Puppy/Dog Training Basic Rules (Watch this first before Training) | Puppy Training 101

With this video, i am starting Training series like you guys requested after watching my training video that i should share how i trained Buddy But i was able to train Buddy successfully So i will share my experiences how i trained Buddy So you can train your Puppy/dog after watching this video In this video i will share 4 rules with you that are most important rules for training So if you follow these rules, you will be able to train your dog/puppy very fast.

At what age can you start training your dog/puppy? For puppies there is a minimum age of 2 months So if your puppy is over 2 months, then you can train your puppy But if your puppy is under 2 months, he/she won't be able to get trained as your puppy is still very young So wait till your puppy is 2 months After your puppy is over 2 months, you can start training And if you have an adult dog, at what age can we still train him? Well, there is no such rule for dogs You can train a dog at any age You might face some problems as your dog would have bad habits from earlier It will take some time and efforts to train but 2nd rule is what time of the day can you train a puppy/dog? So, this one has 2 rules as well.

If it's the 1st time you are training your puppy/dog then pick a time when your puppy/dog is tired and he is little hungry Because if he is active, then he wont listen to you at all. In fact he might start biting you during the training or get aggressive So tired means suppose if he just woke up at that time he will be little lazy, right? and hungry means like about 2 hrs before his meal time So he just woke up about 2 hrs before his meal time That will be the best time to train, as he might be hungry and lazy So at that time he will respond to your commands for the temptation of treats.

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And he wont bite you at all and the 2nd part for this is, if you have already trained your puppy/dog and if you want to repeat the training then there is no best time of day for this For this you can train whenever its possible through out the day Like Buddy already knows a lot of tricks he know about 10+ tricks So for Buddy we don't wait anymore for him to wake up Whenever we get a chance, like before giving him a treat like before taking him on a walk or whenever it's possible We train him So the best time is to train him throughout the day Also i would like you give you an important tip if you train your puppy/dog at the same time and the same location then after some time change the location as well Then your puppy will think this is my training time and this is my training location and he won't train anywhere else.

For example, like if you train in the evening on your balcony he will respond to your training there only and won't respond anywhere else so some time change the position and time of training since Buddy has learned lot of tricks, we give him training outside the house train at the gate, in the garage keep changing the position because it is said that your training is not complete until your dog/puppy follows your training in every situation sometimes he breaks our training sometimes he doesn't follow our training in new situation and in front of new people so until this happens keep training your dog/puppy next rule is how long should you train in a day? well to start, if you are training for the first time then you must train 15 minutes a day at least because at this age puppy's mind is so young that they learn rapidly and forget rapidly so if you don't continue your training every day then he will forget very soon this is why 15 minutes a day is necessary i have 2 more rules for you next rule is what order of training should you follow? well the order should be to teach your puppy (not to a dog) his name like if i say Hey Buddy then he should look at me but i don't think you should work for it because puppies learn that automatically within few weeks so instead you should save that time and use it for next training so our first training will be on Sit and Stay my first training video will also be on Sit and Stay after that we will learn Drop it command because many times you will be in a situation when your puppy/dog will be biting lot of your stuffs and you would want him to leave it and he will not leave it so we will learn Drop it command after that we will learn other training which are more of a fancy training like handshake and high 5 or lying down on the floow, crawling or spinning we will learn all those commands in this series Last rule i have for you is What should you use for training so that your puppy/dog listens to you? Well, you can use 2-3 things for this We use training treats that you use to give to your puppy/dog ones they like i will place a link for that in the description training treats are of various kind you can check which ones your puppy/dog likes you can use those or you can use low value food like kibble sometime i give kibble to Buddy for training kibble is his food that he eats every day and three times a day that is a low value because he eats it every day he won't have much interest in it.

He will eat it and will do the training but won't like a lot High value is something that your puppy likes a lot for example training treats that we use for Buddy Also take note that to avoid over feeding your puppy/dog because calorie requirement is very important for a puppy initially if your puppy eats this much meal in a day then take some portion of the meal out and use it for training rather than you feed him entire meal plus add calories from training treats that will increase his calories per day and he can get obese so make sure to feed about the same calories a day as required training treats are low in calories but still have some calories so if you are using training treats then reduce the portion of his meal a little so that his overall calories a day remains the same so i had all these tips for you in this video and our next video on Sit and Stay training is coming very soon Like this video Buddy is also saying to like this video and Subscribe to the channel Buddy is saying again to subscribe to the channel

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