Obedience without Conflict with Ivan Balabanov: The Game

not do it for him the handler must also reward the dogs out by giving the release command and bringing the toy alive promptly after the dog releases the core principle of the Balaban off method is elimination of resistance this is done by showing the dog that there exists one path and one path only to reward fundamentally the handlers response to errors is to refuse reward not to physically punish the dog really understand that the opposite of reward is not punishment it's withholding that reward what this means that the psychological force that impels the animal to release the toy is not anxiety triggered by an out command or but instead his desire for reward the basic game consists of two phases in one phase the animal is free to reward himself by striving after and biting the object of his desire we call this object the toy but we should be clear about one thing what's the behavior that a good dog exhibits when interacting with his toy is not merely play it is something far more powerful a product of genetic modification like the canine hunting instinct in the second phase of the game the dog has an obligation but is unable to earn reward and in order to regain this opportunity he must engage in some target behavior was only by executing this target behavior correctly can the dog make reward again available as we have already discussed the dog's reward the goal of his behavior is not mere possession of the toy by grasping it in his mouth the goal is the opportunity to engage vigorous struggle with the toy this requires the cooperation and participation of the handler by refusing to cooperate the handler can make it impossible for the dog to reward himself and oblige the animal to seek a way of securing this cooperation government the earliest target skill the means by which

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