Luna seems happy to see them (Dogs are incredible EP.99-4) | KBS WORLD TV 211110

Is it the left door? Ma'am! (Luna seems happy to see them) – Hello. / – Hello and welcome. – May we come in? / – Yes, come in. (Bark, bark) Yeah, hey there. Welcome. So this is Luna. Yes, that's right. – And that's Sunny. / – Yes. (Luna, Sunny) She's howling. She's fine around strangers. She loves strangers. (A dog that likes all people) I don't need to be here with strangers around. – She's so cute! / – She's so cute! So you like us. Now I want to see Sunny. Come here. (This dog likes all people too) She's so cute! She's cute too. Let's talk about this. Yes, let's talk. Did you move out here to get big dogs? Or did you always live here? We used to live somewhere smaller with them, but we had to move for a different reason, so we wanted to move somewhere bigger for them. – So that's why you moved here. / – Yes. What's a problem Luna has that you noticed? Luna bullies Sunny a lot. Luna is always out here where we dote on her, and Sunny is locked up in there.

But if I open the gate for Sunny, she won't come out because Luna might bite her. That's one problem, but Luna has quite the appetite too. You can't even eat properly. She tries to steal anything that you're eating. (When we first visited) Hey! (Suddenly charged at the plate!) She even ate kimchi stew that I made with meat. Does she drink soju too? Yes. (I can't believe it) She'll drink anything. Does she have any drinking habits? (He asks another silly question) I haven't seen any drinking habits yet. (No drinking habits) Has she been trained? No, never. Never. I can tell she hasn't been trained at all.

Really? She hasn't learned at all. It looks like she's never learned. (LOL) She hasn't been educated. I can tell by her face that she hasn't learned. (Now he can read dog faces?) Can we get something? We want to see how big her appetite is. – What would you like? / – Now? Some toilet paper or… Not toilet paper. Something that's okay for her to eat. You just can't hate this dog. Look at her. We should feed her one first. (Reacts as soon as the owner brings treats!) (Eyes on the treats) What's this? It's chicken breast. What's this? It's chicken breast. (Stands up for the treats!) (Stands immediately) – She stood up immediately. / – She's fixated. – Sit, sit. / – Her eyes… Sit. Wait! Wait! Her eyes changed.

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Wait. (What will she do?) (Will she be able to wait?) Wait. Wait. She's waiting. Yes, she'll wait, but not when we're eating. Pretend like you're eating it. (This?) Eat this raw? (That's hilarious) (LOL) That's going too far. It's not raw fish. Gosh… (Luna was actually patient) She's good at waiting. Can you put a table in front of you? Can I get a table? (This is how things are usually like) – A table…

/ – Sit. Sit. (I want those treats) (Surprised) (Nervous) (As soon as the plate hit the table!) Look at this rascal. (Eats the chicken on the floor too) Her appetite… It's epic. The moment you put it down… She couldn't get to it when you were holding it, but once you put it down, she'll charge at it. (They get it now) .

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