PetSmart Puppy Training: Come and Stay Cues

Today we are going to learn come and stay Hey its Aaron and Guppy and today we’re
getting some puppy training tips with Shannon! Guppy! How do I get him to come to me when I call him? Ah, yes. That is an age old question that a lot of people have. So a lot of people think that your dog should just automatically know how to come to you. That’s usually not the case. You have to kind of teach them what it is that you want.

You got to help them learn it. You need to make sure you’re doing it all throughout the day.
Random times, calling his name And when he does come to you, you should lose it
That is the coolest thing that Guppy has ever done! I think I can do that. So let’s start off by loading up the word "come" -Come
-Yep! So what I want you to do is I want you to stand up. -Ok
-And it’s going to look just like this, let’s put Guppy right there -Ok
-Hi Guppy! Guppy, come! Yes! Good boy! So you know I'm not really doing a whole lot of movement right now
I’m really just charging up the word with something positive See what we're doing? We’re really just getting him to associate the treat with the word Alright.

Guppy! Come! [sad trumpet] I’ll try it, I’ll try it. Let’s see here. Guppy, come! Good boy! He’s my good boy! You’re so smart! -It takes lots of time and lots of practice.
-Lots of practice? Yes! Good boy! -So is there anything else that you’d like to learn about Guppy?
-When I leave the room, having him stay and not try to force his way through the door would be amazing Gotcha.

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Well it won’t happen that way overnight. We do have to start off just like with anything else We need to start off with some baby steps. We got to build our way up to that. But you know what? I think it might be a good time to bring in my assistant Tator! Hello! Hello! So Tator is really, really good at "stay” but he didn’t start off that way Hold Guppy for a moment. Good, and I'll show you how I want you to work on stay Tator, come here! -Very good boy! Good job! Okay, come this way.
-Watch Okay so we’re going to start in a "sit, stay”.

Very good! And so what you want to do is in rapid succession we’re going to sit and release. Sit and release. Sit and release. And each time, we’re going to build duration in between
the time that we sit him and the time that we release him. So it looks just like this, in a perfect world. Come here! Sit! Release! Yes! Sit! Release! Yes. Release! Yes! Then we hold. -Release! Good boy! Good job!
-Think you can do that?
-You want to give it a try? You can do that.

Let’s show them we can do this. Sit. Release! Good boy! -Alright, do it again! Do it again! Ready?
-Sit. -Release! You’re such a champion!
-Good job -Great, this time let’s make it a little harder.
-Alright? C'mon Guppy, we can do this! Sit. -1,2,3,4,5…
-Release! Yay! Good job! Puppy puppy puppy party! Puppy puppy party!.

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