Leash Walking A BEAGLE To Stop Pulling On Leash

Hello dog lover, in this video I will teach you
how to change or improve your beagles leash walk so you can have a healthy and
relaxed walk with your beagle so you can enjoy nature and everything that comes
with it but also stay tuned until the end of
video because I'm gonna share with you some tips that are gonna help you to
improve your dog's leash walk right away today all that and more coming up this week's video is brought to you by Saro dog training online course helping
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Hello dog lover my name is Saro I'm a dog trainer
also coach dog owners welcome to the channel this is your first time make
sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon as well so how are we
going to improve the leash walk of your beagle puppy or beagle adult dog so the
improvement and teaching to properly walk on a loose leash and enjoy and have
fun to walk on a loose leash starts from teaching your beagle puppy from young
age if you have an adult beagle now don't worry I will share some tips that
are going to help you to improve your adult beagle leash walk as well whether
you have a beagle puppy or an adult beagle one of the biggest mistakes and
misunderstandings of dog owners is that you need to walk your dog on a short
leash and your dog needs to walk right by your side and has to walk like a
soldier without doing anything without reacting without responding to anything
in the environment without looking at anything and just walking this is
misunderstanding also it is very important for you to understand that it
is not realistic to walk a dog on a leash like that especially if you have a
beagle method are walking on a short leash and
walking straight is a type of walk that can be gradually taught and eventually
get to the results but you have to slowly teach this technique to your
puppy or your dog and eventually get the results to walk like that you shouldn't
start walking your dog from the puppy or from the beginning using a short leash
and just demand your dog to walk beside you when you do that you're causing a
lot of stress in your dog a lot of stress in you as well one thing that you
have to understand is that your dog your beagle especially is a scent dog.

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Scent dogs
are pronto sniff everything so that is one of the main things that you have to
allow your beagle or your dog to do it if you take away that option of your dog
or your beagle puppy of exploring the environment you will cause a lot of
emotional damage in your beagle puppy or beagle dog and you will cause a lot of
stress in your dog now understanding this one fact we will change everything
that you're going to do with your beagle dog so in the beginning you want to
allow your beagle to walk on a loose leash you want to allow it to do
whatever it wants this is the time that you're building a relationship with your
beagle and you're telling it how life is how life among humans is this is the
time and this is the energy that you're investing in your beagle to teach it
that when you walk with a human human doesn't equal stress human equals
happiness human equals relaxation so allow your puppy to do whatever it wants
in the beginning so it will learn and experience life the way it should be
naturally by sniffing so if you're bigger wants to sniff one
spot for half-an-hour let it do it especially if you have a puppy puppies
want to explore the ward they want to explore and understand what everything
is what is grass what is a paved road what is this route what is this metal
what is this they have to explore and understand and learn what the world is
made of so you need to allow them to explore and experience life on a loose
leash when you do that you're allowing the natural process of life to teach
your puppy how to walk properly on a leash
now if your puppy or if your beagle is really pulling on the leash wherever you
are that means your dog is not ready to be in that environment yet that's
because you have to train your beagle puppy gradually and slowly before
introducing to different environments so they can tolerate and understand how to
deal with that environment so the way you're gonna do that is you're gonna
practice on loose leash indoors inside your living room backyard on here and
then introduce different environment on a loose leash first level of loose leash
walking is a leash that is up to six foot next you're going to start
introducing longer leash up to 35 foot but gradually you're going to start
extending the length of the leash to the point that you get from six foot to 35
foot leash now one thing you have to understand this process will take up to
six months or even a year to get great results the only thing that you have to
do is invest time and effort to train your beagle puppy or your beagle adult
talk now a bonus tip that I have is make sure that before you step out of the
door of your house your beagle puppy or your beagle
is completely relaxed and calm you have to make sure that you can control your
dog before stepping out of the door if you can't control and teach your beagle
to calm down before stepping out how are you supposed to control your dog
outdoors so invest a lot of energy and training in controlling and teaching
your dog to calm down and change its state of mind so it can pay attention to
you and listen to you in a calm environment before you introduce
an environment that is full of distractions and it's more stressful and will cause
your dog to react now if you want to learn more about walking your dog
I suggest you either to take my online training course or watch the following
videos until next time have fun with your dog

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