Potty train your dog in 48 hours | 3 simple tips

in this video I'm gonna give you three
tips that are going to help you to potty train your puppy or your dog within 48
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so I can address that issue in my future video it is actually very easy to potty
train a puppy or a dog all you have to do is follow these three steps and it
will be done within 48 hours tip number one take your puppy or dog
every two hours out and let them do their business outside more on that in a
second but it's good idea to take your dog or puppy every two hours you want to
avoid them having any accident inside the house tip number two take your dog
or puppy after every eating sleeping and playing session this will give a good
routine to your dog to start managing their bowel movement tip number three
leash your dog and take your dog outside of the building or outside of the house
or outside of wherever you are living or wherever they're living and let them do their
business outside unfortunately that's one of the biggest challenges of dog
owners to actually take their dogs out the reality is that your dog needs to go
out they don't want to do their business where they live they want to do it outside
so you have to put a leash on put the coat on and go out and let your dogs do
it's business outside so if you do all these three steps and stick to it
within 48 hours your dog is going to be potty trained I have a bonus tip as well
the diet of your dog has to do a lot with their potty routine as
well so what I mean by that is dogs who are on kibble or dry food tend to
drink a lot of water and that causes them to have full bladder most of the
time so that causes them to have accidents all the time but dogs who are
on raw diet or wet food or home cooked diet they tend to drink less water
therefore they have less accidents and also it's easier to train them when it
comes to potty training them I have prepared a handout of everything that I
talked about today and the link would be available on the description area click
on it and go ahead and get it it's free and you will have a visual to also
follow through this concept of potty training your dog you want to learn
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time have fun with your dog

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