I Didn’t Exercise My Dogs… INSTEAD I did this 😬

Small Children and Small Dogs Are Not a Good Recipe For a Happy Home

Small Children and small dogs are in general not a good mix. The problems lie not with the child or the dog but rather both. For the child because he or she is just that and all that goes with that distinction and for the small dog because it is also just that and everything that is inherent with being a small breed of dog.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Training Your Puppy

Buying or adopting a new puppy or dog means more than just having a furry companion to entertain you – it’s a commitment that can lead to a loving and loyal relationship that you will cherish for the years to come. As such, it’s only sensible to treat your beloved pet as you would your human companions: feed them nutritious meals, stimulate their minds and senses with toys and activities, and lastly, enrol them in training classes. Training your puppy or older dog is beneficial in many ways, and listed below are the top five reasons why you should consider…

What To Do With Your Misbehaving Dog

Does your beloved four-legged companion tear up or destroy anything in his path? Does he snap at people or bark frantically at any noise? Does he get into just about anything you leave lying around your home? Or worse, does he eat just about any random object he can find?

Comfortable Traveling With Your Dog

It’s finally time for that long awaited and much needed vacation your family has been excited about. For the past week, everyone at home has been extra cheerful and animated, even your four-legged furry friend seems to be wagging his tail much more than usual. And why shouldn’t he, when pretty soon he will be embarking on his first holiday escapade with the rest of the family.

Are Breed Specific Diets Really Necessary?

You can still buy bags of “plain old dog food” today, but is it the best nutrition for your dog? For the most part, it may be life-sustaining, to a point, but it’s usually not optimal.

Basic Dog Training Tips for Taming Your Dog

This article teaches you about dog training. Dog training tips and methods. Learn simple dog training command. Train your dog NOW!

Best Dog Harness for Your Dog

There are many types of dog harnesses out there and it is confusing as to which harness is the best for your dog. This articles gives tips on exactly how to pick the best dog harness for your dog.

Securing Your Dog While Traveling May Soon Be Law

Pet safety is sure to be an issue this year as more states will make it a law to restrain your pet while traveling. It’s time to place more attention and funding on the issue of defining safe pet travel.

Keep Your Pet Healthier For Longer

We love our pets don’t we? In this article I discuss how to look after your dog and keep him healthy for longer through the right diet, the right exercise and with a selection of healthy snacks.

What Are The Benefits Of Velvet Antler Dog Treats On Your Dog’s Health?

There are various healthy minerals that can be found in deer antlers, such as calcium, phosphorous and zinc, as well as chondroitin sulfate, omega 6 and 3 and glycisaminoglycans. That is why a dog’s joint health can benefit from the use of velvet antler treats.

What Super Dog Treats Can You Make Your Dog Happy With?

Interested in super dog treats? In the following, we will discuss some great treats for dogs.

What Are Magnetic Dog Collars Good For And How Do These Collars Differ From One Another?

Magnetic dog collars are magnotherapy products that apply magnetic fields to the body of the dog. Conditions that can be positively impacted on by using magnetic collars are arthritis, joint and muscle stiffness and pain, fatigue and others.

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