Practice Dog Obedience during bitework (Episode 1)

hello everybody this is fred hasson and it's time once again for our daily dog training video here at sit means sit calm today is part 1 of showing some obedience during fight work in police dog training it's very important to have your dog listening even with distraction of bite work going on right now you just see me practicing with nash if you stay right in front of me whether i go side to side forward or backward in a room full of bite equipment and training going on and starting with the dog a little bit away from the equipment this is to show that the dog is capable of doing this without the equipment right next to him if you can't do this with the equipment next to you you're going to have a lot of problems trying it with the equipment all around you you will see here that the dog does take a glance at the bite sleeve since you can't control the environment it's important that you're able to get the dog back on track in episode 2 tomorrow we will show the dog continuing to do this through severe distraction of the bite work and rattle stick going on so until tomorrow sit sit

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