Larry Krohn interviewing Dog Trainer Dave Kroyer part 1

Forgot to do that and then not everyone gets to see it and then everyone hates my guts. So let me see here there we are edit privacy public booyah booyah We're on there. Excellent okay. So we're live. We'll give people a few. What are you drinking there? Dave Um I am drinking a nice clean summer ale Victoria uh he likes the bear I love Mexican beer. Yeah. it's a real clean refreshing.

Nothing crazy um it's down there. I mean it's like you know our premier beer down there here. It's just kind of a normal beer, but yeah, Victoria Great beer. Yeah I love uh. I love everything. Hey Terry what's going on buddy? Um I love everything. Mexican love it. I love uh you know I spent 4 years on the southwest border when I started my career um recently, I was down there in Las Cruces for 45 days last year, I was following you and you were eating everything. Oh, I love it. Dave. It's easy to do. it's easy to do man I love Texas. I absolutely I am a Texan by heart man. you know. Alright. We got a lot of people signing on. I don't know if you can see the comments I know I don't get to I kinda sucks. I know there's something you could hit. I don't know what it is, but as we go along, I'll pop up the questions and stuff you're gonna have a lot of people on here.

You know people are just like me. I'm a big. Fan of what you do, I absolutely am crazy about everything you I think you're one of the most important people in dog training because you do so much. I don't know how you find the time to do as much as you do and you're honest, you're straight up and you don't ??? people you know, but you're you're you're the same way you're the same way and you know I always uh whatever your name comes up.

Uh I call you the hardest working man in dog business because. I mean, as far as yeah, maybe when you're not on social media, you're doing nothing but for God for you are a busy man uh well, you know what I am and here's the good thing for me I've been doing both the federal agent job and dog training both full time for a really long time. I'm exhausted, but as of February 12, I am retired from the government and I am a happy man and I am wonderful. Congratulations Thank you. I can't wait. Hopefully I don't die. That I don't wanna jinx myself, you know but um yeah I wanna get back to training my own dogs. Okay before we get started, we got like over 100 people already watching and I figured I apologize that I don't get to see names and say hi, but hi to everyone all over the world. I know people are watching from down under New Zealand, Australia everywhere in Europe, and of course everybody uh here in the states so I don't get to see your name.

And give a shout out, but thanks for being here tonight um within a couple of hours, there will be a few thousand people that see this okay. I'm not going to ask you to introduce yourself because I think if you train dogs and and you don't know who are, you don't deserve to be on here right now you're on so get off get off and go look at something else Um the other thing is. I can't understand you provide the best bargain in dog training your channel your your subscription that I am a customer of I pay my $10 a month to be one of your gold subscribers as far as I'm concerned, it's the best bargain in dog training and we don't if we don't get 500 people to sign up with that tonight.

I think we fail honestly, Dave and what you did for me. We talked a little bit before we came on, but this is gonna be about you tonight and I'm gonna give it to you here in a minute I don't get to train. My own Dogs II, just don't I don't have. I don't have time I sleep very little and I stay busy, you know because I have active kids. I have a family and I'm never going to push my family aside so between clients and work, I don't get to train my own dogs when I became a subscriber of your channel, It gave me that little bit of fire.

Hey bill to get back to working with my dogs, a little and what I appreciate. About what you do so much first of all you do everything. I don't know how you find you must have a very patient wife because you she's out in the back with the horses and goats. I don't even see her. You know, and you don't only do everything but you do everything and a world-class level and I don't know if people understand what it takes to be there. I know what it takes to be there and it's mind blowing to me. Okay but at the same time the way you train is what I love so much It is so simple. It is so basic and you push the basic fundamentals without a ton of punishment in such. A highway I hope more people start to see what you can do with. you know you listen, you're training really high drive dog your own dog is a beast right and he got.

He got me the other day on my thumb right here. I stole that I saw that no big deal but um yeah, but but but yet the quicker is your best friend. You're you're very honest about punishment you use it but because you're a world-class trainer, you're not using a ton of punishment. I thought that. Videos you did on the e collar stuff was absolutely fantastic, you know and I think it was much needed from someone like you to talk about that stuff and I hope I hope some of the big names out there, You know that do what you do kind of in the working dog side start promoting and talking about that stuff more often because we need it, You know we we we we We need people like you to be honest about it.

You talked about how you teach it, which was fantastic wasn't much different than what I do, but I think more importantly. You talked about the punishment side of things, which was totally honest and completely appropriate, and I thought that was you know, I thought that was really fantastic So yeah, no. thank you. Thank you for doing that. it took me took me many years and thinking how do I do this when's the right time? you know, I mean it was never a secret. Do I use you know positive punishment in my training or corrections? Whatever the word is you wanna use it was how am I gonna.

Up put it out there right, so I just woke up 1 day and said Hell, I'm gonna go for it. I'll do a blog First. I'll do a live uh Facebook live kinda prep everybody um and I gave what I could give you know people wanna know how I use it. I can't. I don't know how I like right. I use it a lot of different ways and since I did that video with Hector who got conditioned to the collar in those videos. I'm trying to think of it did I have he wears it everyday. It's live everyday I may have used it in a little bit of healing for a little bit of command amplification, which the left turns and that's it.

You know that II don't I don't need to punish him a lot. I mean he wants to be there working. I mean everyone sees the dog the dog and watch the work and um you know if you make a mistake, it's normally a communication or lack of understanding and so but it was I'm glad you're. I'm gonna probably do some more videos on that type of stuff whether it's prong collar or whatever in the future, but I always have to think how I'm gonna approach it because you know very well once we start talking about it.

We're the bad guys. Yeah sure well. Listen II just got done with the private lesson right before we started this and I did it outside of a dog park. You know working with an awesome lady with her dog and you and you know in that intermittent phase of working with the e collar, but I think out of the hour I think we did 5 minutes. E-collar work you know before I make her put it in a way and the one thing that I wanted to stress in the video and I literally just posted it.

You know we kinda set the dog up to fail, sending the dog away to her to hit a place board you know and then and then kinda teasing the dog to make the dog break it, but I wanted to make sure people saw we're not punishing that you know, I'm allowing the dog to make the mistake I don't want the dog ever to be scared to make a mistake right, you know and we stop. Dog and say no no no Luna. This is what we want you to do and it took one repetition for the dog to catch on and I wanted to show people that because so many of these young trainers in the pet dog world that use the e collar right away what they would have done because they follow other trainers is blast the dog with the e collar.

That's right and you destroy the relationship and the trust the second you do that you know and so you know I've been screaming this from the mountain tops for years, but like I told you earlier, I'm a nobody. I'm I'm nobody I have. To show for it, some people are going to believe me others aren't, but there is nothing that you don't do in the dog world. so for you to step up and start talking about that. I was like, Oh man.

Thank God. I appreciate it so much $10 for your freaking channel. I don't understand why every dog trainer out there is not I pay my $10. I'm a student. I'm I'm I am a lifelong student and what I tell all the pet dog trainers that I work with that thing I. Everything I tell them if I had to estimate I think I know somewhere between five and 10% of what there is to know in dog training and if I do this for the next twenty or 30 years, God willing that I live that long.

Hopefully I get to 5060 percent of knowing as much as I can about this incredible animal, you know and uh like I said, you're just one of the guys that are putting stuff out there that I need people to focus on pet dog trainers need to follow extraordinary working do. And you're one of them. Dave so thank you for that. appreciate. Thank you. Thank you know where do you think um and we'll get to the questions here in a second um. You're big in the IP world. Okay. That's that's where I first knew you from. I think I first saw you in person uh when did you compete in bowling Green was that 2015? Oh God I've been to bowling green over the last 20 years They have championships there all the time. Yeah. I think it was the AWF in 2015, probably fifteen I think the last time that they had it there. Yeah.

I loved I. Watching it II watched what you did there, you know and I'm just like I said. I'm a I'm a big fan of that stuff. What dog did you have for two uh 2015? I was at the 2000 uh fifteen eight uh I'm trying to think what year that world camp I either had a dog named Anton or I think named Arch, I think with Anton, I thought it was Anton if I'm not mistaken, you know, but it was great to watch you know and now you have Hector how old was Hector when you got him he was um 8 months old.

I got him around December 12 of 2019 at 8 months old. Yeah okay. So. One at your level Dave that competes to win a world championship cuz I'm assuming that your goal every time you start working with the new dog. Okay, you're you're okay. That's you know so I have beautiful you get Hector. He's eight or 9 months old whatever he is the first 2 weeks 3 weeks to a month. What are you doing with Hector? uh before we? I tell you that I hector's full name is Hector Bob Market House and I wanna thank Amanda Holman, who is the breeder of him um from market house kettles who gave me the opportunity to work with him because at that moment I had not I had no ip God um you know I do friends ring. I have my ma. I who I was actively competing with and I was taking a small short hiatus from IP and I always. When I try to find a dog, it never works, but what I sit back and wait for one to fall out of a tree they fall into my lap and that's what happened with every dog that I've competed with.

So I wanna thank Amanda uh for giving me the opportunity to work with Hector so Hector when I got him 8 months old, the question was when I get him. what's the first thing that I do. Yes, That was it so um. I spend a lot of time whether it's a puppy or young dog and Hector didn't really know anything he was brought up very well with Amanda. She did great, You know for lack of better words, socializing and he didn't really need thrive building he had drive um but I teach the dogs. how to learn. I teach him how to be an active thinker. How to be an active participant in the training. Um you Know II try to teach them the contract between uh the reinforced and behavior and that whole thing and reward and how to play with toys. I don't do what everybody thinks and you know a lot of people when they get a dog for it. They're like Oh, I gotta sit down stand plot retrieve the first many months of just teaching the dog.

How to learn through a lot of different games and how to be sure. Love that if that makes any sense for some people, it might not make sense, but um you know, I'm also creating a little bit of a lab rat too. Well here. Here's here's the thing they need for some people. it won't make sense because a lot of people don't understand the process of teaching the dog to learn Okay And so when I take a board and train here, pet dog Okay, we're talking pet dog comes into me. I keep it for a minimum of a month I spend the. Few days doing absolutely nothing except spending time with the dog he starts to understand that I'm the greatest thing in the world.

He needs me. okay. Right? what I tell people is when they're done with a month to 5 weeks to 6 weeks, and I give it back to the owner. That's just the beginning The only thing I did was teach the dog. How to learn and lay a foundation with the basics. That's it the real work start. When I passed the dog off to the owner and I start the owner education because without it, I have nothing right in the pet dog world. I have nothing if I can't educate the owners to uh you know a fairly high level how not only to keep the process going but to increase it and make it better So with you saying you teach the dog how to learn, I think it's one of the most important things that people overlook and don't pay. Alright Day we'll be right back on guys. sorry about that. Alright guys. I'm gonna hopefully here he comes he'll be back in here in a second there back there. We are alright there. you are made me nervous, I just had to tell my I just had to tell my little boy he had to get offline.

We have to save the WiFi. I don't know if that make difference, but I but I think it does you know but yeah teaching the dog to learn and what's the first aspect. He's your IP Do what's the first thing you're focusing on with him after he starts to understand how to learn how do you feed the dog? Dave on. Leds Yeah. That's a great question because apparently it's kind of what I think is very simple. People still have a hard time grasping but the first thing that I work on with the dog or keeps a dog and it's not just for it If I have a dog, not only a performance dog and remember I do many different.

I do fracturing um IJ obedience nose work whatever detection work. Uh you know I spent a life doing police dogs and all that I teach the. How to target something and that something is a table so very simply the dog learns how in a camera to get up on a table get a bridge secondary reinforcement, which for me is a click and come back to me for a reward The dog moves away from me and the God knows that I have the reward does the behavior away from me gets uh a secondary reinforcement and comes back to me for reward and I wanna teach the. To do that with no command so just uh it's just e lab rat. you know it's a lab rat indicate hitting the lever getting a piece of cheese or cocaine or whatever wraps get that type of thing and that way the dog immediately learning it can be in charge of its own destiny and so learning the contact between behavior secondary reinforcement and reward um.

Is learning how to learn and be active and the funny thing is they've. I do the same exact thing with pet dogs with minimal drive right. I do the same thing with them too with minimal drive and it brings out the best in the dog you know and instead of suppressing the dog, the pet dog world. that's what a lot of people are used to doing you know what I try to tell these pet dog trainers that I work with if you can treat every single pet. You get like a working dog if you can get the dog to bite, get it to bite, you know if you can get it to play, get it to play if you can get to go away from you to get a reward, do it. And that's why I think it's so important for these pet dog trainers to work with people like you and other phenomenal people, you know, I said the same thing when I had Wallace on here, Wallace pay you know I just it's really important for me.

You know I want to push the pet dog people in that direction. In your direction in the direction of Wallace and Ivan and Tobias and all these working dog, people and Bart, they're going to learn a lot more than they could ever expect just to working on your you know the so-called pet dog world stuff and you know so when people ask me, why are you getting that dog to look like that? you know? well? I'm not treating it like a pet dog. I'm treating it like a working dog and I'm just trying to bring out the best of every dog you know every single dog. It doesn't mean it's going to look like my m, you know right like we're not trying to get it to, but we're just trying to open the You know the panel for some fun, some learning and one interesting thing is uh you know I even though my whole career I've done performance dogs and service dogs, and that type of thing you know for years, my my bread and butter was companion dogs.

We still do that here. I don't really do a lot of it. My trainer does for my wife um does but. About this every time or most of the time 99% of the time when you deal with somebody with their companion dog, they're coming to you with the bad things that the dog does right that's right and and I always wanna say you know what okay tell me about something good, it does tell me if I have good things that it does and let's try to turn this around and you know I know it. It's maybe a reactive and I know it does that and I know it does that but have you ever really thought of like rewarding and giving a huge reward? For the good things and he never really thought this is the bad ??? the bad ??? the bad ??? Yeah. No, I love that I love that. and that's that working dog mentality. So Nick is asking you um Dave you may want to go into more detail on the clicker so that dog comes to you uh do you just load the clicker or do you move yourself away in order for the dog to break position to come to you initially speaking uh.

You know it's uh I get that question a lot. Let me talk about loading the clicker. seriously. It's it's a bridge. It's a secondary reinforced. you know you could use a word you could use a verbal. I prefer a clicker you can use different audible sounds uh marine trainers use whistles stuff like that. but the clicker or any bridge means nothing to the animal until it's paired with something right.

So we used to think well we. Load the clicker so look if you can't sit there and go, play food food food after 3040 Times the dog will understand it. Here's the click and it receives food but honestly I just start like doing that uh targeting to the table and they learn what the clicker is literally in. you know 1 minute so I'm not doing an actual loading of the clicker. I'm starting my training and the dog learns the clicker as we go so I know that was part of it. But what was the other part? uh he was asking about Loading the clicker.

Yeah. I think that was the gist of the It's funny. You say that because I know a lot of people will say they don't name something until the dogs doing it really well um I've played around with different things. I'm always experimenting and on my end. What I've what I've learned is if you start naming it rattle right away before it's perfect.

the dog still learns it. You know they're gonna learn that it doesn't make much of doesn't make much of a difference you know so was I. GP the first dog sport you got into is that what brought you in no actually uh agility. No kidding. Yeah, I had a little um uh border collie mix and I was competing at a fairly high level of agility and um you know II wanted to do II uh. I didn't have a dog and then when I ended up getting a dog and I was competing in agility and anyone that does high-level agility like to be able to go to nas and world championships. You are competing every weekend. Sure every weekend you're competing to get enough points and this and that and uh I was just like I don't wanna keep doing this every weekend. You know I just like I like doing it, but there's other stuff that I like to do um you know have.

Travel every single weekend for an agility trial and I have to be honest the agility crowd wasn't really my crowd right, so I'm sitting there you know of on the road for a weekend by myself in a culture that I just didn't. It wasn't really fun for me um so when I got my first I dog, I kinda let the thing go to the wayside and went and went nuts with and those days called.

Or I who was your first and dog uh my first uh bad from Kennels here in Texas um uh dog bread and trained in the United States. It might have been one of the first uh bread and cream from a puppy in the United States to go to a world championship from America. It may have been one of the first yeah and that was in 2000 um I look on my wall. 2000. 2001 I believe either in Slovenia or maybe 2002 in Italy, he had a good two to 3 year run went to two or three world championships in a row. My first GP dog, No kidding, so you took your first IG p dog to a world championship.

Yup. that's ??? insane. That's that that's on. That's unbelievable like but you know I had uh I had a good support crew. you know where I worked, We had a good solid club. We were all super hungry, You know when I moved here to. Huddle uh I have to be honest. Austin is a very cool town to live in, but when I moved here and opened up help open up this company huddle was only 568 hundred people right. It was a tiny small town so there wasn't fit to do here. We're just train and train and training getting this big huge uh company business running and we had our dog support club. so you know some very good friends of mine that some of you may know Rob Dunn uh and Jesse Dunn, who uh have a facility dog works. Academy down the road We all work together.

We had a club and we're all training at high level and um that was that when your first dog is that who you were training with your first dog, yeah that club there's the club still I'm still in that club Lone star ships and club. Yeah, I heard you mention, I was listening to one of your podcast the other day and I heard you talking about them. You had the uh the woman on I forget her guys $10 a if you don't subscribe to Dave's Channel your. ??? if you train Lutheran, I'm very successful on the business end of things with dog training, I do okay I pay $10 a a month to be a That's what I think of this guy right here. Okay. And if you're not you're an absolute ??? it's he's a wealth of knowledge and it's the best $10 you can spend in dog training period It's you could definitely Jack up the price.

Dave and do real well. I really don't want to I don't want Yeah and and I. Think it's absolutely insane that you know you have to you have to have to have to subscribe to Dave. I love it. I'm very excited to pay my $10 a month so Larry II get real humbled when you talk about the website cuz for me, you know that was a very organic creation. I creation. I wanna talk a bit if you don't mind about it. This is your show. Dave you go ahead buddy. So you know as a dog trainer and God created so we're educators right we we're educators with whatever we do and um you know midpoint through my career, I was um I was asked to do some DVDs a DVD series on what I do and um I hooked up and went under contract with a production company and we did a series of Dvd's and you can still find them out there and they're great.

They're they want tons of awards for production. They're incredibly beautifully produced the thing I. Like about them if we had a plan to do a number of series and it was kind of never ending because of all the stuff I do, you know from those where to ring to blah blah blah but. We weren't moving quick enough and what I was finding if my training is always evolving and it was a very weird um eerie feeling to know okay we completed a DD the information on that is now debt. It has no more life in it is not breathing and I you know I come from uh I was a musician before I was a dog trainer uh and I. Feel like when that DD was sitting there dead and my training was still evolving. I'm like that don't feel right, You know not that there was anything wrong with the DD, but I'm like well that was last week or that was last month That was last year and I've involved and moved and even though it was still relevant.

Hey, I've got a new way to do something you can even watch some of those dvd's you can see how long in between like part one and part two cuz in one of them I. Thirty to forty pounds, heavier you fat ??? Yeah, so you know and then like so and what the early ones I was like 199 200, then in the later ones I was like you know 160 150, so I I was II, don't like it because my training has to breathe. it has to live right and I kept thinking how could I do this? How can I do this? How can I do this? I'm like I'm gonna do a website an instructional website.

It'll be like Netflix and what I wanna be able to do is give people ideas because. There's no fit or IP step 12345 that don't exist even though there are books, I could name some and I could do a book like that also, but it's not reality. It's idea that I wanna teach people how to understand applied behavior. how to understand learning theory and they give you ideas because there's a million ways to do something and the honest to God truth what I did yesterday with Hector, I may have the new improved way tomorrow and I wanna give. That to you right sure, I want you to see it and go. Yeah, I twisted that I twisted that I twisted that and this what we came up with so when when you say you know the website is really cool and all the praise it really makes me feel good.

It makes me feel probably better than this office full of trophies because I wanted to communicate with people now, I know it's overwhelming the website and people are always like where do I start and I'm like it's a security man to start exploring. It's a journey. you know it's a daily grind. A marathon, It's not a sprint, so thank you again for you know, giving me praise because I love it. It's moving. It's growing. It's breathing. You know it's a living thing that the information and it makes me feel good.


Well. I tell you why Dave my dogs my own dogs heal very nicely. Okay. They they heal really nicely I don't work them. I don't train them when I went to your channel and signed up. I went back to the click. Which I love working the Clicker II. it's it's fun. I really do. All of all of my dogs that I do healing with God better instantly because I went even though I preach the basics constantly to everyone. I really went back to the basics with your stuff and I stopped moving forward and I waited till I got all the positions perfect without moving because of your stuff.

II really did and so the best thing about your stuff was the kick in the ??? that gave me even though I preached the basics, I went back even further. That I thought I had to and I really enjoyed it and my dogs grew from it. They really did mango my young female. you know she's just a cool family dog Her healing got so much better even though it was good, It got so much better because I stopped moving forward if that makes any sense. Yeah. absolutely it does and I mean it was literally straight because of your videos Her friend got better The. Method you use with the corner. I don't do that I never did. I do a lot of worrying, but I've never used that very uncomfortable position with using the corner and it sucks for her at first. she was like Whoa. This is weird. it sucks it she's my god. He hate it, but you have to I saw the first day I was doing it with Hector on the Facebook page. I wanted everybody to realize look Hector hated it too, but 3 days later, Yeah ready to the freaking corner man you know same.

With mine and as soon as I took her out of the corner and made everything a little better and for me um. I don't know how I've ever gotten a voice in this industry where people trust me and I've gotten a little bit popularity, but it's never been about the money or selling anything. I truly love the art of dog training. I really do. I absolutely love it and so when I see something whether I do it on my own or I see it from somebody else I'm going to share it, you know and that's what your channel provided. I absolutely loved it and because of that.

Definitely made all of my dogs better even though I very rarely get to work with them and when I see somebody and when I see the young trainer following someone you know, I talk to someone the other day pet dog trainer Great guy doing a good job working real hard is his heart is in the right place. But I saw what he was was doing wasn't very and it wasn't because he had bad intentions. It was literally just because he was following the wrong person you know and that's yeah and that's because of social media. That's what this has come and if you follow the wrong person, even though your intentions are fantastic and you think what you're doing is good, Sometimes it not all.

It's not always that good and. Rarely I'll speak up and say anything I just keep to myself. I've learned mind your business worry about yourself but if I know someone truly has a good heart and wants to get better, I may send them a private message and say listen I know you you think you're doing a great job here and your hearts in the right place, but uh I don't tell them. Hey. follow me. I don't do that. Never, I say I say. Follow Ivan. Follow Dave Follow Barone Follow Toby is all I'd send them to people that are succeeding in the work.

Dog world Does that make sense? Oh. 0% 100%. I wanna one other thing about the website like I know it's very performance oriented right and a lot of people um from the companion side the pet training side they go well. There's nothing there for me and I'm like no there is there really is even if you just listen to the lectures I applied behavior the stuff about three stages of uh learning and ways to shape behavior blah blah blah and. III got videos on how to teach a dog to sit down. I mean, II know you don't need a perfect concert, Tina down or a tuck sit, but it's still a sit down and I you know I realized I and I may do this in the future. Hell I may even a fight over by you and we do something together. I've not really talked about reactive aggression right and we know that tonight. I don't know how much you get that.

Listen. that's ninety. 90% of. Is half the time even if its stupidity at reactive parking when they're out with unleashed the reason I don't talk about it. Absolutely it forces me. I don't find it like it's it's not. It's not this crazy mystical unicorn. Why is it happening? Listen who cares why it's happening. It's happening. You know the dog and we can this is how we can get around it. um I don't have anything on the site about that people beg. To and maybe I will in the future, but there's a lot there for even a companion dog owner Plus I've got all those um my top ten potty training videos Well, my top ten uh ten potty training tips.

It is an awesome video. There's some funny humor to it. You know I've got teacher dog to go to place. teach your dog. come one call teach your dog to go in a crate. Those are all free videos. I give out to the public free and there's a walk so I do. Even if you're not in the performance, dog world that there's something there for you and that's a free 7 day trial. Check it out. man. You know why not well, you said something the other day. Dave I don't know if someone ask you directly or you were speaking on a group, I don't remember, but you are 100% right um and this is what I deal with on a daily basis and I dealt with uh an hour ago the reactivity basically what you said is listen. That's a relationship problem. Right and and I couldn't agree with that more and II literally posted a video of a private lesson outside of a dog park an hour and a half ago where I kind of address that and talk about that because it's something I see on a daily basis.

Yup okay and people always want to turn to punishment. I don't do a lot of punishing dog training. I'm not a purely positive trainer but I don't do. Out of punishing right and when I find myself with the specific dog that maybe I will test the waters with some punishment, it never works out. well. I mean it never ever works out. Well, you know and so when you say it's only working dog people that you know that II totally uh don't go nowhere. Dave there you are it was a phone call. Okay, gotcha. Yeah. it's it's it's really important that people understand that. You're there, they've come on Dave. Come back to me. You got too many people on here for you to leave. Sorry guys. Dave is in is in Hutto Texas. I don't know how much activity we have there, but he'll be back on the second um and we'll get to some of your questions here on the original post. I'm gonna go to it right now and find it cuz we have too many people on here not to answer the questions that you ask.

Dave, You know this is a this is a good time to ask him questions. I'm gonna pull it up right now um alright here we are I'm calling the questions up newest. Uh let's go to him, he'll be back on here guys. give him a second okay. Alright, we'll start from here first question we had for Dave He'll be back here in a second he'll come on there. He is he's coming in there. You are alright, okay. Judy Judy has you no you're fine How about setting appropriate expectations goals for young puppies Just basics I manners basic obedience, maintaining the sitter down for how much time 13 week old English.

Shepherd in my case, Thank you okay, I have zero expectations. None I love that I hope they can maybe hold their bladder and not poop in the crate for two to 3 hours if possible, um other than that, I have zero expectations. I don't even like we just talk about maybe 15 minutes ago, I wanna teach the puppy how to learn and they are not in an environment I could control the environment so they could never do. No wrong, they can never get into trouble. That's the most important thing right there avoid the problems don't let them get into the problems Pet dog World working dog world don't give them the opportunity to get into the problems where you have to fix the bad behaviors right, you know that we're talking about what a thirteen year-old was it? thirteen. Yeah. Yeah. That's it talking about 6 days and down days. That's it II. Don't we're taught I do 6 days and down days when the dog is like.

For me now, listen if it's a client coming me with a sick, we may work on it, but I have no expectations and tell the dogs like 12 months old. That's it they can go to the place and hang out for a minute or two but a 13 week I hope they eat and live another day and poop and pee. That's why that's it. That's it and like to play. Yeah. Okay my buddy your expectations my Terry McCormick, who breed some nice German shepherds up there in Massachusetts, he says. Dave. What are your thoughts on over? Glorification of trainers under serving by professional training organizations, mainly speaking of inexperience, trainers and trainers that have been over glorified by these organizations for a long time um help me with that. Larry.

What organizations are we speaking of like we don't have to say names, but yeah he he's not mentioning any um knowing Terry. Terry Is a lot like you, He has very high expectations. He's uh has very um high character in the dog world He breeds absolutely incredible dogs incredible shepherds. I had I've been fortunate enough to have one of them here a lot and I love what he does, but he's pretty much old school and has a lot of character when it comes to putting people on a pedestal, you know know and I don't know what. He's he's talking about. I think it's probably just putting people in a place of authority that shouldn't be and maybe do a little harm to the industry on both sides that dog and working dog side. Yeah, I mean, Oh there's always harm to that right.

I mean sure not only forget. organizations social media you can now be a professor you could you could have a bet if you could have a better. listen, I don't do. Instagram a lot I have I have Instagram. I mean, yeah. um I've got maybe three 4000 followers. I'm not I put more of my mountain bike stuff on it than times and stuff, but I can't keep up with some of these young kids 2030 4050 100000 followers. I'm going wait who is this person? Yeah, like no clue what it is, but they're the new next thing in dog training right now they're on Instagram every you know social media is more dangerous than organizations for it. I mean you you know that is. As I do that or you could have a very strong social media presence and being valuable like you are or you can have a very very uh strong social media presence and be garbage right.

Yeah. It's the blind lady in the blind sometimes and and that's part of the dangers of it so at anytime there's a trainer over glorified from an organization or social media because you know you say, I'm the new king and everybody goes. Yes, sir, you're the new king um. Google is a real nice tool, Google and name you see what comes up um people forget about that. you know someone wants to boast themselves as a great trainer. All you gotta do is Google their name. I mean II mean you Google your name. You have a lot of stuff that comes up you Google my name you got about fifty pages of ??? that come. In the middle of this there we go, you know you Know, II talked to a lot of young Hey, Where'd you go what happened.

He'll be be back hang on there. don't be impatient. It'll be back, give him a second. I love this. I'm a big fan of Dave like I am a true fan of Dave Cryer guys. Please go check out his page $10 a month. I think it's free for 7 days You won't leave it. You know this guy is great. He's he's a phenomenal dog trainer. He really is a wealth of knowledge and well worth the $10 of $10 a month. Happy Friday everyone there. He is, but one of these and I told that person stop calling me there. You are. you're you're you're you're you're you're uh you're back. you're back on. I had a good question for you and I totally forgot Cathy Waller says. How do you think your agility background complimentary your IP work? Uh forget how did a compliment? maybe my uh R sport work because if you are if you've ever seen or the jumps are extreme, absolutely extreme, they make the IP stuff look like child's play so uh it had doing agility had a huge influence on me and obviously jumping uh teaching how to jump and the use of.

Body pressure and handling at a distance that was another huge thing, especially dealing with hurting guns because dealing with border collies and even us grilling shepherds those type of dogs they respond to body pressure at a distance and understanding how that work helped me a lot with the training and handling with these dogs and these other sports at a distance. Alright. Dave This is a question for me. You have an. Opportunity to go to a world Championship IP Okay you have to pick one dog to go in there you go with the German shepherd or AM. Uh what what world Championship am I going to IG world Championship? Okay there's few of them though, because there's a German shepherd world championship, I mean I would I've been to the FC, which is Aubrey and I've been to the Usb, which is the German shepherd in my in my heart.

It's the Usb III kind of assumed you would say that II kinda thought you would. That um because I'm a German shepherd guy, even though I have melon. But what do you? what do you like better about the shepherd and the? Man there's not nothing I own them. Both. I do both sports with you know I do ring with my do it with my shepherd.

My goal is always to go to the SV the German Shepherd world Championship I've I've always had shepherds. I grew up with them like I don't know if you ever grew up with a breeder. Yeah, they weren't even working dogs that I grew up with so I've always got that in my heart, you know like you know from an IP standpoint, it's kind of it was originally a separate sport right in. Yeah. If we trace it back to the Usb, that being said, I mean, I would try it. I will not answer that question, which one's better at shepherd. Alright. I'm gonna put you on the spot here I will go to the WSB World Kirby World Championship. I'm gonna put you on the spot here you're a breeder either. A German shepherd Okay you have the best dog you ever.

What is that? You're a breeder all-out, Larry What happened I everything I can you hear me right now. Yeah. I hear you fine. Yeah. everything was breaking up for about a minute so I missed your whole last question. I don't know if it was self service or whatever. alright. so you're a breeder German shepherd who doesn't matter you can't train the dog you have to give it to one trainer to go to a world championship who's the trainer you're picking. That's a tough one, Are we talking about the search IP world champion Yes that's putting you on spot. Here's the here's the problem because there's three phases and I there's people that I like in each phase, okay tracking give me the tracking trainer. um a big influence in being AI think there's two. There's two for that. I mean, do give two uh wallet pain and for tracking night.

Underrated trainer of the young people have no idea who he is, they should should know he is. He doesn't do social media keeps to himself and one of the most brilliant entertainers you've ever seen so keep for. I tell you what I've reached out to T Floyd to come on here and I haven't heard back from you may not man you might not like maybe maybe I'll give him a little push. I am still here so do not hang up. I'm here I'm here. Alright. Okay.

We're not finishing. We're not ending we may end with this question, but I'm gonna keep going. alright. So listen, I read I reached out to Floyd to come on here. I haven't heard back so I love that you, said T Floyd cuz I've heard nothing but great things nothing. I'm gonna send him a message. I'm dear Friends with him and his family and say hey man Larry Straight up guy do it, but I don't even know if you've ever done something like this. I love it. III just. I'd love that answer I love while listen to Floyd Okay, obedience Um I I've I wanna say Terry Arnold, who was a big influence in me and obedience early on who does nothing to do with um IP substance.

He's an AC woman Big influence 20 years ago on me, but now my answer is Bridget Carlson I love that I love Bridget. I love you obedient. Yeah, I love watching her man. my goodness, okay. Perfect. Oh man protection um I don't know I protection um it depends because there's new schools and old school ways of training everything uh one of my favorite you know what I'm gonna throw it out there uh a German judge, retired judge friend of mine Elmar man only the old IP guys will know who he is wonderful man um taught me a lot about protect your work um trained a lot.

Strong dogs in the state so uh not even from America. they're old German guy Elmar give me one more from America from Oh, I gotta give an American ??? son of a gun uh okay. Let me think here um and you know it's not hard for me because there are none. It's hard for me because there's so many just no.

Yeah exactly I get it uh protection you know what my. Helper Chris Oakland It's my own helper who works my job when I'm not working them. Chris Oakland there you go. What do you feed your dogs when they're when they're not training using their bill? Jack um they are on origin with the daily goodies that I put in it which would be um vertex, which is a supplement you can get knine vertex power boost, and then maybe an egg from my chickens out back um maybe a little coconut oil.

Maybe a little whatever. Kids yogurt, whatever I got laying around for the special of the day. What's the biggest mistake pet dog trainers, pet dog trainers are making today because of social media, Mostly I well for what I don't believe they're educating the client like you do. That's one thing man like I like reading your little post and your memes and stuff because you always say ??? that I'm like why did I never say that to a client? you know, it's like that gets to hit home with me.

Jesus Christ am I that I and I.. That is perfect, they're not educating the client. The dogs are freaking easy. Don't try to sell a 1 week board and train you're gonna fix everything educate the client once you educate the client, Everything else will come very easy. I love that and thank you. Dave IIII appreciate that uh a great deal um so you started roughly 20 years ago right twenty 22 years ago, What's the biggest difference between then and now? And um and training or in like yeah um I the trainings evolve that I get the training is absolutely evolved.

I think when I look back um I was probably one of the first working dog guys in the it world to be using a clicker right around the time. Michael and Ivan were coming on the scene. Oh no they they were. I've always been on the scene. Michael was never really a big, a big competitor, but it was probably the early two. Where we were kinda doing this boost of more progressive type training, but it see it's not progressive. It's exactly what you know, Skinner and everybody was doing back. then we were just applying you know a more modern approach to the training as the rules in the dog part. we're getting better We had to get better sure you know I could almost go through a history of you know the rules and what it used to look like and stuff like that.

So okay, they said. We don't wanna see no pressure well we better figure out. A way where the dog is not showing pressure, but reliable right um we don't want this. We don't want that made our training get better We had to it wasn't a choice right. We're like well we if I wanna be then I've gotta do this or if I wanna be Wallace if I wanna be t, I've gotta progress my training right it never it could never end and I think that's something that was thank God that God's kinda change. They brought that. so yeah. The whole look of the everything and training is. Will Carly will wants to know what made you what made you wanna become Where did you go? Dave? What are you doing? What are you doing? Come on back Dave Come on back Come on back.

Alright Day. We'll be right back on guys. Okay. That's a bad thing with these lives depends where you live. how good the service is, but guys I can't stress to you enough. I'm a fan of daves like I think he is, you know it's the top of the world top of the dog training world That's who I want to strive to be $10 a month. Get on his channel, you won't be disappointed. I promise you won't be disappointed. I'm a student of dog training and I'm telling you you won't be disappointed here. he is he's coming back on He's coming back on. Alright. Dave I was promoting you while you were gone. Larry I am here. alright Will Corley want to know what made you wanna become a dog trainer Dave. What made you wanna become a dog trainer? I'm here.

I'm here last time I had to tell that freaking person to stop calling me what made you wanna become a dog trainer Will Carly ask you that um what made me wanna become a trainer? Well, I grew up with dogs, You know, which a lot of us probably did sure um and believe it or not I was in a very lucrative career. prior to this I was in the music industry. Um I went to school for music um up. Probably 1997, I was a professional musician playing in uh a studio musician doing commercials television movies played with some very major bands um side projects and stuff like that, and you know one morning. I just woke up so I want to change careers and I didn't know how to do anything else and I said, I guess let me be a dog trainer. I kinda like that. and that's what happened. Okay. Adam. Me to ask you about your music career.

What did you play? What did you do how the hell did you get into that? Uh Larry Can you hear me? Okay just give me a thumbs up cuz you're up? Okay? Yeah. um I was a drummer percussionist. um I that's what I went to college where I I play drums and percussion and drum set um and so I guess was the. How did I get into music? Yeah? Yeah. Oh, hell man. I'm a 1516 Year-old Pimple face teenager What else gets girls right come on.

Who's your favorite band of all time? Not a fair question because I listen to many different uh genres of music, You Know II um have an associates degree in jazz performance Um I love world music. I love americana I love old country so I can't answer. That's like what do you like the German shepherd and what better dude you're killing, you, said. World Music. You know the ??? Kings are oh that. You're breaking up we may have to redo this in another week or two when when I'm on ??? Kings. You hear me okay Can you hear me? Yeah. I hear you fine. I am not hearing you okay. Alright. I hear you you're kinda breaking up like slow motion No that sucks who's some of your favorite musicians. Two of my favorite musicians a few um Carly Parker, how many Carly Parker saxophone player from the um the area back in I believe the 40s um another favorite musician Waylon Jennings Nice uh nice.

Uh we gonna talk about some jazz guy uh now the piano player Herby Hancock uh art Blakey. We go into some other country stuff. David Allen Co, You know I like a lot of outlaw country Willie Nelson Whoa. Whoa hold on right there hold on hold on right there you're talking to a city guy from New Jersey. David Allen Coe literally got me into country music, but I mean everyone should know who came out and is David got me the country music one of my favorite clients of all time is a writer for David.

Out of no kidding, yes mister Gary Gentry, Gary. If you see this, I love you brother, he wrote the ride for David Allen Cole, one of my favorite my favorite songs of all that man dude, you're awesome. I love you. I tell you what DC is getting up there in age, he's not gonna be with us. I have a feeling too much longer. So if you get a check if you get a chance to see him, check him out. man. Listen I've I've country music has been good to me in Nashville I know. 100% really good to me, they have treated me well. I have a lot of clients in the country music industry people that I were complete. Fans of are now clients and friends, and I can't that blows me away that this. to this day. It blows me away. I love it. I absolutely love it. Listen. We're we're a little over an hour. I don't wanna keep you on all night. Dave um I can't thank you enough. I appreciate you.

Thank you. thank you and I apologize for all the tactical stuff like no. It's it's tough kind of way out here in the woods and that type of thing. Listen, there's a few people that I put on a pedestal that I look up to in this industry and you're definitely one of them. You know. I'm not you are one of them and I think you are what this industry needs both working dog and pet dog side of things and that's always my goal to get the petite of people to follow. People like you not me, I want them following people like you. Listen, I follow you right like it's a circle. It's a full circle I appreciate you Dave. I think you're absolutely fantastic. I'm a client. I'm a fan. I'm a student and I hope I hope more people jump on to that and uh this industry is what I love.

I love the art. I love the craft and I think you're one of the best artist we have and I just. More pet dog people to jump on and understand what you are and who you are and what you do and if I could if I can get a few people coming that way $10 a month people if you're not signing up for his page, I have to unfriend you. I have to be here if I have a good day at Starbucks come on. Nah, You're the man, Dave and listen I retire in February, I'm going to be travelling a lot. I got a bunch of seminars lined up already.

I'd love to come. visit you. I'd love to learn from you, You know some good food down in Austin you're talking. That's what I'm talking about. I'd love to learn from you. I might even I've always had the itch to get into IP a little bit and they even pushed that way and you're one of the first people that I will meet with We got find you a. We gotta find you a dog. that's it. that's it. That's it. That's what I'm talking about but uh listen Dave. I can't thank you enough for doing this. Uh I think you'll inspire a lot of people tonight. I really do. Alright. Thank you again. Larry. It's great being here. you got it Brother Peace. Have a good night Good night. Bye.

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