K-9iQ Puppy Training Australia – How to Train Your Puppy with Confidence, Independence and Alertness

HI everybody, its Claude from K-9iQ, thank you
for supporting the YouTube channel and for looking at the playlist on puppy
development. I believe this to be one of the most important playlists on my
youtube channel simply because it deals with the development of puppies and it's
effectively aimed at people that have either had puppies before and they want
to get a little bit more factual information and more importantly people
that have never had puppies before and they just want to know how it too about how
to get that really great vibrant dynamic confident relationship with their puppy.
All of the information that's contained in the video has been gained from about
25 years of actively training dogs for Police Prison and Military applications
in which case all those dogs unbelievably confident happy vibrant
dogs they've got an incredibly dynamic and strong relationship with their

pexels photo 7788657

It doesn't revolve around heavy-handed techniques that actually
undermine the bond it's all about building up an intense
great relationship that's applicable at everybody day today. Now the videos in
this playlist are intended to be viewed at in terms of the series so if you look
at them in the author been uploaded on to the playlist it will effectively give
you step-by-step processes as to how to manage the development of your puppy
through all its different phases and as I develop more videos I'll be adding
them progressively so please don't be afraid come back check it regularly and
more importantly hit the subscribe and notification bell that way you get to
stay in touch with the latest videos that I put up because I will be putting
up significantly more in the next few weeks thanks again for you support folks..

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