PUPPY BITING STOPPED in ONE day! ­čÖî Aggressive puppy biting tips that actually work

Make Dog Training A Family Affair

When beginning obedience training there is quite often one request from my client. They want the dog to be able to work for all members of the family including mom, dad as well as the kids. I always explain that it is a very reasonable request and after the dog is trained we will teach the entire family how to work with the trained dog.

Get Your Lost Dog Back Home Safe and Sound

Having your dog lost is a very scary situation. It can happen in several different ways. Maybe your dog darted out the front door when a visitor tried to enter. It’s possible that your dog escaped from the backyard by digging under or crawling over the fence. It’s also possible that your dog slipped out of its collar while out on a walk and ran away. It doesn’t really matter how it happened. The question is will you be able to get your dog back safely?

Get Involved In Dog Sports

If you have an active lifestyle or have a dog that needs to get rid of a bunch of energy you may consider getting involved in some type of dog sport. There are a bunch of dog sports to get involved in and in this article I will discuss just a few of them.

Backyard Dangers For Your Dog

Believe it or not there are a bunch of dangerous things for your dog right in your own backyard. Everything from poisonous plants, choking dangers and even a fence that isn’t adequate. In this article we will discuss some of those dangers so you can watch out for them.

Are You Practicing Good Dog Owner Etiquette?

As a dog owner it is very important that you practice good doggy manners. What does that mean you ask? This article is going to point out some things that are important for you to be a good dog owner and to show good doggy etiquette. There are several things that you should be doing to show that you are a courteous dog owner. This is just four different ones that I see being abused the most.

Are Puppy Kindergarten Classes Necessary?

The question is, should I take my puppy to kindergarten classes? The answer is, maybe and maybe not and let me tell you what I mean. There are a lot of pros and cons on whether a young puppy should be socializing with other puppies and running the risk of catching a disease such as Parvovirus. Let’s talk more about it.

3 Things You Will Love About A Labrador Retriever

OK, let’s be honest what isn’t there to like about a lab. If you’ve ever owned a lab you know what fantastic pets they make and if you haven’t owned a lab previously I hope this article will help you decide to choose a lab for your next pet.

Flea Allergy Dermatitis – Symptoms and Treatment

Did you know that fleas only make your pet itch if they have flea allergy dermatitis? It’s true. It is important to understand the root causes, symptoms, treatment options, and prevention methods to help your pet avoid this itchy condition.

Natural Homeopathic Remedies For Pets

The reason why homeopath remedies for pets are famous isn’t only the effectiveness. These are simple and easy to give to the pets. For instance, if you need to give any of the above substances to your pet you don’t need to hide the same in food or treat.

Americans Love Their Dogs!

As much as we love Fido, one fact is clear: dogs bite. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, each year over 4.5 million people – adults and children – are bitten by dogs.

Looking to Buy a Pet? Consider an Animal Rescue

Reason why you should consider adopting your next pet from an animal rescue as opposed to a breeder or pet store. With animal rescues you can find a breed specific dog that is need of a loving home.

Little Known Facts About Equine Care Products and Supplements

If you have been riding horses for some time now you have probably noticed that nowadays there are hundreds if not thousands of different types of equine care products and equine supplements. We have never had so many different products to choose from and this massive choice leaves a lot of inexperienced horse riders confused. As horse riders we are constantly bombarded with ads of the latest equine supplements and each company running these ads make claims that their products are the best.

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