Overly Excited Dog? How to Calm Your Dog Down and Get Attention in Minutes

[Music] hey there it's Duke Ferguson the owner CEO and master trainer of unleash potential k9 and creator of dog training Genesis in this video I want to address a myth that too many trainers and too many pet owners tell me about and that is food making them too amped too pushy too crazy and they can't train them because they're too hungry that's farther from the truth so in this video I want to show you an actual example of how you can get a dog to use his brain and to calm down and think in order to get the food well you don't have to do anything the dog is the one that's actually putting out trying and you're barely doing anything at all it's just that easy here's a clip from my Monroe Washington seminar that shows exactly that I hope you enjoy before you start the video be sure to subscribe to see future videos just like this one [Music] although my contract jumps on this board I can see the chair in her face does rehearse [Music] when a dog starts thinking when actually start using their blood brain they stop publish negative and I think charging the bush so Sebring see the ice just thinking you want to think you don't know GPS how it's no less crazy ready to put down and I can talk to you what she's still thinking now Tommy do you guys go to the dog she's putting out yeah so I don't need to do the cheerleading it's less effort that's [Music] [Music] okay so I hope you found that of value and if you're interested in hosting a seminar or if you're looking for a professional unleash potential trainer in your area just send us a message from the website unleash potential CA or calm either one will get you to the website and again thanks for watching now see you in another video

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