Kraftwerk K9 German Shepherd puppy basic foundation obedience training lesson

Again front position Anticipation and then we're having the dog go back into the heel position for the reward sitting at the handlers the left side the heel position again The dog should remain at the left side of the handler to To be rewarded this behavior will stay with the dog The full life of the dog because this behavior shaped at a young age Anticipation of reward reward Back to the heel position Following the hand means following the handler being attentive Perfect look at that Awesome beautiful anticipation Reward This is the way young dogs Should be motivated So whenever they do get a correction they know what they can do to avoid that correction And here you see continuously a desire to be with the handler good excellent job very very good Awesome continuous behavior Repetitive behavior That is very consistent when I handler is consistent Time in and time out then the dog can only show consistent behavior So you have the basic fundamentals firmly In the dog's memory banks By the time he's four months old This would always now stay with him this behavior is the one, That he would always revert to if he ever became under stress.

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He will go to his foundation which is clearly Shown here.

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