North Jackson woman’s rescue dog from local pound becomes agility champion

Two years ago…a North Jackson woman adopted a stray dog from the Trumbull County Dog Warden…today, it's an agility champion. When Gaynor (GAY'- ner) Ibbotson (IB'-bit- sin) took Buddy home from the dog warden she thought he was a terrier mix. Later she learned he was a Pyrenean (PI'- ren-ee-an) Shepherd dog. They're one of the most athletic and intelligent breeds. Ibbotson took Buddy to agility classes and found he was a natural. Buddy won agility awards in his first competition. Ibbotson: "I'M A GREAT BELIEVER IN TAKING AN ANIMAL AND GIVING IT A SECOND CHANCE, AND I ALSO BELIEVE THAT DOGS NEED A LOT OF EXERCISING AND ATTENTION AND TRAINING BECAUSE THEY'RE SMART ANIMALS." Buddy will compete on a larger agility course near Cleveland this summer. Ibbotson also plans to take Buddy on more difficult trials to see how far he can go in competition..

pexels photo 5732521

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