KETCH obedience class 1

hello you must be new to the neighborhood yo yo what up my people said you are getting into trouble at home stealing things off the counters and not coming when called so what it is fun having them chase me well they don't think so your people visited looking for local dog training just so you know my people suggested obedience training for you I am my own dog they are enrolling you at cajun tampa which is where I was trained they really get dog behavior and can help your people understand you no way my people wait on me hand and foot I just act said and I get what I want my people love me yes they love you but they said that it is not fun to have you around because you keep stealing things Mike pop is the instructor for the catch group obedience classes you will explain to your people how to train you using positive updated methods you and your people will understand what if I don't want to be trained well catch offers training while sleeping over when owners do not have time for training structure or for dogs that resists regular obedience training plus additional personal reasons buddy the dog next door did training that way when his owners were on a cruise he stayed at catch for three weeks he said it was great and learned so much his people had to take lessons to catch up to his education Ike was catch has all the answers yes catch has the perfect solution for every situation all your people need to do is call 8139 20 9 191 change my free spirit now they will only change your relationship with your people so it is balanced and fun you know I cannot wait for my classes at catch it I has been a lot of work to get negative attention I am ready for a change you will love the group obedience training at catch see you in six weeks

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