Labrador Puppy Training Day 1st || Training Session For Beginners in Hindi | RONNIE THE LABRADOR DOG

He is Ronnie we have started his training This is Day 1 of the series New videos will come on a 1-day gap So, let's start the training Ronnie boy On the first day before starting training We have to keep in mind give your dog a name first and start with a leash he is 3 months old already you can start using a leash we came outside just because his vaccinations are already completed so we are in this park Right now he doesn't know anything like if you sit he will jump on you you also face these issues So, how to solve all this we will discuss everything in this series till the end I will cover everything First of all Leash him up Leash habit is necessary If they are comfortable then use coller at home first with time they will be used to it You can bring him to a park First, take small treats as their snack Dog biscuits you can use Good boy !! Take this, Eat this Set a word like that Take it, Eat eat if he eats then praise him Good, keep it up Always remember to use some fixed words in starting No need to train to sit so quickly Sit you can but just after some sessions

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