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Translator: Ali Sumait proofreader: Ahmad Altamimi When I was in university… My major was in government work Which means I have to write a lot of papers, Now when any normal student writes a paper His work schedule looks almost like this. as you see.. (Laughter) The work is slow at first. But you get enough in the first week Because it makes you see the heavy days ahead She looks nice and productive. (Laughter) And I wish I could do this the same way. This is how the plan will be. I'll start writing the table to get down to business, Then it is time to write. And I end up like this! (Laughter) This happens in every paper I write. Until I was asked to write a 90-page graduation thesis, A paper we are supposed to work on all year long! And for a paper like this, my usual work schedule wasn't an option. Because the project was so huge I started planning the project, And I decided that the table should look something like this..

This is how the year will pass. I'll start with the easy and light work, Then I will increase the effort a little in the middle of the year, At the end of the year, I will work as hard as I can. It would be very easy as going up a ladder, step by step. How difficult can climbing stairs be? Not a big deal, right? But the funniest thing happened to me. in the first months, It came and went quickly, And I couldn't do anything. I decided to change my plan a little. (Laughter) Then … (Laughter) But the middle of the year really went by so fast, And I didn't write a single word. It is now here! Reduce the two months to one month.. Then to two weeks. And one day I woke up, And only three days left until delivery!! And I haven't written a word yet, I did the only thing I could do, I wrote 90 pages in 72 hours, I went two whole days without sleep.

People should not stay up for two days without sleep. I ran to the university, In slow motion I handed the paper to Exact date! I thought I accomplished everything. A week later, I got a call, It was a call from the university. They asked, "Are you Tim Urban?" She answered, "Yes." They said, "We must discuss your thesis with you." I said, "Okay." They said.. "It's the best thesis we've ever seen!" (Laughter) (clap) This didn't really happen. (Laughter) It was a very bad thesis. (Laughter) I just wanted to enjoy the moment when you thought: "This guy is amazing!" (Laughter) No, no, it was too bad Anyway, today I am a writer and blogger. I write in a blog called "Wait but why?" Two years ago, I decided to write about procrastination and procrastination My actions have always puzzled the non-procrastinators around me and why I put off my work I wanted to explain to these people and to the world, what is going on in The heads of those who procrastinate and put off their deeds, And why are we like this? I had a theory that says That the minds of procrastinators are real different from other people And to test this, I found a lab that allowed me Using magnetic resonance imaging of the brain And the brain of another man does not postpone his work so that I can compare them, And I brought the pictures with me for you to see for yourself today.

Now I want you to take a closer look to see if there is a difference.. I know that not all of you are experts, And it's not obvious, but just look, okay? So here is a picture of the brain that does not delay, (Laughter) And now.. Here is a picture of my brain. (Laughter) There is a difference . Both brains contain a rational decision maker. But the mind of the procrastinator Also Contains (Instant Pleasure Monkey) Now, what does this mean for the procrastinator? It means everything is fine until this happens. Man: “This is the perfect time to get the work done.” Monkey: “No!” If the (logical decision maker) will do the Something useful and productive.

But the monkey doesn't like the plan, So the monkey takes the wheel and says: Why don't we read the entire Wikipedia page? About the scandal of Nancy and Tonya (actresses) because I I just remembered that this happened! (Laughter) Then .. (Laughter) Then we'll go to the fridge Let's see if anything changes about it 10 minutes ago. Next, we will enter the YouTube spiral that begins With videos of Richard Feynman (scientist) talking about magnets And it ends after a very long time by watching interviews With the mother of Justin Bieber (singer) .. (Laughter) Monkey: “All this will take time, And there is no space to do anything today. "Sorry!" (Laughter) Now, what is going on here! This monkey doesn't look like someone you want Leader behind the wheel. He lives entirely in the present moment, He has no memory of the past and no knowledge of the future. He only cares about two things: "easy and fun" In the animal world, this works perfectly. If you are a dog, She did nothing but easy and fun, You are successful by all accounts! (Laughter) and for monkeys, Humans are just another type of animal.

They eat, sleep and multiply. Which would be normal in primitive times. But, if you haven't noticed, we're not in those times We are in a developed and civilized era and the monkey does not know the meaning of that. And that's why it's in our head (logical decision maker), which gives us abilities that no other animal can do, We can imagine the future, We can see the whole picture And we can make long-term plans. The decision maker takes all of this into account.

And he wants us to do just what it seems It is correct and logical to do it now. And sometimes it seems like doing something Logical and fun at the same time. as attending dinner or going to bed, Or have fun in your spare time. This is why there is an overlap between logical and fun. sometimes they agree, Other times, it makes more sense To do something that is difficult and unpleasant for the greater good. And here the contradiction occurs. And as for the procrastinator, This conflict always ends the same way, Which makes him spend most of his time in the orange zone, A fun, easy and completely separate area from the logic circuit. I call it 'The Dark Playground'. (Laughter) Now, (Dark Game Park) a place All of you procrastinators know it well. A place where leisure activities take place In a time that is not really free time. The fun you have in the (dark theme park) Not real fun, because it's totally undeserved The atmosphere around you is filled with guilt, unhappiness, anxiety and self-loathing All the beautiful feelings of procrastinators..

And the question when the monkey is behind the wheel is: How does the procrastinator move himself into the blue zone, An area where things are less fun and easy, but much more important.. Well, it turns out that he who postpones his business has a guardian angel, Someone who is always watching and looking at him In his darkest and darkest moments…

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Someone called the Dread Monster. (Laughter) Now the Dread Monster is asleep most of the time.. But he wakes up suddenly, when any deadline is too close Or there is a risk of embarrassment in front of people Or losing a job, or any other terrible consequence. And the most important thing is that it is the only thing that scares the monkey. Now, this monster has recently become attached to my life, Because the TED conference officials contacted me six months ago And let me talk about it. (Laughter) Of course I said: Yes, it was always my dream to I've been speaking at a TED conference in the past (Laughter) (clap) And in the midst of all this enthusiasm, The decision maker was thinking of something else. He was saying, "Are we clear about what we agreed to a while ago? Do we know what will happen someday in the future? We should sit down and prepare the speech now." The monkey said: I totally agree with you, but what do you think about opening Google Maps? And we bring the picture to the bottom of India and explore it for two and a half hours until we reach the top of India, To educate ourselves about this country.

(Laughter) This is what we did that day. (Laughter) 6 months turned into 4, then into 2 and then into 1 month. The TED Conference decided to announce the speakers at the conference, And when I opened the site, I found a picture of my face staring at me And guess who woke up? (Laughter) The Panic Beast is losing his mind… In a few seconds, order turned into chaos. (Laughter) And the monkey rose. – Remember, the monkey is afraid of the panic beast. And run up the tree! and finally, The logical decision maker was able to take the helm And I was able to start working on the lecture Now (Dread Monster) represents All kinds of crazy behavior of procrastinators, Like how I could get through two weeks All sorts of dispositions on writing one sentence in my thesis, Then miraculously, the words come incessantly in Two days to write 8 pages! This whole case with all three characters, This is the procrastinator system.

It's not pretty, but in the end, it works. This is what I decided to write on the blog two years ago And when I wrote, I was stunned by the responses, Thousands of messages I received, From all kinds of people, from all over the world, They do all kinds of jobs. They were nurses, bankers, painters, and engineers And many, many PhD students, (Laughter) And they all said writing, saying the same thing: "I have the same problem." What struck me was the contrast between the lightness of speech which I wrote and the weight of these letters, These people were writing very frustrated about what procrastination has done to them in their lives, What did this monkey do to them? And when I thought about it, I said to myself: If the procrastination system works, what happens? Why are these people so frustrated? It turns out that there are two types of procrastination, Everything I talked about today, all the examples, They all have a deadline.

And when there are deadlines, The effect of delay is contained and compressed in the short term Because (the panic beast) is interfering.. But there is another kind of delay, A type that occurs in circumstances that do not have a deadline. For example, if you want to start a freelance business, Something in art, or a pioneering work.. These actions do not have deadlines in the beginning, because nothing happened in the first place. Whereas if you go out and start the hard work, To gain some activity to do other work. There are also a lot of important business outside of your business It does not include deadlines. Such as visiting your family or sports and taking care of your health, Work to develop your relationships, Or break up bad relationships. Now, if only procrastinator's way to end these hard things She is by (dread monster), there is a problem, Because in all this important work that doesn't have deadlines The monster will not appear. He has no time to wake up. So, the effect of delay will not be contained Therefore, these works will continue and extend forever.. This is the type of long-term procrastination The one who is neither seen nor talked about Like the first type: fun, short-term and contains deadlines.

Usually, people of the second type suffer quietly and in privacy. And this procrastination may be a source To great sadness and long-term regret. I thought: That's why these people are texting me. That is why they are in such a bad condition. Not because they are aiming for a specific project, but because of that long delay that made them like spectators, Sometimes, their lives themselves. Their frustration does not come from not achieving their dreams, But because they could not seek it in the first place. As I read the letters, a kind of inspiration came to me: I do not think that there is anyone who does not postpone his work, That's right, I think you're all procrastinators, Of course, you may not be messy.. like some of us. (Laughter) And some of you may have a good relationship with appointments and adherence to them. But remember: the monkey's secret trick is When there is no deadline. Now, I want to show you one last thing.. I call this: (life table) Each square represents a week in the life of 90 years, There doesn't seem to be much of it..

Especially since we used a lot of them in the past I think we all need to take a deep look at this table. And we should think about what we're really putting off, Because each of us has something to postpone in his life We must remain wary of the instant pleasure monkey, This is a job for all of us. And because there aren't that many boxes in the table, This is a job that you should start today. Hmmm, maybe not "today" but…

(Laughter) as you know , sometime soon… Thank . clap.

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