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Training for Aggressive Dogs

If you own a dog, and you are concerned about its temperament being too aggressive, then you may want to consider dog training. Owning a dog that is aggressive to other dogs and people can be a big problem, and you could end up facing a legal challenge. Each state in the United States handles dog attacks differently, and if your dog attacks someone, you could end up in jail, whilst your beloved pet ends up being put down.

Taming Your Rambunctious Puppy

Training a puppy can be a very exhausting task; they have a lot of energy and very short attention spans, their focus constantly shifting from one stimulant to the next. With patience training a puppy to obey commands will make it easier to control their behavior and provide an opportunity to bond with them; as puppies love attention. It is important to keep in mind that the best commands to teach a puppy are basic ones since they do not have the attention span to handle the more complex routines that can come later in life.

Dog Food Advice

Keeping your dog healthy is not an easy thing to do. Here is some information on some things to pay attention to when looking for a healthy diet for your dog.

What Supplements and Foods You Should Be Giving To Your Dog

The fact is that there are now thousands of different types of dog care products that you can buy for your dog. There are supplements for joint health, there are supplements for coat health, there are also hundreds of different types of formulations of foods: grain free, dry, vet. You name it.

Helpful Tips To Keep In Mind When Adopting A Dog For The First Time

If you are thinking of buying a new pup as an addition to your family, you may want to consider adopting a dog instead. Below are some simple tips you can keep in mind if you will be adopting a pooch for the first time.

Tips for Selecting the Healthiest Dog Food

What does your canine pet really need to stay healthy and fit? You can achieve wonders with the right dog food. But how do you choose between the many different products available in the market at present? It all comes down to the ingredients and how well they can meet the needs of your pet. Find out what to look for when comparing products.

Is Your Dog On The Insurance Company Blacklist?

Millions of people are bitten annually in the United States. When one of these bites turns into a lawsuit usually homeowners insurance comes into play. Insurance companies claim that over one third of all claims in 2013 were from a dog bite or attack.

Dog Care: Keeping Your Best Friend Healthy

There have been growing concerns on dog’s healthy foods and side effects given the clear lack of detailed information on its ingredients and the little available consumer feedback. It is therefore essential to try delving deeper to seek information regarding the same.

5 Simple Ideas That Will Perfect Your Dog’s Training

When your dog training program is complete you are not finished training you are simply entering a different level of training. Let me tell you some things that will guarantee that you have a well trained dog not just for today but for ever.

Advantages Of Giving Obedience Training To Dogs

Giving obedience training to dogs is the key to setting up a healthy dog-human relationship. Obedience training can help a dog learn the way to live in a domestic setting. Dogs get such guidance in many ways like reward training, leash and collar, marker training, positive reinforcement, clicker training and dog whispering. Many pet owners do not know the benefits of offering such teaching to their puppy or dog. This article lists down the major advantages of giving obedience training to your pet dog.

We Went Through Training But Now My Dog Is Aggressive

If this is you then yes you can go through some obedience training and end up with an aggressive dog. In fact this is what recently happened to a lady that called me. She trained her dog at 6 months with some in-home private lessons and is now looking for answers as to why her 2 year old dog is showing aggression.

Keeping Safety First When Traveling With Small Dog Breeds

One of the most gratifying aspects of owning a smaller dog is having the ability to take it for a car ride. Many dogs enjoy riding along with their owners. Some dogs will even desperately beg for a chance to go for a ride.

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