Karen Pryor Academy’s Dog Trainer Professional Program

Karen Pryor Academy's Dog
Trainer Professional program is our most
comprehensive offering, providing students with
the knowledge and hands-on experience to
transform their careers. We are committed to
your personal growth and professional success. With
the knowledge and skills you'll gain and the connections
you'll make within the training community, the Dog Trainer
Professional program will be one of the best career
decisions you ever make. I think students
can learn, not only the basics, which
are so important, but the advanced
training concepts. You can read about
it all day long and you can go to
lots of lectures. But until you actually know
it intellectually and then train it with your own dog
and then teach somebody else to do it, you
really don't know it like you thought you did. I think my favorite
thing about teaching is watching students
of any species get it and be able
to take a concept and turn around and apply
it to another situation. That's when you
know they have it, and that aha moment
really never gets old, whether you're working
with people or dogs.

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It tells people, veterinarians,
even potential clients that you have reached a certain
standard in your skill training and development, and that
you need to maintain that. So that really helped put my
positioning as a professional in launching my business. The other thing is
that being CTP also gave me was the access to the
Academy marketing materials, the reference materials,
the lesson plans. So that helped to take
a lot of the worry out of starting a new business. This course has helped
aspiring trainers all over the world build
their training skills and change their lives. Thank you for your interest in
the Dog Trainer Professional program. We hope you'll join us and
become a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner..

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