Obedience without Conflict with Ivan Balabanov: Clear Communication

shares with some other induce of systems of training and emphasis on the use of reward to teach and maintain correct performance however it differs from some prominent induce of systems and that it also relies on the use of signaled non reward to punish incorrect performance know the central goal of the Balaban off method is to break each obedient skill down to its most essential concept and then teach the dog a full and explicit understanding of this concept this requires a system of communication with structure and rules whereby the handler conveys information to the dog in fact the fundamental feature of the Balaban off method is clarity of communication between Handler and block okay successful communication requires a structure of rules for governing interactions and a system of signals for conveying information any up-to-date trainer will recognize that Ivan's method relies on the same psychological principles underlying so-called clicker training however Ivan thinks that the use of a mechanical clicker is unnecessary and even creates an obstacle to the integration of the dog handler team first the clicker as an inorganic mechanical device does not exploit in any way the dog's natural facility for auditory communication for Ivan there is an innate unconditioned aspect to speech that crosses the frontiers between species thus a soft praising word cannot only serve as a conditioned cue predicting availability of reinforcement it is a reward in and of itself a confirmation of the social bond between Handler and boys signals convey this to the dog more meaningfully and naturally than a clicker secondly at a strictly practical level a dog handler has much to do with his hands between manipulating rewards leashes and dumbbells and Ivan thinks that the last thing of busy handler needs is one more device in addition to specific commands used to cue certain behaviors like set and down ivan relies on four other signals that are fundamental to the training [Music]

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