Mistakes You Make On Your Dog Walk Everyday

Have Fun Hiking With Your Dog

As you venture out on an invigorating hike with your dog, make sure to remember the essentials – a leash, bag for dog, and water bottle. You will be all set to go someplace new, someplace you have never been before. Just make certain to also take your plans for a bit of fun and adventure!

How To Give Your Dog Their Medications Without Fuss

Some dogs willingly and anxiously devour anything and everything you offer, without a struggle; even their medications. But, the fact is, unless a medication is palatable, the majority of dogs will present an Oscar winning performance at pill time. Here are a few tips, to take the drama out of what needs to be done.

Some Effective Dog Training Tips

The first thing most dog owners do with their new puppy is to enroll them in an obedience school where they can learn how to behave properly. However, such classes are too expensive for some dog owners so they would rather do their own training on their dogs. But the question is, how beneficial is obedience dog training and how can it help my dog?

Dog Exercise Pens Provide Peace of Mind for Owner and Animal

The idea of dog exercise pens is very simple; they provide a means for dogs to get a bit of exercise, but at the same time keeps them safely penned in so they can’t run away or get into any trouble. Exercise is one of the most important activities for an animal, as it provides both mental and physical benefits that are hard to achieve by other means. The safety of your pet during exercise time is equally important. Dog exercise pens provide a safe place for dogs to exercise while providing peace of mind to both animal and owner. Exercise pens don’t have to be limited to just exercise time and are also referred to as dog playpens or puppy playpens and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

What About a Chihuahua?

What about a chihuahua as your next pet? Learn more about chihuahua and if they’ll suit your family.

Why I Am Working Hard to Change People’s Approach to Dogs

The following statement is a fact: “Dogs learn how to behave from how we react to them” or put another way, dogs learn from living with us which of their behaviours get the most attention. Yet these simple facts seem to be very hard for a lot of dog owners to grasp, let alone understand because, I think, it requires effort and consistency from them to make a change for the better. When you add to this equation, an organisation and the tiers of management that comes with any organisation, then there is an inherent…

Can I Use an Anti-Barking Device on the Neighbors’ Dog?

This article is for those people out there who are suffering from their neighbours’ dog. The incessant and annoying barking that can come from them. This article outlines what could be causing the barking if it’s from natural causes. Also the article will outline a 2 stage plan on how to stop the dog from barking from talking to the neighbors’ to using anti-barking devices.

What A Good Recipe for Dog Food Consists Of

A good recipe for dog food is one that includes meat, healthy grains and vegetables. The goal is to meet your dog’s nutritional and caloric requirements with recipes for homemade dog food.

Chihuahua Accessories – An Inside Word Of Advice

Chihuahua accessories should be selected for the comfort and safety they can offer your chihuahua. Here are some tips on materials you should be looking for in chihuahua accessories.

Dog’s Nose Leads To A Sweet Hike

A dog’s sense of smell can help you identify signs of wildlife along the hiking trail. Follow that nose and you’ll discover that hiking with dogs can be a real adventure.

Stopping a Dog From Barking – Your Options

There are a number of different ways for stopping a dog from barking. In this article I will take a look at three different methods for stopping a dog from barking which are effective and which will not break the bank.

Goldendoodle – Essential Breed Information

Today crossing breeds has become a popular option, as people enjoy crossbreeding for the best traits of both breeds. One cross breed that has only been around for about 20 years happens to be the Goldendoodle.

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