only suppress background noise, You can also make sure that only your voice is connected, Not the sounds around you. Let us look at the operation of My Voice Only. '-So here i am Have a video conference with colleague Savita.

My other colleagues Goching and Visalli Chat in the noise. This will interrupt my conversation with Savita. I can enter Webex Smart Audio, And switch from "Noise Only" to "My Voice Only". Now their voices are suppressed in the noise, I can continue to work with Savita. '-One of the biggest advantages of being in a meeting room is Standing in front of the room, Attract attention by projecting content. Now through "Immersive Presentation Content Sharing", You can watch you and your content digitally, Re-establish and improve the experience from any location. This is available from the app and our device, To ensure that you can provide the best presentations and presentations. When I started to return to the office for mixed work, We are beginning to see new challenges. Although some people are at home or in conference rooms, But it is not displayed in the same format visually. This creates an unequal experience. The group of people from home occupy a block on the conference grid. When in the room, the meeting room block must be shared.

Through "people-oriented", Whether it's remote work Or the crowd in the ordinary meeting room All become individual members in the meeting grid. "People-oriented" is the first function of camera intelligence. Let's see. '-Through the smart functions built into the camera "People Oriented" dynamically updates the screen layout, To ensure you get the best view in the meeting, no matter where you join the meeting from. For example, I work at home and talk to Jacopo who works at home. This is the view you might have had, But what happens when others join? Now you can see Milan has joined the call.

pexels photo 5745210

A layout like this will be due to the smaller images of Milan and Jacopo And waste a lot of screen space. But through "people-oriented", we Show attendees side by side, Get a better experience. When Tarek joins, the layout will automatically adjust the number of people. So when someone joins from another meeting room what happens? This is the usual result. If the main speaker is sitting at the back of the conference room, It is difficult to see him, making it difficult for remote participants to keep up with the conversation. Through "people-oriented", Every participant appeared the same, And through facial recognition, Clearly display each person's name and job title. When sharing content traditionally, Participants appear together in a window, It is difficult for us to see their respective reactions. Because for shared content, The space for video participants becomes smaller. But through "people-oriented", adjust the layout, To make sure you see everyone. We provide the best vision for every attendee, Make sure no one is missed, No one was left behind.

Because everyone has an equal place on the conference table. '-Such a cool feature is worth looking forward to. When we start working again, and no matter where we are, we will not make people feel second-class. All businesses will Make sure the meeting is inclusive, And no matter where they are, they will not make participants feel inferior. Companies all over the world will think about how Create this experience for employees. We are here to help them. As you can see today, we have introduced several exciting new features, For every Webex user, Provide an inclusive experience wherever you are. I hope you are as excited as I am. Javed, now it's your turn. '-Thank you, Miya. Cisco's mission is to create an "inclusive" future for all. This is why I like working for Cisco. As a leader, for me, It is important to take the well-being of employees seriously.

This is the core value, not only Cisco’s culture, It is also the way our products are designed. We also launched a series of Innovative services focused on this. Let's take a closer look at Aruna Ravichandran. '-Thank you, Javed. In the new mixed working environment, The areas that employers are most concerned about are: How do you build an understanding culture And support employee well-being? 2. How to reduce or eliminate employee burnout? Third, how do you make people safe Back to work in the office? According to McKinsey’s recent report on returning to the office to work A global survey study conducted, 49% of respondents said They are actually experiencing burnout. This represents one of every two colleagues you know. As Fran shared before, This is the core area of ​​our Cisco focus. Lead with empathy and love, We have redoubled our efforts in this regard. We announced last week with Thrive Global of Arianna Huffington establishes a new partnership, Now Webex will integrate with their Thrive Resets app.

With integration, when someone continuously participates in a conference or call, They will receive Webex messages, Ask them if they want to take a break. That might be a 60-second breathing exercise Or stretching exercises. Or you can Create your own personal reset using images, codes or music of your choice. In fact, neuroscience research shows that Reposition yourself in just 60 seconds And to prevent pressure buildup. Integrate Thrive Resets into the Webex platform, Will better promote the well-being of employees, To assist and reduce burnout.

We launched earlier this year Innovative services from People Insights. Again, pay attention to the well-being of employees. As part of People Insights, Personal Insights Enable employees to balance work and life Time to focus on setting personal goals, And let you know their progress instantly. For example, if you set a focus time for yourself, And you go from one meeting to another, Then you will now be notified via the Webex app, Remind you to focus on time. Let you directly in the Webex application Set and monitor personal preferences.

This innovative service allows employees to focus their time on The most important matter. These data are preset to be private, For employee use only, It is not available to your manager or anyone else. People Insights can also help you determine, Have you established a strong connection with your team? Do you and all members of the team spend the same amount of time? Do you provide an equal support environment for all members of the team? People Insights aims to focus on employee well-being And achieve work-life balance, Especially at these times.

Like all Cisco products, We make sure that all this data is private by default. Only employees themselves can access their own data. Establishing a support environment is also In order to be able to return to the office safely. In the past few months, we have brought many innovative services to the market, Especially the support for returning to the office safely. For example, when the employee is in the office, The digital signage can be seen through Webex device monitor reminds them to pay attention The latest social distance agreement Or any major company information. All Webex device screens support digital billboards, And it can be centrally managed from one location or the entire organization's control center. When the employee returns to the office And implement the social distancing guidelines, You are successful. If the capacity limit of a specific space or room is exceeded, We are in the work area or meeting room The smart Webex device alerts you. And the Webex smart booking solution Can integrate the pathfinding function, Guide employees to find another meeting space nearby.

Get smarter choices, To assist you in returning to the office safely. Information about when the shared space was last cleaned up is also important. Especially at these times. Webex can now integrate cleanup plans, To inform employees of the last time the meeting room was cleaned up. We are developing more intelligent services, Automate the cleanup process. Webex Assistant is our voice assistant, just like Alexa, Can be used in all our devices, To create a contactless experience. Like I said, when you think about returning to the office safely, This experience is more important than ever. In the past, Webex Assistant was only used for English communication. We announced today that we support two other languages, French and Spanish. The Webex Assistant Skills platform, as Javed showed before, Open up more opportunities for customized experience. For example, you can ask Webex Assistant Show you or stream your company cafeteria events on your device, So that you can spend a more comfortable lunch break. Or, if you are in the IT industry, maybe you want Webex Assistant A dashboard showing all open tickets, So that you can view the status of the ticket. Or customize Webex Assistant to request a cleanup team Provide services for meeting rooms.

You can also teach new skills to Webex Assistant, To help you complete a series of work-related tasks, Thus changing your workplace. In this world of mixed work, We should support the health and well-being of employees, Because if you recognized one important point last year, it is that employees need empathy. Webex provides you with all the features and insights, To reduce employee fatigue and keep them focused, And allow them to return to the office safely. Javed, it's your turn. -Thank you Aruna for sharing Safety and empathy are really important Is the key to taking good care of colleagues in this new mixed environment Next, I’m going to talk about safety I hope everyone here will pay attention to the next content No matter what you do now Everyone will say that safety is of the utmost importance But few people put the point to the point The next speech will tell you For future companies Where is the difference between success and failure When the control over your own users, devices, and data is reduced How can you be sure Are the collaboration tools in front of you really safe? Everyone cares Privacy rights also want to protect intellectual property rights And comply with regulatory standards But how to promote mixed work without introducing more risks Or make the program more complicated? Next, I invite Abhay Kulkarni to share Our latest safety features (Energetic music) -Thank you Javed for the introduction As mentioned by Jeetu and Javed One of the pillars of mixed work is safety You may have heard of paralysis But security from the past to the future Will be the cornerstone of our Cisco This is the foundation of our unremitting efforts Our various services Always safe in design, private in default And all levels can meet regulatory requirements Please allow me to explain a little bit When companies switch to a mixed work model Ensuring the safety of each other's interactions has become more important Sensitive corporate meetings Especially those closed-door meetings in the past Now they are all changed to the mode of video conferencing Participants may be in the conference room Some use remote and enterprise-managed devices Or a personal unmanaged device to participate in the meeting Meeting with colleagues during the meeting And trusted outsider interactions Before the outbreak, whenever you have to talk to customers Or external partner or own colleague Before holding a very confidential meeting There will be multiple steps Confirm that the other party is the deity For example, the security staff in the lobby Will carefully ask customers to provide identification documents Ensure their identity Someone will also have an identification card Convenient for colleagues to confirm their identities These documents are difficult to forge But now the deep pseudo-film technology is becoming more and more common Everyone in a mixed workplace How can you compromise on this level of security? Webex has always believed that security is a major foundation Security is built-in, not an afterthought As early as more than ten years ago, we set a precedent in the entrepreneurial world Launched end-to-end encrypted meeting function I took care of it first The needs of our customers Now we are leading the industry again Launched the first zero-trust security collaboration function Zero trust refers to the system default Will not trust any internal or external personnel Everyone must be verified To gain access to resources or data Last December We released a zero trust security tool And our security architect published a special article Which details the design The standard for this zero-trust security tool Not only can encrypt meetings end-to-end Can verify the identity of all participants at the same time We will also extend this feature to all devices On meeting rooms, apps, mobile phones or laptops Cisco has always worked hard in the field of regulation We are willing to accept more industry and academia Review, test and endorsement to us This is actually quite important So our next generation End-to-end stacking technology is built on open source And standard agreements such as ACME, MLS and S Frame In addition, this will also benefit Third-party devices are in compliance with standard specifications Get involved together In an end-to-end encrypted meeting There are usually three major interactions Must be done safely First, the identities of all participants must be verified Second, it must be set up securely End-to-end encryption key Without going through the cloud provider or any intermediary So as not to intercept the key Third, the media must be encrypted There are also chats and Whiteboards transmitted in the meeting And files, etc.

In the past, these contents were all through the OpenID protocol SDES or DTLS for SAML key exchange for single sign-on Or media encryption SRTP to obtain But under a zero-trust security architecture, these agreements must Amplify in many ways So in addition to the single sign-in function We decided to use ACME to verify identity MLS to exchange keys And encrypt media content through S Frame In order to let everyone understand the operation of the above agreement See how the end-to-end encrypted meeting actually works On the surface, this seems to be just a normal Webex meeting But when conducting end-to-end encrypted meetings Webex will display a special shield Tell you that you are participating in an end-to-end encrypted conference If you are attending the same meeting in the meeting room Will also see this shield Webex will also provide exclusive security codes Used to summarize the end-to-end security attributes specific to the conference Include key And the identity of the attendees And participants can confirm that they have It is the same set of security codes to ensure the security of the meeting In addition, each attendee will also receive a set of vouchers So that everyone else can verify separately It's like the security in the original hall Personally verify the attendees like that Webex's zero-trust security features Will be officially launched soon after the Volkswagen Beta version is launched in July Cisco believes in privacy Is a basic human right We don’t have a profitable search engine Regarding the information and purposes we collect from you We are all open and transparent Our public trust portal trustportal.cisco.com Released its own privacy data sheet and privacy data map Privacy data map for everyone to use the chart Grasp the status of own data storage, use and transmission People often tell you if you want to get the benefits of AI You have to use other companies to train your data We think this is not right at all Technically it doesn’t have to be the case Therefore, we will not To train your data If you don't allow We train your data We will not prevent you from using AI functions Ensuring the collaborative process in a mixed environment Whether it is compliant in meetings, chat messages, or calls Has become more important Webex's call, conference and messaging functions Already supports various compliance functions Such as electronic search, regulatory loopholes and content classification And Webex has always supported the function of preventing data loss The method is to allow users to establish policies Specify which confidential content can be shared and to whom We want to share here Industry's first real-time data loss prevention function With this feature, you can stop the transmission of confidential content Exempt after posting Just in the dilemma of editing or deleting We’re not only building this feature for security administrators Also use this tool to guide users The best practice method is when their content violates the policy Send messages in the app We are well aware of our collaborative products Must meet the needs of a safe ecology So we and many industry-leading At the same time, strong cooperation with compliant products These integrations are currently available to many users Easy to deploy and use Choose from a variety of security products Such as DLP, electronic search data classification, regulatory loopholes Malware scanning and other functions As our customers embrace Webex meetings We have targeted the calling environment Introduce more complete security and compliance functions Such as the regulation of the length of the voice message PIN code Disable voice message forwarding Block calls to specific people or numbers to support Ray Baum related laws These are just a few of the highlights In addition, in order to effectively solve the problem of automatic voice calls Webex calls will have built-in support for STIR next year And SHAKEN mechanism As you can see, the design of Webex is indeed safe It is private by default, and all levels are compliant To prove our dedication to safety NSA in an independent assessment report Rated Webex on collaboration products Companies that meet or exceed all their standards Unfortunately, other companies Performance is not as dazzling as we are This NSA report before we held this event We have evaluated the functions of our products Innovative technologies released at this event Will inevitably widen the distance between us and other industry players Give the time back to Javed -Bravo! Security is like our DNA Deeply embedded in various Webex products, not added afterwards There is no doubt about it The hybrid environment is complex and rapidly changing Provide the best safety experience for managers Will be a new challenge The Webex suite also provides a powerful set of tools Can help you properly manage your own system And give users a smooth management experience for the rest of the time We have Lorrissa Horton (Lively music) -Thanks Javed! I am very happy to have the opportunity to be there today Share our current work with you How will it be in this mixed environment Assist IT staff to properly manage users and systems First of all, please think back Before the outbreak IT staff have to be in charge of everywhere Office and conference room problems But overnight it became Must manage hundreds or even thousands of remote offices As Javed mentioned, when everyone is moving towards mixed work The challenges facing IT personnel will change again The current IT plan must be able to support long-term remote employees At the same time meet the physical office environment Various needs Environments like hotel-style office or resource sharing During the process, we must ensure that all colleagues No matter where you work Can do their job safely Webex's product portfolio is convenient for IT staff Support your own organization Whether all employees work remotely or all employees have returned to the office Or any combination should be like this Our Webex Control Hub is a single platform Able to properly manage end users and devices in real time And the system The control center contains on our platform Information on all communication media All call and meeting messages and devices And cross-App integration functions have everything I believe our management portal is the best in the world You don’t have to use other tools To manage software and hardware functions such as meetings or calls You can complete various tasks on the same platform We are in the industry The only supplier that can meet your needs Webex Control Hub can provide improved user experience Analyze the data and set it in an ideal configuration Let you make good use of the advantages of the whole set of Webex products Real-time analysis of data, such as users’ perceptions of quality Data such as adoption rate and office usage Are available to IT staff So as to accurately grasp the user’s experience This can be said to be an end-to-end troubleshooting tool Can also provide software and hardware Relevant analysis data of any user A very common situation has emerged in this wave of epidemics It’s the needs of new people who work remotely on the device Some people need headphones or a camera Because when working from home Must be able to hear and see each other Many people don’t have remote office Necessary equipment And with the addition of various new devices The challenge is coming How do you manage new installations in your organization? For example, security patches or firmware updates IT staff now have to rely on users Manage your own device by yourself And improve their overall experience With Webex Control Hub and devices IT staff can work in a mixed environment Centralized or mass management of devices Whether it’s headphones or Desk Pro IT team can manage and remind everyone to update Ensure the continued safety of the entire company At the same time, whether colleagues are working at home or in the office And no matter what device Can enjoy the best experience All information on Control Hub Are supported by our Webex cloud Our data centers around the world Designed for real-time multimedia data Can target organizations of all sizes Provide the required scalability and reach I am very excited to tell you We will expand the footprint of our data center Continue to grow and open up new areas And for customers in the European Union, India and Canada Provide better control over data We not only strive to improve the management of users and conference systems It will also focus on the management of networks, media and PSTN We work hard Created its own Webex centralized edge To ensure a lower cost Provide a higher quality experience And between calls, meetings, devices, and contact centers Relying on a single media architecture We also continue to keep calls on the Webex network to improve quality And reduce PSTN costs Finally, we continue to increase network traffic within the enterprise Optimize bandwidth usage This allows IT staff In the face of increasing demand for bandwidth from end users Responding appropriately to different behaviors As we continue to invest in PSTN Our global coverage has reached 85 countries And has 25 service providers While we are looking for cost savings for customers We also hope that management can be easier An integrated meeting solution is a great example Let's take a look at this example -[Narrator] Webex Calling is now available Multiple connection options Can respond to various communication needs Catering to the needs of small companies to large multinational companies In Webex Control Hub IT administrator or partner When setting up a new website Quickly choose between three options Like the cloud connection PSTN provided by Cisco PSTN partners And internal deployment blocks What I want to watch today is Cisco's latest service is Cisco integrated PSTN After selecting Cisco PSTN My contact information and address Will be pre-filled The system will verify my emergency referral address Then, you’re ready to pick a number I can try the qualification selection number Or to qualify for the paid version To change the existing number Migrate to the new Cisco service In the screen of number selection Can be based on the area code or city code Select my number If you want to simplify the purchase process It also allows Webex Control Hub Automatically select the number instead of me This time I want Cisco to automatically select it for me 100 groups of numbers These 100 sets of numbers are fine Now ready to continue to order these numbers After the order is completed To check the order status Now these 100 sets of numbers have been deployed So it is available Then just assign the number directly I want to assign this group of numbers to a user account In the license assignment screen I created my account through Webex Calling And assign one of the new numbers from it In this way, the system will deploy Webex Calling service to me And let me make or receive calls through PSTN Now it’s set up To start the Webex App To test my new service At this time, Webex will display my emergency service information Then you can talk (Talking sound) Now I can enjoy the new PSTN service -I am very optimistic about this innovative technology Now you can purchase PSTN directly through our Control Hub It doesn’t take days or weeks to set up a new call site But it can be done in a few minutes the last point We hope to help IT staff to hear that our customers are our employees Their experience So we launched a new user satisfaction survey Can provide valuable opinions from Webex users To get relevant analysis and reports These can be obtained centrally on the Control Hub In a word, we are launching new features Hope to help IT staff better grasp and manage In this new mixed environment Operational status Webex is the only solution Can benefit IT staff to manage all users and all devices No matter where everyone is Can be done through our single management platform Webex Control Hub Return the time to Javed -Thank you Lorrissa What key points did we share today? In a nutshell, Webex is no longer just synonymous with meetings Last year's video conference was really strong We all want to see each other and talk to each other But now everyone’s working style and efficiency Has changed and evolved Meetings alone cannot improve efficiency Technology must keep pace with the times and meet our needs So we built the Webex suite The Webex suite combines all the solutions you need Can do things in a more efficient and impactful way At the same time on the road to success You don’t have to buy solutions separately You can enjoy all the benefits at once If you already have other collaboration tools Webex suite can also be perfectly integrated And make up the value of your existing assets We keep innovating Add a new solution to the Webex suite And you will automatically enjoy various functions Choose Cisco and you will have a full range of solutions The benefits are far superior to other platforms I hope everyone is very interested in this brand new Webex suite And various new features shared by today’s event Look forward to it just like me But don’t just listen to what we share Learn how Webex can help you and your organization No disadvantages in today's and future's mixed environment Now return the time to Jeetu -Thanks to Javed and everyone This sharing is wonderful Get a glimpse of the innovative ideas of our products Everyone has seen our products This time I am also honored to visit many customers Ask them how to transform to a hybrid environment Make good use of our outstanding innovative technology Let's find out! (Lively music) – Hello everyone! Today we have a special guest Kathryn Guarini She is the chief information officer of IBM We will talk about why the well-being of employees So important And how did IBM when the epidemic broke out Mobilize more than 350,000 employees And maintain normal operations At the same time, what arrangements does IBM have after the epidemic? Let's welcome Kathryn -Thank you, it’s nice to see you all -Today I want to ask about the subject of mixed work Can you please share after the new crown epidemic When your company transitions to a hybrid environment Is your most amazing discovery? -One of our discoveries is When colleagues can also have the ability to meet their own needs In digital and physical environments The growth trend is more obvious As the epidemic evolves Various requirements have also changed We foresee After the epidemic subsides, the situation will be safer Everyone will return to the office one after another But as early as 15 months ago IBM will have more than 300,000 employees across the company Mobilize into a virtual environment Finish homework overnight-overnight! -To execute successfully, it must rely on tools and technology Policy and flexibility Fortunately, all the teams gave us good opinions We are also in business Maintained productivity and participation Even if companies and employees around the world The environment is very difficult -When it comes to this whole transition to a mixed work mode That is sometimes people will work in the office Sometimes work from home And sometimes work in other environments How will the corporate culture be affected? Do you think What about IBM's entire system In response to subtle cultural differences? -In terms of corporate culture The point is how to accomplish the important tasks The environment we create Is to promote a high-performance culture At the same time with a high sense of participation So a big point is safety And make sure everyone has the required environment Technology, process and support As far as corporate culture is concerned, we must be creative To be able to work in a virtual working environment Inject a little innovation This is our experience in the past year Before, everyone might have dinner with colleagues Or take a coffee break together But it has been a long time Can't do these activities anymore But our team is very fast and creative Many colleagues hold virtual events Will deliver meals and drink coffee together Or drink a few glasses of wine Our team has also established The so-called home office declaration Commitment to work together to cultivate Empathy and flexibility And these two elements Continue to be carried forward Everyone has benefited a lot because we are encouraging each other And this is a long-term investment -Do you think technology is in this mixed environment What role does it play? -Technology plays an indispensable role We can seamlessly Moving to virtual work environment technology is one of them Main pusher Technology will also help us Successfully ushered in a mixed working mode From the core architecture We have to make sure there is a suitable internet connection Security agreement Infrastructure scalability And the critical response speed So that all my colleagues Can get what you need Assistance and response -A little bit of me I really want to ask you Just about Discussion on employee well-being Can you please share? – no problem I think safety and well-being are both important Are our core priorities We have always valued Whether referring to a suitable agreement Office building adopts security system, etc.

But now the situation is completely different Everyone is facing this pandemic The working environment is very different Therefore, of course we must start with empathy and flexible thinking We also introduced some practices To help all my colleagues For example, our company introduced some practices Like suggesting everyone to set aside a few days without meeting So that every talent has the opportunity Get away from all kinds of interpersonal interactions No need to go to meetings, or participate in video conferences and the like Then there is time to focus on In your personal work So I won't be in meetings all the time Because the meeting is quite tiring In this way, there is time to innovate To create, or think about some work problems So our philosophy is To create a reflection The environment of the above principles And assist our colleagues -Observed Cisco and IBM You will find that many of our core values ​​are the same It’s a great honor to have such a great partner as you.

We’re very happy Can cooperate with your company in various ways Thank you for choosing us, you are a great partner Thank you for leading everyone We thank you for taking the time Share with us here Views on mixed work Thanks again to Kathryn for coming this time Thank you very much for looking forward to our next partnership (Lively music) -[Narrator] Where are you going to work today? At home or in the office? Or somewhere else? There is no longer just one or two answers to this question Because we have entered the mixed work generation Webex will use the tools and environment you and I are familiar with Transform into a more collaborative tool Pick up your phone and connect now! Your meetings, contacts and calendar will appear in a few clicks Need a meeting? Click to connect successfully Share good ideas and collaborate with each other If your office location No longer a traditional office, no problem We provide you with refreshing AI technology Can automatically take notes and retrieve to-do items You can also transcribe the voice record in real time And translate the voice content (Chinese speaker) The office environment becomes smarter Can work now Whether at home or in the office Or wherever you are Because your office is everywhere (Lively music) -Zak, it’s an honor to invite you to this event Thanks again for taking the time We are very happy to talk to you about Formula One Talk about the McLaren team and our cooperation Welcome -It’s great, I’m glad to participate in this event, Jeetu, I’m very excited -Tell us about the industry in which the new crown epidemic makes you work What has changed Because your industry is more complicated Racing can't really be done remotely But it looks You did it successfully So in this very very difficult period Such a complex and delicate sport How did you persevere? -Let me first talk about what has not changed In a year, we will hold 20 to 23 tournaments around the world So on the one hand, we are used to working remotely And use Webex to communicate that our event may be in China Or Abu Dhabi, or the United States from our factory to the racing team We have about a hundred people who need to go to the venue for each Grand Prix And then return to what we call the Mission Control Center About 50 people returned to the factory in the UK In the meantime, everyone must maintain real-time communication So from this perspective, in addition to our business travel team Follow the epidemic prevention and control procedures Everything else is business as usual What has really changed for all of us is We have been working from home for more than a year To manage the team, to make cars, these tasks need to be carried out by entities At the same time, you have to work remotely And we can only rely entirely on affairs of this nature Webex and similar forms of communication But this is actually in a peculiar way Bring us closer Because when communicating in this way We've all held meetings like that before 12 people in the meeting room A few people are talking Then everyone else may be looking at the phone And the current way feels more cordial and one-to-one So I think it brings us closer together -Great I know that in your industry In terms of performance, every millisecond is important From the perspective of the competition How do you communicate with racers How do you communicate with each other While the game is in progress And when you are building the entire mixed office model What must you consider? Is there such a thing as mixed sports? -I think what we have to do is Figure out how to do what we usually do remotely In other words, especially when the game is in progress Communication is crucial, we must make decisions Sometimes we really only have one second to make a decision For example, when pitting, when changing tires Or when a safety car needs to be dispatched So we not only need instant messaging We also need it to be stable and reliable.

Fortunately, our requirements have been met. System runs seamlessly I was surprised We almost all went home when we were hit by the epidemic for the first time We were a little worried Our technical infrastructure Can it withstand the test And the credit goes to–yes -Attributable to our advanced technology and such a technical partnership The whole system runs seamlessly -Motorsport is actually Industries requiring ultra-precision and high-performance You said you held 23 games I want to ask you before talking more details In Formula One How long does it take to change tires when the driver pits? -good question 90% of pit stops we try to replace all four tires in three seconds And 50% of pit stops We all finished in two and a half seconds It’s worse for more than three seconds I think the world record is maintained at 1.92 seconds It's incredible–Wow -When watching the team race, these drivers galloped at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour They must be exactly where they are docked They want to keep the position as long as possible Then these brave mechanics are on the court When a racing car is approaching you at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour You have to concentrate Load tires, unload tires And all this is only 2 seconds -The whole thing is like magic Rate of occurrence So it is indeed the milliseconds So I know from the overall technical point of view Judging from the technology you use You attach great importance to performance and quality And all these parts Our team is actually very grateful Because you keep pushing us to break through We have also become better in the process of serving you Because you know every detail Pay special attention to Because this sport is very time sensitive Do you have any thoughts on this? What has changed? What surprised you? Is there something you thought would change But there is no difference in reality? -If you said before, let us work from home And then hold events all over the world You would say that this is simply impossible But that's it, our team is united Work with partners I’m sure about Cisco’s internal And the same situation for many great companies around the world Everyone unite one by one Form an alliance at this difficult time We all know that the new crown epidemic has changed everyone’s lives And it’s not to change in a favorable direction, so we have to unite people Therefore, technology saved the world Because i think If the same thing happens to–it is indeed the case -20 years ago You are only concerned about the good things-yes -But now we can still operate normally I am convinced that this is the original development direction of the world But the new crown epidemic forced it to speed up And this allows us to adapt faster and take the initiative to embrace such changes So we now have these insights and experience that we have completed the previous human imagination An impossible task I think all of us surprised ourselves Now for me personally, it’s with these insights Make sure we apply it as we move forward Because i found Now we are more efficient Financially we are more efficient If there is a meeting to be held now, we don’t need to board the plane Spend another whole day Just log in two minutes in advance You don’t have to arrive at the airport an hour in advance This is very inefficient So I found that the efficiency is higher than before -I wish it were when you saw us back to normal No matter when to recover What do you think will change in this model? Because we see customers tell us The future office model is hybrid Sometimes everyone works from home Sometimes work in the office Do you have the same view when there is time between the two? Or do you think it will completely trend towards one or another mode? What do you think this is for your institution What is the impact of your culture? -I think what you said is very good I think the future is hybrid I think returning to normal does not mean returning to 18 months or 15 months ago That state -Yes, we sometimes are in the factory And of course there are people Carry out physical work dealing with cars So when they come to the scene there will be more But we will adopt a different shift pattern I feel that our relationship with all our partners has gone further Because everyone almost works from home I always say that sometimes to speed up You need to slow down first, and then–Yes -I found out that we are now in a Webex video call Instead of calling in the traditional sense I feel this is more emotionally based We even held banquets through Webex We hosted events-really? -Experience is very good I am optimistic about the future Because the most important thing for me is I think productivity will continue to improve -It seems that you often use Webex So what is your favorite feature? For example, which aspect of our products do you like best? -I think the two most important points for us are Given that our sport is full of noise We are often in a noisy environment So-yes -Ability to block background noise So that we can When the engine roars Or maintain communication when changing tires-of course -The environment is very noisy Our fleet has 24 people of different nationalities We broadcast events to 200 countries About 200 countries So you can use the language to select this function Especially, combined with noise If you don't understand what other people say Plus The effect of noise-very noisy -Forget it, you can't start a conversation at all Then-yes -Our conversation is full of details You need to know exactly what other people say to you You can't just nod your head perfunctorily Because they want to send you a message And your fleet needs this information So I think from a performance perspective These two functions are the most important to us -well By the way, if you think about it In the next three to five years What will happen to the racing industry in general There are a few things that will not change at all That is you can only play on the field You can't race in other places So the location is there But how will this change? So on the way You are under your business model What disruptive and innovative forces have been discovered? -I think it is mainly and The participation and interaction of fans or partners is related to If you are a Formula One fan, one of the coolest places in the world Is the garage of the team For example, it’s cool that you can watch a certain sport in the players’ bench.

You want to hear what's going on in the court Whether it's baseball… yes -Football, choose any sport I think now we can satisfy our fans in this regard We have so-called Papaya club members Is almost our biggest fan group We can take them into the garage and attend driver briefing sessions I think you are absolutely right We always need to play on the field But it can help us optimize the experience Because we have hundreds of millions of people Follow Formula One We can't fit so many people in our garage But with the technology and everyone has adapted to this new world We can really bring people Bring to our garage Hear driver briefing sessions This is a two-way interactive relationship Sports events used to be broadcast on TV We can only watch passively-yes -Is a one-way information dissemination Now fans can communicate with us And I think this trend will continue to develop -So in terms of event broadcasting, it will be more interactive This is reflected in–Absolutely -The way people participate and interact It's fascinating Zak, I want to say that we are very honored Can support you in achieving this important goal I know you are a customer with high standards Excellent performance required from the system Every millisecond matters Your value system fits very well with ours And you care very much Continuous pursuit of excellence You are never satisfied, always move forward So we have a very important partnership Our team is very happy to cooperate with your team There is a very strange chemical reaction between us And there are more waiting for us I hope we can do these things For your fans Provide a more immersive experience In different aspects of your business So thank you again for everything you have done for us Thank you, you are more than just a good customer Keep cooperating with us Has been pushing our products to achieve breakthroughs -Of course, it’s our pleasure.

We like your products Can't wait to continue our cooperation -Me too, thanks again -Ok-thanks for your participation (Lively music) -The McLaren team has unique resources The company is constantly looking for opportunities to create advantages They have decided to move forward hand in hand with a new strategic partner (Racing engine sound) -Who has the most fans? Let's vote -Come on, British team! (Lively music) -The result has been resolved -brilliant! (Racing engine sound) -Dear racing fans, let's get on the road! The performance of our team is fantastic The maintenance team is also great The strategy this time is really beautiful! Come on! (Racing engine sound) (ring tone) -We need that part -alomost done -Can you say it again? Much clearer -Dealt with (Racing engine sound) (Crowd cheering) (Lively music) -With Webex McLaren Formula One Team Created a new pattern of cooperation The Webex suite that promotes hybrid work goes public (Lively music) -Hello everyone! Today we invited two special guests Fran is the speaker you met earlier She is our human resources director And Arianna Huffington believes everyone knows She is the CEO of Thrive Global Arianna, I want to talk to you first Why are we here today? What are the topics you can talk about this time? -Jeetu and Fran, hello! I am very happy to be here Talk about how we move forward together Make mixed work more efficient Everyone agrees that the mixed work model is bound to continue Cisco just published a study recently Mentioned that although only 8% of meetings in the past Some of the participants are not present But this ratio is in the post-epidemic era Will increase to 98% Then we must Have to change the culture of meetings There must be a way to be in a meeting Relieve stress All users of Webex can refer to Thrive's proposal "Thrive charging time" "Thrive charging time" is scientifically researched What I advocate is if it takes 60 to 90 seconds Can effectively relieve stress Although the whole day is bound to be stressful And the accumulation of stress is inevitable But if you can take a 60-second break between meetings Or taking a break in the meeting can really change us Ability to participate, focus and produce This 60-second charging time Can do all kinds of things We can take a deep breath Focus on things worthy of gratitude Get up and stretch your muscles and bones Or just switch to thinking about the problem We can all create exclusive charging time These 60 seconds can be moved out to give ourselves the things that we love deeply like our children Pets, favorite quotes, music, etc.

Immerse yourself You can also share with others in the meeting To cultivate intimacy among colleagues And more empathy -Thrive is in the well-being of employees And mental health And the people-oriented concept has always been leading the industry This is for Cisco Very meaningful We are convinced that we are also a people-oriented company So we have a very close cooperation relationship with each other And this time I have a chance here Listen to Arianna sharing from the perspective of Thrive Really rare -We cherish so much One of the reasons for the cooperative relationship with each other is because the concepts are very compatible For example, you take empathy very much It also shows that you have done a lot on this level It’s true, everyone is talking about To create an inclusive and diverse culture But if we don’t build a culture of empathy, Then you can't achieve this goal Empathy is actually a skill We may be born without empathy but we can cultivate Everyone at Cisco Can have such a corporate culture To cultivate empathy but honestly If everyone is exhausted, there is no way to cultivate empathy With "charging time" And corporate guidance And other projects we expect to cooperate Not only can help Cisco internal colleagues Also for other companies Set an example because everyone is in the post-epidemic era Are redefining productivity in a mixed environment Another development I would love to see Is that we are using technology to expand the elements of human nature Sometimes technology will dominate humanity And above everything But in fact, we have the opportunity to make good use of technology And carry forward our most human qualities We hope that "charging time" will come in handy here -I like what you mentioned earlier Gratitude and anxiety Can't coexist One of these will always surpass the other If you can choose Hope that gratitude can overcome anxiety In this respect-that's right! -Could you please share this a little bit? -Everyone's life Actually there will be something to be thankful for And anxiety Just remind yourself every time We should be thankful for those things so we won’t be so anxious So, gratitude and anxiety cannot coexist Recent scientific research also proves this I often mention the scientific basis because we have to Redefine "well-being" And let everything have a solid scientific basis Not just intangible benefits Strategies to develop into a company -Jeetu, I have a question for you What will your charging time be used for? -I have a wonderful daughter, she is 10 years old There is a wall between us She will be on the other side of the wall in my office During the new crown epidemic, she will ask to come over to me Often break into my meeting without warning Brings me a smile every time It also relieves a lot of pressure for other colleagues But she doesn’t do this often when she grows up I don’t break into meetings often now She prefers to do her own thing now she is alone So now I will look at her photos or videos before the meeting So I can keep a good mood -My personal charging time It can be summarized in a famous saying by Rumi "When life is unsatisfactory, treat it as Is it good for yourself" I love this sentence, because when things don’t go well I can remind myself To realize when bad things or bad things happen What will happen later We actually can't tell -Ariana, do you think Is the idea of ​​"building a community in the workplace" great? And can take some time to explore myself And think about what your core is I personally think that the workplace Can bring everyone together Many companies are listening at the moment This point is that companies can compete with other companies in the industry The key to differentiation Right? -Yes, I agree In fact, when I founded Thrive Decided not to contact consumers directly It is for this reason that we cooperate with various companies Because I believe in the workplace Can also be a community And everyone needs a community To make yourself develop healthier habits But cultivating healthier habits is not easy So it needs to be done gradually Share with others through a short 60-second charging time -Arianna, you talk about it often Knowledge worker But the charging time you mentioned Not only for knowledge workers In fact, it also applies to front-line employees And field workers Could you please explain a little bit? -A major feature of the customer service center is Customers will call in But how can we have a pleasant customer experience? We all know If the customer service specialist is under pressure Needless to say So remind the commissioner to charge time Can take a deep breath consciously Remind them of what they are grateful for Ask them to get up and do a 60-second stretching exercise Especially between difficult cases It will be of great benefit -My first job was as a customer service specialist at Cisco Arianna is right, sometimes the pressure is great When answering a call You will also see other calls waiting online The customers you deal with May be dissatisfied with something But before you have time to take a deep breath You have to answer the next call I still remember being there Seeing other difficult cases at the same time Can feel that emotion Will follow you all day So if you can take a short nap to find your center of gravity Will really change a lot I wish I could get this secret I believe it will be of great help -This is very important for a brand Must ensure that when the customer interacts with you Can have a great experience Especially when they are upset When they call, it is an opportunity to reverse the situation All major companies must pay attention to this point and have strategic thinking Thanks again Arianna Provide wonderful insights on this topic With two I can actually talk for hours Thank you for taking the time to participate in the event today Thank you Arianna for being the guest of this event We are looking forward to Work with you -Thank you Jeetu and Fran All of us at Thrive are also looking forward to it This time cooperation thank you all! (Lively music) -Inhale (Lively music) Exhale (Lively music) "Nothing is more valuable than laughter.

Only with the power of laughter can you enjoy a life of nothingness and lightness"'- Frida Kahlo "I am convinced that we are here on earth to live, grow, and do our best Make the world a better place and let everyone enjoy freedom"'- Rosa Parks "No one can step into the same river twice Because the river is different, people move with the environment"'- Heraclitus "We once said to me: Baby, one day You should settle down and marry a rich man." "I said back to her: Mom, I am a rich man"'- Cher Now you have charged -I hope everyone gains We talked about many topics today Everyone heard the experience of our senior management A glimpse of the various things we are working hard to develop Innovative products Everyone has heard the sharing of our customers Learned the insights of some outstanding leaders in the industry We look forward to the opportunity to cooperate with your company To assist you as you move towards mixed work Successful transformation Thanks again everyone! We will have a period later I wish everyone good health (Lively music)

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