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Learn About The Causes, Treatments And Prevention Of Kidney Disease In Dogs

Kidneys are organs that play an essential role in vertebrate urinary and circulatory systems. They help regulate blood pressure, manage electrolyte regulation and filter the blood of waste products and toxins so the body can eliminate them in the urine. Kidney disease is a common problem in many dogs, especially older animals and depending on the severity can often be treated or managed.

Why Are Pit Bulls So Popular When the Stats Are So Bad?

Dogs bites are common among any breeds, and having a pet means you are responsible for their actions. Being the owner of a Pit dog means you must be ever vigilant to ensure the safety of those who will be around your dog. Owning a poodle is much less of a risk than being the owner of a “bully breed”.

5 Things to Teach Your Dog

Want a dog that listens every time, the first time? Want your words to carry more weight? Obedience training provides the structure and feedback system needed to shape a dog into a reliable and well-behaved member of the family pack!

Irish Terrier Training: What To Teach Puppies, and When

It’s always fun to have a puppy and one can’t wait to train him/her. The main problem that comes in is that many people don’t understand what they should and shouldn’t do when it comes to puppy training.

Portuguese Water Dog – A Bit About This Breed

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. I must say they are right. I have practically grown up amidst dogs since my family owns a dog store. From my childhood to adulthood, my then puppy and now dog, Tim, has been a source of constant comfort for me. I can say it proudly that I know quite a lot about dogs. I know more about them then is required.

German Shepherd Dogs – A Bit About This Breed

Being a dog lover since always, I was keen to gather information about the different dog breeds and obviously I was more inclined towards the most famous ones. I had heard a lot of the shepherd breed, or the more famous among them, the German Shepherds and so, I just wanted to know about the breed’s characteristics and what contributed to the breed’s fame.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Training: Commands Every Dog Should Know

The greater Swiss mountain dog is a dog breed that is said to have been developed in the Swiss Alps. This dog results when the indigenous dogs mate with the large Mastiff types that were brought to Switzerland by the foreign settlers.

Why Is My Dog Afraid of Thunderstorms?

Being afraid of thunderstorms is common for some people, so why should it be different for dogs? Here are a few reasons why dogs are affected before, and during storms; along with suggestions to help them “survive.”

9 Things You Can Do Now to Keep Your Dog Safer

Shih Tzu happens and dogs get lost. This article provides tips on how you can keep your dog safer and prevent him from getting lost or stolen.

Keeping Pets Can Be an Enriching Experience

Keeping a pet has become more of a social norm these days. People like to keep all kinds of pets these days right from dogs, birds and cats to unusual pets such as rabbits and elephants. It can be the most elevating experience to have a pet at your house.

How To Potty Train Your Pet Indoors Using Puppy Pee Pads In Less Than 14 Days

Learn how to potty train a dog indoors using puppy training pee pads in less than 14 days. The end goal is to train the dog to do his business only where the dog owner allows him to, and to do so without puppy pee pads. Coupon code for puppy pads included.

Dog DayCare – A Most Neglected Family Member Deserves A Treat!

Things You Should Know About Doggy Daycare. Just a few years ago, dog daycare was virtually non-existent and the idea seemed a little crazy. However, the times have changed dramatically since then. Canines need exercise! Stimulation both mental and physical. It is a fact that very few get enough exercise and this could potentially cause them to become obese, develop bad habits, create unacceptable and destructive behaviors, or just go stir crazy.

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