Most Intimidating Dog Breed

‘Tis the Season for Winter Dog Clothing

It’s that time of year again when the leaves start changing, the sun sets earlier and the temperature begins to drop. Many people are pulling out their light jackets and long sleeves to prepare for the cold weather that is on its way and it’s time to do the same for your beloved pet. It’s time to unpack your pet’s winter dog clothing.

Dog Pajamas Keep Your Pup Comfy at Night

Pajamas are not just for humans anymore! Now, your adorable little pup can enjoy the benefits of a pair of pajamas too! Dog pajamas offer your pet the comforts of warmth and style in the same way they do for us.

Choosing the Best Dog Pajamas

If you want to do something extra special for your furry friend, you might consider getting her some great dog pajamas that she can snuggle up in at night and feel warm and safe. Most dogs love to cuddle and snuggle and a great pair of pajamas will make her feel like she is snuggled up nice and comfy.   Maybe you’ve never heard of dog pajamas before or perhaps you have but you’re not sure what to choose for your pup.

Hot-Diggity Dogs – Breeds Prone To Be Diggers and Why

One of the common complaints dog trainers receive is, “My dog is digging up my yard! What can I do?” Usually, the first thing we say is, “Yup, most dogs do love to dig… it’s natural, especially if they are a…”

Is Pet Sitting Really So Important When You’re Away

When you are away, what do you think your pets are doing?  For many owners, once the house is out of sight, it can be largely out of mind as well.  We take all of the right steps to ensure that our pets have the right amount of food and water while we are away, but the truth of the matter is that dogs and cats also need play and mental stimulation.

The Ultimate Solution to a Dog’s Destructive Behavior – Interactive Dog Toys

Dogs are cute, lovable companions humans have had for many centuries now. Due to their incredibly cute eyes and furry appearance, it is difficult not to laugh at them even if they are already destroying the couch or your favorite pillow. Bored dogs which do not get mental stimulation or enough exercise are most likely to exhibit destructive behavior. Destructive behavior includes chewing on furniture, digging, jumping on people, and biting. There are two effective ways to get rid of destructive behavior is to stimulate your dog’s brain and provide him enough exercise.

Is Boarding Your Dog a Great Decision for Someone Like You?

If you’re planning a holiday but may not take your canine friend, you should think about making use of dog boarding services. This can allow your family pet to remain in a comfortable and safe spot while you are out of town. A high quality facility will be able to offer your canine with the proper

How To Teach A Dog To Count

I have always loved dogs and hanged out with them but at that time I still didn’t have my own pet and I use to go out with my friend and his dog. These delightful creatures make me excited and I was amazed to their loyalty for us humans, their boundless confidence, and especially their ability to be joyful any time when they see us, even when they saw us last time just a few minutes ago.

Can Dogs Cry?

I have heard before, I do not remember when and where I heard that dog can cry. I must admit that I was very skeptical about that story, but it was interesting. So after many years I got proof that my skepticism was completely wrong.

Beating Bad Doggie Breath

Helpful hints on keeping your dog’s mouth smelling good and feeling fresh! Different home remedy ideas as well as advice on what to do.

How To Train A Golden Retriever – The Techniques

It’s a common enough question about any breed of dog, but it’s also a question sometimes overlooked by beginner owners, so to help you out here is an article about ‘How To Train A Golden Retriever!’ Golden Retrievers are a very smart breed of dog, and also an extremely lively breed too, both of which means you will have to be equally as active and smart as they are, and provide them enough attention and activity to stop them getting bored.

Doggie Illnesses

Keeping yourself educated on common dog illnesses and their symptoms is important. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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