Negative Effects Of Being Alpha To Dogs For Training

Don't use force or domination to train dogs. Hi dog lovers, my name is Saro and this is Nicky in this episode I'll talk about the negative effects of being alpha and using force or domination to train your dog hello dog lovers in my previous videos I have talked about what you need to do before you get started into training your dog and I'll link those videos somewhere in this video and also I have talked about the negative effects of using treats tools like shock collars and prong dollars and today I'm talking about using being alpha or force or domination and the negative effects of those when you use them in the dog training or in your lifestyle the ideas of dog training using force or domination or the idea of being alpha to your dogs it's an old system of dog training that it comes and goes it was very popular in the late sixties early seventies because of this man actually on you know I'm very much to blame for the term alpha being used with wolves I published a book in 1970 that now has over a hundred ten thousand copies in circulation and in that I labeled the top wolf in the pack the alpha then I did that because at that time that's all at science knew but we've learned a lot that pub that book was published in 1970 and in the 35 years since that time we've learned an awful lot one of the things we've learned is that the term alpha is really incorrect when applied to most wolf pack leaders and also became very popular again because of this man this is it this is my dog psychology center I am Cesar Millan and this is what all happens you can call this a group therapy Center for dogs with problems the truth is dogs are my teachers a long time ago I learned that dogs can rehabilitate each other much faster that human could help them to change and that is because of the power of the fact there is nothing more effective than a stable pack a dog depend on its back for its stability and survival the power of a stable pack can influence the behavior of unstable dog now I just want to say that I don't think Cesar Millan for example is a bad man and he means to harm the dogs or whatever he's doing by whatever style he's using I don't think he means to harm the dogs but his form of thinking and philosophy and the ideology or the system that he uses to train dogs for instance is a pack mentality and this is a system that it's an old way of looking at dog training and dog behavior it does harm dogs but what happens is when an average Joe uses this system then it becomes an issue because they use it the wrong way the ideology of it in a way it's wrong but also when they use it the wrong way also it becomes just a mess I'm hoping by the end of this video you'll have a clear and different point of view if you are using these methods of dog training so first let's explore how did this idea of pack mentality or domination or being alpha started the term alpha isn't really accurate when describing most of the leaders of wolf packs because it implies the term implies that the Wolves fought and competed strongly to get to the top of the pack in actuality the way to get there is merely by mating with a member of the opposite sex producing a bunch of offspring which are the rest of the pack them and becoming the natural leaders that way just like with a pair of humans producing a family this was a study that had been done in the late 60s and they brought few wolves and they captured them from different areas and we brought them in a area that they started living together so when these strange wolves started living together they started fighting with each other they started killing each other or dominating each other obviously they would behave differently because they're strangers they're not family members you see wolves are not pack oriented they're actually family oriented just like humans families don't dominate each other families don't kill each other and also we know that the results of that study that had been done then it's been debunked and it was wrong and in a way kind of fake but let's say that animals or dogs or wild wolves dominate each other in the world which they don't do but let's say they do pack mentality only will work if you're part of the pack and pack mentality will only work with wolves for example the other issue is that dogs are not pack animals they have not been bred to live with pack dogs they have been bred to live with humans to live with group of dogs with group of humans or with family of dogs and family of humans you must also understand and accept this fact that your dog is a domesticated animal just like tells chickens goats they are pet if we were going to treat or behavior on our dogs like pack dogs or pack animals then it would be like treating humans like chimpanzees just because our few similarities there's a big difference between humans and chimpanzees chimpanzees of today are not the same as humans today dogs also have evolved they're not wild anymore they have been genetically formed and designed to be calm friendly with humans and kind to humans and the only similarity between a dog and a wolf is the genes just because they are the same it doesn't mean that they have to be treated the same most dog breeders breed their dogs because they want to have a family dog a family pet not a wild dog the reason dogs become wild and aggressive and start bad behaving is not because they're becoming wild animals is because of behavioral issues that have developed in their mind and just because wolves are treated differently and they use domination in a different form it doesn't mean that we have to use domination on a pet on a friendly dog the reason dogs are behaving badly is because of stress their needs haven't been met and it has nothing to do with the trades of dogs behavior to its ancestors of wolf if you have stress in your life also you are living that way when you are stressed you will act weird and differently than other humans as well it doesn't mean that we have to treat you differently you're a human they are dogs the other problem is that in domination form of dog training or being alpha you have to act as a dominant human or a dominant dog or be alpha to your dog the problem is that you're actually just acting up you're not really dominant I don't see any human being dominant to their dog it's not possible for a human to be dominant to a dog and if you're pretending and you're acting up as you are alpha and dominate your dog can detect a lie from miles away just ask yourself are you a dog or a human you're a human being humans live differently in the wild domination is practice differently among their own kind among their own breed among their own species and if two species who do not look like each other and act like each other like humans and a dog obviously they're not going to get each other because they don't understand each other when you are pretending to be an alpha or dominant to your dog your dog instead of understanding that your dominant or alpha it says I'm very confused now what are you doing why are you behaving that way now I'm scared of you because you're acting differently you're weird also you have to remember that to be dominant to be in charge means a lot of responsibilities it means they have to take care of everything it's not only one thing they have to take care of everything nobody no dog no animal wants to be in that level of pressure of stress no human being also needs to be in that level of stress of being in that domination state of mind to be dominating their dog 24/7 I doubt that your dog wants to be a dominant dog and wants to be in charge and when you act like that with your dog and you start dominating and acting up as an alpha a person or alpha dog your dog just laughs at you just gets more stressed gets more confused and it says you yourself are unbalanced and you're trying to help me to become balanced easiest thing is be a human that's the only thing that you are be a human and let your dog to be a dog teach your dog the rules of humans how humans and dogs live together in harmony teach them to respect humans and your dog will learn to respect you and treat you like a human so basically be your dog's friend be your dog's guide and help them understand and respect you as a human and you let them be dog and respect them as a dog so the last thing is I want you to understand that your dog is not a wild animal is a pet is a dog that humans have bred to be a friendly animal living among humans and if you use any of those systems of domination force or being alpha to your dog you're just going to confuse your dog and you're not going to get the results that you want if you liked this video give it a thumbs up share and comment leave your comment comment in the comment area tell me are you using domination or force or are you being alpha to your dog and if you are what are you seeing what are the results that you're getting are you happy to be dominant to your dog do you enjoy being 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