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English Bull Terrier – A Guide and Introduction

The English Bull Terrier, bred in the United Kingdom by crossing crossing White terriers and the English Bulldog to arrive at the now recognizable form commonly seen. Once known as the gladiator of the canine world but now a domesticated pet that will be at home with any family, they are certainly a social pet that need the company of humans. A dog for perhaps the more experienced owner but also capable of such gentle behaviour.

Facts About Dog Clicker Training

One of the oldest yet the most effective trainings in handling dogs is clicker training. Indeed, clicker training was initially designed by dolphin coaches. The first dolphin trainers experienced the problem of attempting to collaborate with a creature which could not be controlled or even forced to work.

How To Essentially Groom Your Pet

Humans often associate cleanliness to a healthy life. The same should go for our pets. Compared to their wild cousins, our pets are subject to daily struggles analogous to human existence.

Yorkshire Terrier Health And Behavior Problems

Yorkshire Terriers, commonly known as Yorkies have become extremely popular pets in recent years. They are currently in the top 10 most popular pet dogs in the United States. This popularity continues to increase as more and more dog lovers become owners of these loveable canines. Their small size and temperament make them the idea indoor pet.

Car Journeys With Dogs

Traveling in the car is often a stressful experience for dogs and it is important that the journey is as safe and comfortable as possible. This article addresses ways to make the journey easier on your pet.

Puppies For Sale

You can find puppies for sale just about anywhere. There are many considerations when making the decision to buy a new puppy.

Smart Dog Training Tips

Just about every pet owner would like their canine to listen to their commands. I’ll guarantee that a well-behaved doggy is without a doubt something you are able to accomplish using basic, proven methods.

Important Information About Omega 3 and Your Dogs Health

It is immaterial whether your dog is running the yard chasing rabbits or a couch potato that loves lying beside you watching ‘Dog Whisper’ on TV. All of them need adequate amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids in their diet. Both Omega 3 & 6 are very important fatty acids for man’s best friend.

Different Types of Dog Beds for Every Pooch’s Need

Purchasing a bed for the pup is important for several reasons. First, it provides pets with a location they can claim as their own. Second, it is beneficial for their hips and joints. And third, it provides dogs with warmth.

Reduce Your Dog’s Fear With Systematic Desensitization – Dog Obedience Training

Reduce your dog’s fear with systematic desensitization. Through Classical Conditioning it is possible to systematically desensitize your dog from fear to any situation of which it may have developed an emotional fear response. A classic example in which desensitization can be examined. Dogs have been known to become afraid of cars after experiencing a traumatic experience such as a car backfiring at a close proximity.

Introduction to Positive Reinforcement – Dog Obedience Training

Positive reinforcement increases the future likelihood of the responses it follows. A response is the action performed by the dog after you have given a specific command. Take the command “sit” for example.

Knowing the Types of Dog Collars

There are various types and fits of dog collars and each has a purpose. If you’re a puppy or dog owner, it’s important for you to know which type would suit your pet best. You’d also need to learn how to measure your pet the proper way, depending on which type of collar you’ll buy. You need to know these before you go to a pet shop or prior to browsing a catalog of an online pet store. Here are the most common types of collars to help you in your purchasing.

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