Protection Dogs explained, with Ivan Balabanov 2 x World Champion

[Music] [Music] [Music] okay so we're gonna talk about all the meats and all misconception that go around protection personal protection dogs and personal protection dog training the dogs in Europe let's talk about that first the dogs in Europe um that are sold to these companies are very interesting I I will tell you I train dogs for more than 40 years now I go to Europe to teach to give seminars to sport people to police to military and I'm very familiar with how the dog dealers work and how dogs get moved around in the whole world the personal protection dog market is very interesting in terms of our dogs dogs really the best dogs are they really worth 30 50 70 hundred and fifty thousand dollars and sometimes they are but most of the times they are not in fact most of the times when you look at the dog that it's purchased and it's imported from overseas to you this should already give you some alarm it should give you a red flag that's not the time to say wow I'm getting an import this is not like you're buying a BMW or a Porsche or a Ferrari it's a different market than the cars and bolts so when you're buying a dog from Europe that's gonna be trained or it's already trained as a protection dog this dog the chances are it felt to be a top level protego level sportdog meaning he cannot do the protection programs or they can do the protection support programs but not to the level that it's required therefore they basically get rejected from the sport and they get solved to the Americans and then you know the story from there those dogs get to be retrained or not done anything to them and just because they are imported from Europe that's just a somewhat a bonus and it should mean something special as I said just like you would buy a Ferrari Lamborghini something European but it's it's basically you you really need to consider the you might be getting a dog that's rejected from a sport program you also probably are getting a dog that's rejected from police or army but it's basically the dogs that don't make it don't have what it takes to become a top level sport dog or what it takes to become a top level police dog they get rejected from these programs they get salt of course they have a little bit of training of course they show very well and and now we think oh wow this is a dog that company went to Europe and did travel 20 countries and tested 500 dogs and this is that dog that they selected that's I'm sorry to say it but that's not how it works when you go there those trainers and those people are educated they do the same thing I do for business and if they have something valuable they will sell it for a lot of money no company in the United States will go there and buy something that doesn't cost and then resell it here it will not make sense to go there by a dog for 50,000 and try to sell it for 50,000 they buy dogs that are worth five maximum ten at the least Moy maybe fifteen thousand and then they present you the package that ok this is the dog and it's coming from Germany Austria Slovenia whatever country it's we selected that it's the best dog therefore it's worth 60 or more and in that that's a it's just not right but when you don't know how the market works yeah you will get trapped and you will buy this type of dogs and you will believe that they are worth something and that they actually can do what they are supposed to do when you watch dog training videos when you watch the dogs during training it is not hard to make a dog look like a super dog if you know a little bit about dog training and you're presenting a dog to somebody that doesn't know at all what protection training is about you can make a Labradoodle to do a phenomenal protection work you can make a dachshund do a phenomenal protection work it will you know this is a like how you would do the WWE the WrestleMania this kind of stage fighting it's very easy to be done with protection dogs especially when you know that the clients you are dealing with don't have the knowledge so that's something to really make sure that you understand you cannot you really cannot think all these dog is from Europe they must be good no it's actually the opposite I would be very reluctant I will ask a lot of questions and I will do a lot of testing which I'm going to talk to you in a second about so this is your your European dogs now when when I sell protection dogs and when I'm talking about protection dogs with my clients I always give this kind of example if you if you imagine that the dog from zero to of ten assuming zero is a super friendly super social super outgoing dog that just biting is not doesn't never even crosses that dog's mind and ten is the other extreme super aggressive very interesting very sharp reactive it will bite and it will not wait for a command it will not wait to church it will just flight very unsafe very dangerous and very unpredictable actually I wouldn't say unpredictable because we know he's gonna bite and we know it's not gonna bite going behind you and you know nipping at your name ankles it's actually gonna do a serious damage engine is gonna go straight forward so we have done very friendly and the super aggressive dog in both extremes when we talk about a personal protection dog and what I like to select for a personal protection dog it's something that's gonna kind of come more into the middle what you need to understand is that the more social the dog is the less suspicion level that dogs gonna get right so if the dog is friendly its outgoing that means that though is very trustful and it just lives in the world that everything is pink and everything you just just there is no tracks there is nothing bad happening nothing nothing to worry about the other extreme very dangerous very suspicious living in a war looking for something more into the middle that that would be the kind of dog that will do protection but remain social and then as you're thinking what kind of dog you want you need to really really really think about this because when you say oh I want a super friendly dog and I want to be but really badass and just go insane and fight with five people that's a you know something you can see in the movies maybe Rin Tin Tin can do this but that's not a realistic that's one in 10 million dogs probably so you have to give in and you have to decide on which side you want to give in a little bit the sociability if you give up then you're raising the suspicious level if the speech level is too high you're gonna take it away from the social ability right so that's what we need to really be careful when you when you think about this and and typically people think that if a dog can be a good police dog it can be a very good protection dog or if it's gonna be a sport dog will not make a good protection dog those are all catches those are all marketing strategies the companies will present you depending on what kind of dog they have if they who are able to purchase a sport dog that was rejected they will promote that a little bit more if it was and then they will promote down a little bit more its marketing so whatever I have I'm gonna try to make it better for you and I'll convince it to buy it and you have to be aware of that and have to be careful the interesting thing about protection dogs are real protection dogs it's the depth in my opinion the most difficult dog to come across though and if you breed as I do I've been breathing for 30 years and I'm selecting dogs and do that all of my life there is some some things that become very real what what works and what doesn't work and what doesn't work in protection dog is the that is there is a surprise element so when you think about police dogs Navy SEALs whatever army style dogs they have something in their advantage that the personal protection dog does not have and what that is it's the build-up to the bite so if you look at a police dog the police dog loads up in the car the sirens go off then there is some kind of chase then the police officer is with the dog with the whole unit at some door or gates kneeling down giving their spiel stop I'm gonna send the dog come out these are all preparations this is all a very nice build up for a dog which prepares the dog for what's coming when we are talking protection dogs unfortunately that element is not their protection whenever a protection dog is needed most of the time and I would say 99% of the time the situation is very surprising something just happens like you can be at Starbucks you can be sitting at home you can be in your car in a parking lot it will happen at the most unexpected time that means the dogs gonna have zero preparation zero now I will give you an analogy with martial arts let's take some sheets on Muay Thai whatever boxing whatever style of fighting you can help a kid you can have a 30 year old guide that is black belt in whatever martial arts you want if they do not have the heart and the genetics to respond during a surprise time properly to fight they will panic they will get kind of tight muscles and they will not be able to respond but they might be the best person in their gym they may be a UFC champion because they know how to fight in a certain circumstances it's different when somebody approaches you at the ATM machine taps you on the shoulder and asks for your money some people will turn around and go straight to either a punch or put that guy on the ground or at least attempt to do that I'm not saying that's a smart decision or a smart choice probably it's not but in a dog a protection dog you need this kind of response you need this dog to be genetically predisposed ition to respond exactly that way under surprise so let's say in your house the dog is on its dog bed it's 2 a.m.

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Somebody's already inside the house no it's not breaking the window no he's not yelling he's already in the dog wakes up and sees that person few things can happen just like with the guy at the ATM it can get spooked they can start working with a popcorn bag it can even run away [Music] it can pretend that nothing is happening because it doesn't fit any training scenario that the dog has ever experienced or it will do the thing that you wanted to do and that's basically get up and do what it's supposed to do and that has nothing to do with fear or no fear in that dog that just our response either you go forward or you wait or you go back those that go forward under surprise that has not much to do with training if anything training teaches you technique just like how we are talking about martial arts fight on the street when you fight in a bar or when you get surprised in your house or when you get surprised in your car or anywhere you get surprised you either have that genetic predisposition to respond immediately with a fight or not your training will kick in only after your first response and that first response is a genetic makeup so when you select or when I select a dog that's the very first thing that I pay attention to a dog can be trained you can make beautiful protection work if the dog does not know how to respond under these circumstances there is it's not a protection dog as far as I'm concerned if the dogs gonna need two three maybe four commands and encouragement to say hey buddy really this is really happening do something why are you waiting what are you wondering go get him that's too late it's just too late surprise an immediate proper response that's generic okay so when you have the very friendly in the most extreme dog that still doesn't tell you which and how far if the dog has the proper response under surprise but if you select if you have that then you can keep the dog social for the most of its life and adults always will be ready to respond that way moving forward okay that's how important this genetic makeup is and this is why a police dog that can be a phenomenal police dog with 300 real street bikes still will be shaken in some cases under a surprising situation when somebody just jumps right out of nowhere or actually somebody just walks up and that's very friendly it just so happens that it has a gun that's pointed at the person and now you're telling your dog to go and do something and that always like there is nobody that's yelling there is nobody that's jumping why would I do that that's about training and most likely also a bad dog not suitable for personal protection so what I'm trying to tell you is that dogs that do personal protection are real personal protection dog it's actually the most special animal because so many things so many components have to come together you have the genetic makeup then you have the training and the training is critical as well but no matter what the training is if you don't have the genetic makeup leave it alone now if I'm talk to you about training watch on YouTube there is like zillions of companies with very funny videos you will have guys doing white work with wearing shorts and a hidden sleeves this is pathetic I am blown away I cannot imagine who is that person that will pay this kind of money for a dog that is everything is so staged and so faith that that even when you don't have experience you know that this is a game for the dog there is absolutely no intentions I mean you are wearing shorts and you're stuffing a hidden sleeve in the dog's mouth it's not how it works they really know how it works a dog has to be able to to neutralize and that means in most situations he shouldn't even go for what is presented because normally when you present something it's something so you can protect yourself so even if a dog is coming at me and I give him my arm I will decide which arm to give so I can do something else or I will decide to even give him my phone or my shirt I will put him on to something and as long as that dog goes and takes that that's not a protection dog he's just okay I'm coming give me something tell me what to bite it doesn't work that way a protection dog cannot be or should not be fooled with all bite we hear all bite me here in fact it should be trained to do quite the opposite and avoid all these traps okay so when when we're talking about training and you're watching videos and you're trying to to think and make a decision if if you're making a good choice decide for yourself and see if the house stage this is okay another interesting training thing a big misconception it's the the dog going for the weapon hand so like if I am holding a gun with my right hand we should expect that the dog makes that decision and neutralizes the gun that's a big surface in real life that's a joke what a dog really needs to do when we are having a trained protection dog he needs to come and he needs to come with this hundred and fifty percent commitment towards the person charging with the lightning speed this is the essence lightning fast speed charging and going to for anemia he should not judge which hand any judgment like this slows the dog down makes the dog question makes the dog think that gives time to the person to neutralize the dog okay so going for the weapon hand it's a it's a very very confusing and it basically anyone that tells you that that's what a dog should do they either do not understand protection dog training or they are just trying to sell you snake oil that's all again protection dog needs to be absolutely committed not judging oh my god I have to bite here no I have to go and I have to put that person on the floor that's my job okay so the weapon and forget about this it's a joke absolutely joke okay another one that's a very interesting one some some people companies will tell you that the dog supposedly knows they they are so in tuned with the environment and you in the situation that they actually know who is the bad guy and they know when the bad guys gonna act hello this is you you cannot be serious if you if you're actually gonna listen to somebody and you end up buying a dog that supposedly knows all this you just spend a lot of money for nothing okay that that's a that's a complete joke that's even worse than the one we just talked about the the weapon hand dogs don't know dogs will you know as we said the very social dog he will never even think no everybody's friends it doesn't matter the one that's super aggressive he will pick on anybody he doesn't even need to look at him on top of that a dog can make all sorts of decisions and they will be wrong decisions like if you if you really believe or somebody can convince you that a dog can make this kind of judgment that means watered you the the person was trying to sell you the dog and you have read a lot of books and watched a lot of lassie movies and Rin Tin Tin and and you know this is this is not realistic okay that does not happen it will be any time a dog decides to go on its own chances are it's gonna make wrong decision or it will not make a decision whatsoever okay so there is situations you can have a situation where the dog is let's say in the house and it's by itself when somebody tries to come and break into the house you would expect the dog to do what it's trained and what it's supposed to do now that's realistic but if you a mere sitting next to each other talking and all of a sudden I say just call the bank and transfer hundred thousand dollars or I'm gonna shoot you your dogs not gonna do he will have zero clue what's going on okay on another hand I can get very emotional I can be very frustrated I can jump up hey whoa and I have zero intention to fight with anybody that should not mean that that dog will make the decision again and attack me dogs that are trained for protection that are really trained for protection can make decisions on their own only when they are a 1 so that means protect the car protect the house protect the area but if I am around I give the decisions I decide who to buy and most of the times is not the people that are jumping around it's the people that don't do anything because they don't want to draw attention and I've worked a well-trained protection dog has to make that difference I guess – trust me when I say this is the bad person and don't hesitate tenth of a second you need to neutralize okay and the other way around if I say no nothing's going on then nothing is going on okay but don't don't tell for this tricks in the market that the dog knows because the dog does not know there is with the training there is a lot there is actually quite a bit to do with with the training you can have [Music] there was a time in the past and I come from Eastern European country so I can early on a lot experience with this kind of training and this is when the dogs are trained to rebuy meaning you try to punch with that hand the dog bites here and then you try to do something with the other hand comes here you try to kick it comes here and so on in theory it sounds very cool it actually works in practice like I can make I can train a dog to do this and it will look very pretty it will really look like I don't know again some some some form of martial arts the problem with this is the commitment and the intensity and the impact and the power of the body when you have a dog that comes here and bites and it's in his mind thinking already ok let me see which what do I need to do else all these arms gonna come and gotta be ready here that means that bite is not hundred percent that means he's ready to let go so he can do this so all we get is a lot of nipping I'm not saying nipping dozen cart but when you have commitment and when you have one bite no matter no matter where it is and then you have dog there just gonna just put all of its power into that one bite and push you and pull you and shake you you can very little time before you start to feel light-headed and eventually you start to pass out the idea with protection is sometimes you will care that whatever bad person is that he will be on some kind of drugs he will get bit and he will look at it as like oh damn doesn't even hurt of course it doesn't hurt when you are on something and they can move on so we need dog that actually can do more than just that we need to know that's gonna fight that's gonna pull and give you just enough time for you to either get out or do something of course we can have all this interesting training scenarios we can have a dog walking backwards how it's done in the the ring programs the belgian/french monitoring it's called the defensive handler exercise but it's an exercise so this in some ways it can be practical but then we go to some other ones where we will put object and we will say guard the object first of all you will never put your briefcase with your valuable documents or money or whatever it is in that suitcase or a bad on the floor tell the dog to guard it and you go somewhere else to do something else like if you if you think that that's gonna work you you just lying to yourself okay this is this is sport training this is nothing to do with reality generally speaking protection dogs should know very little like there is not I am always amazed when I read and I go to the different companies there different levels you have the basic level executive and level 3 and all sorts of different you know names and in in most instances all it is it's about how much the dog is gonna be sold to you so yes if it's executive or something like that it's gonna be a lot of money and if it's a level one then most likely that means we have that really really social dog that maybe just gonna do some barking training it's interesting thing it's a you know when when we talk about advanced training we get confused people get confused and and trainers confuse you because it's not when you're when you're thinking of training we're not thinking about how many behaviors how many scenarios that dog can do can he guard an object can he do find different articles can he go tracking and so on can he work on this or this or whatever it's it's a in fact dog the more the dog knows that means the more maintenance training you need to do if you want to maintain those behaviors and those scenarios if the dog know something but it doesn't get practiced often enough it's gonna go away that's that's what's gonna happen I get not often but every once in a while when I talk to clients or possible clients there would be oh I I want my dog to to also do tracking and find people and things and and that's all great but you need to understand that everything that you add in requires training requires maintenance you cannot like let's say if I when I go tracking just for sport forget about like search for a person or you know like when I do seminars for police or certain rescue organizations it's a whole different level of tracking that requires even more time in more different development of the dog but just for me going to sport competitions or tracking that takes two to three times a week going TRUCKING that means I'm gonna go to a places that it's unfamiliar I'm gonna lay a track I'm gonna wait another hour or two and then I'm gonna go and get the dog and do tracking that takes a lot of time and then you need to think do you really need that or not because if you really do just doing something to fake it to say that you're doing it it's not gonna matter if the dog really needs to go and search and find something now assuming that you really do need that then you have to understand that that's very time consuming and besides time consuming it requires knowledge like it requires serious knowledge so you need to understand a lot about what tracking is about and that just one aspect if we're doing as we said the guard of object or or any of those fancy exercises that you see on YouTube those also require a lot of training a lot of maintenance and then where is the application how much do you really need that and is it is it possible and is it visible this makes sense you know those are things to consider when you go along anything that is added on it will cost more that's just the norm it's it's normal but then it's not practical so for me in my in my company and what I do when we're talking about advanced training basically advanced training would mean the dog being able to perform the basic skills under more complicated circumstances okay so so if it means we're gonna do a search I'm gonna want my dog to find somebody and that's in the house I will put that person in a very very difficult place for the dog to find them I will take him to some warehouses or school or just some some buildings that I will use and do some searches but I have to still be reasonable and not add on new things a real protection dog needs to do several things and their basic things basic basic scenarios which is that it has to happen under all circumstances okay so it's not about how many exercises and how many things the dog can do it's about knowing few things much less but being able to do them under very different circumstances that's something that always get confused in training when you do protection training like let's say when I'm training protection dog it starts with the when the dog is born looking into the genetics looking into this genetic predisposition put up a reaction under subscribe confidence level courage power strength you can have some super dog that is maybe 55 pounds or 20 kilos or 18 kilo that would not stop a man you know it just will not you need something that is a little bit more substantial now there is a whole different talk about you know we will go into the different breeds in a second but you are looking when you're talking protection you're really looking into dog that it's physically capable to at least do some opposition you can give the meanest grabbing you and it's way 30 pounds and you're like wow that's very cool let me go on and do what I need to do yeah that's uh unless you care for of them then yeah there might be they might do something but one it's not gonna stop nobody no not even a twelve-year-old all right unless unless somebody is really really scared of dogs but then you don't need a protection dog now that brings us to the different breeds of dogs you know I breed Malinois I've done this since the eighties I have my preferences I train all dogs I train literally all dogs all breeds nevertheless my top one choice is about a Malinois and so is the choice for the Navy SEALs and so is the choice for majority of police departments nowadays and so on few reasons for this it's not to take away from our presa canario Rottweiler any of them mastiff breeds they are super powerful when they get you if they have that courage to get you which a lot of times they don't they can do a lot of damage they can stop you the problem is the problems are it's not one problem a big problem is held most of those breeds have very poor health they have that elbows hips spying eyes that's a very very serious problem okay the other problem is that most of them are not really selected to do this kind of work they're not great selectively for years to do this it's not to say that there is no single one that it's good yes there's some some dogs that are quite good but you can have a Caucasian of charcoal you can have Anatolia you can have a Bullmastiff you can care for bail you can have all this big a strong powerful guard dogs and they can do something very nice but they will lock other things combined with the help it just doesn't make it functional generally speaking the herding breeds and that's the that's your German Shepherd and our Belgian Shepherd and you know most a shepherd dog they are very trainable they are very in tune and very family-oriented and that's that's big like a Caucasian of charcoal will guard your house will guard for his own sake but known as silikal take you to where a Molina adapts very quickly to a family and it becomes a plan and then it's us against whomever okay it's a different different way and those dogs are selected for many generations to do this the way they fight the way they think the the confidence level the social level all these plays are all and all this comes to that super EXTREME and that super EXTREME to somewhere in the middle and having that surprise reaction that is the correct reaction okay so this kind of why I might my choice is a Malinois but again you would need not a kitten you don't need a 30-pound Molina no matter how fearless it is it's still going to be a 30 pound it will not be able to do much unless again you get four of them which is a doable so you have selection then you it is important how you raise that dog you know it's a it's very important how you raise the dog similar to how you would train Tigers now they cannot they cannot be pushed too far they have to believe in themselves they also have to have that natural instinct I am somebody and when we get dogs from Europe and they are presented as the best ones you definitely don't know how its raised you definitely don't know their reaction you definitely don't know genetically what it takes to back them off any training that the dog has prior to becoming a protection dog can affect and will affect the dog's future for good and for bad so I will give you some example of this let's say some top sport trainer selects a dog that's okay that's a nice German Shepherd it's from really good lines and I want to win the world championship so I take that puppy I raise it and I do all this sport training now the puppy is about seven months or a year and a half old and I start to see that the dough is a little more questionable he doesn't have the heart he doesn't have the courage it doesn't have the quality of the bike he doesn't have the power it doesn't have that confidence level and aggression because when you're pushed you cannot back off you have to go forward and you have to mean it and when you recognize that that's not the right dog it can look like it is but it's not then it gets all to the companies in the States and then they sell it and they be give you that big display of you know WrestleMania and you think you got a super dog and hopefully you don't need to ever we put in that situation that that you find out the wrong way and this happens this happens I teach as I say I go almost on a monthly basis somewhere in the world in the country here I give a lot of help a lot of police departments Special Forces there times and they are places where I am mind blown how a police officer really believes that they have this partner next to them that's gonna do what they're supposed to do and they find out that it's not happening at the worst time in their life and that's because of lack of understanding and lack of correct training and when you do the proper training you know just as when I do a dog can come at me and I can just stop it say okay this what were you doing nope like this but simpler and the dog does not know what to do is in a checkmate sometimes it's training sometimes the genetics and most of the times combination of the two the dogs that are just lacking training it takes maybe 10 15 20 sessions just enough to give them the green light and say hey you can go on you don't need to wait for me you can do your job but a lot of dogs get sold to police departments very similarly as their salt – as a personal protection dogs they just not meant to be doing this kind of work they don't have the heart correct the whole mindset is not there and training cannot make up for genetics you need a genetic component and then you need excellent training dog needs to be exposed on a lot of different scenarios they need to understand that when you tell him to go ahead and protect and do their job they have to go and do it there is no questioning there is no looking oh well he doesn't wear that big fat arm so what do I do oh he's just wearing t-shirt can I just do this oh he doesn't have anything or oh he has this like I don't know some some big scary thing what do I do or he doesn't have any where to buy these are all scenarios that the dog has to be exposed but when you have a really good dog that training goes fast what is more complicated is actually not the biting training but the opposite so let's say when I when I'm training a dog will give you just I don't want to give it too much of my training scenarios because I know everybody's watching and waiting but here is one let's say we go to a hotel and EQ a new dog it's a foreign place it's not his territory someone's at the door walks in the dog needs to react there is no knocking there is no prettiest I'm gonna send my dog no somebody walks in the door after that training session it's gonna take me probably I would say another ten training sessions that I'm gonna go to different hotels and different places like this and show that dog that we don't live in a war zone but actually there will be a maid that's gonna walk by that there will be people walking in and we don't just attack everybody and anything this is the more time consuming in a real protection training than the actual biting when we have the right genetics and the right training the training scenarios that go around the protection itself compared to the part that balances the protection are probably five to 95% I want that dog to be comfortable I want a dog to just know that there can be a moment but they should not live in a war zone unless there is a war zone so when you you you also can do something that I do this is one more thing that I'm gonna mention and as I said I don't like to give out too much of my training away but when you think how it used to be in the airport you get a different calling oh it's blue green orange red alert right so you can have a dog that can be just normal because really nothing is going on and then if you feel that somebody's starts to really be stalking around the house or the your neighborhood or whatever or you hear something on the news or you go in a new area where you have that conscious feeling okay this is I I don't feel safe right now you can elevate the suspicious level through training and you can make that dog that's let's say within the five and six of the two extreme you can bring it up or you can manage it a little bit less that way okay but you can do Pondy with the right dog you cannot play games like this when it comes to real protection and then as a as a person that likes to buy protection dogs again try not to not to think that the dogs have some supernatural qualities and you know they can read minds and they can feel situations and yes they do but that doesn't mean that they are right you know you can have an older guy or a drunken person just walking up to you wanting a lighter it's okay that the dog shows a little bit of hey what is this but you know that's all it is and then you can have somebody that just gonna walk very nicely and just gonna look like he's not even paying attention to nothing and just gonna walk right by you and do something and before he does or after he does you gotta be able to do to tell the dog that it's time and you gotta be able to tell that dog that it's time once and that's it right it's with the training when we talk about again it's not a hey I know it's very difficult for a person that wants to buy a dog and sometimes sometimes you might be that person that already had one protection dog or two protection dogs and it's like on ok now I'm now a seasoned I'm an expert I I care protection dog and we've done these scenarios and my dog has done these things you have not done real scenarios until you actually do real scenarios and the real scenarios are taking you and your dog by surprise and they are not staged at as a Wrestlemania fake fighting they're very easy to do actually it's only though you and your dog should not know anyway I got that's end up being quite a long video it's been in my head to do it for quite some time in the near future I'm gonna start putting few more interesting specifically strictly protection training and protection dog selection videos if you want to you know how to contact me you know my website it's right down there you can send an email you can message and if it's a interesting topic or interesting questions I'll be glad to help all right [Music] [Music] you

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