Lucy Level 2 A Training Level Tests

Sue Ailsby's Training Levels Test Level 2A Sue's Training levels are designed so that several behaviors in each level reinforce each other, as well as building on the previous level. 'Distance' (around) and 'go mat' involve the dog working away from you. Distance: dog goes around a pole from two feet with no more than 2 cues. Lucy does it with only one verbal cue the first time and two (verbal and hand) the second. Go Mat: dog goes to bed from 5 feet away with 2 cues (verbal and hand cue).

My criteria is that her elbows must be on the mat. "Handling' is a skill every dog must have for grooming, vetting and loving! Handling: dog allows handler to feel ears, feet and tail with minimal fussing. Since Lucy loves any attention, this one is easy! I can even lean over her. "Down', 'sit', and 'stand' are all basic behaviors that can be used to manage unwanted behaviors, during grooming and in competition such as Rally Obedience. Down: dog lays down on one cue, no treats or clicker in the room Sit: dog sits on one cue with no food or clicker in the room. Stand: dog stands from a sit with no more than two cues. My verbal and hand are two cues. Extra related behaviors: sit from a down Down from a stand Stand from a down I like to teach these early so the dog starts to learn that she can move from any position to any other position.

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'Stick target', 'watch' and 'zen' all require the dog to develop self-control and focus. Target: dog touches on end of the stick with nose on one verbal cue. Note: closed mouth Watch-dog finds partner's face and hold's eye contact for 10 seconds with no more than 2 voice cues. Zen: dog stays off handler's hand for 5 seconds and treat on a chair for 10 seconds, with no more than 2 cues for each behavior. Since she needed practice with self-control, I made it harder by placing the treat on the floor instead of holding it..

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