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here to show us the basics tips puppy expert Stephanie Bennett from believe in dog training I just like to call you the puppy whisperer I mean obviously you're doing something right here this is really awesome we have to say we're joined by Tex yeah and that's the sweet little Gus oh my goodness and who is this this is Orly so what do we start with I mean I feel like you know when you get a puppy there's so many beginning stages where do we start yeah so we've talked about a lot of different things that we should do with our puppy will first get them but I think that one of the very first things that sometimes people tend to wait on is go ahead and teach basic obedience right yeah right away because we need a way to communicate with them and that's a basic obedience is really all about okay that's what we know is I mean you can start immediately literally like eight weeks old start immediately it's fascinating how quickly they learn we don't have to wait I have to say I know friends Stephanie is paying more attention somebody else no I know okay so let's begin what do we do with Orly here so the thing is what we're gonna do is our whole philosophy is I want to redirect which is why I teach basic obedience in the first place so I'm gonna teach her how to redirect so if she is doing something I don't want to do she is still a baby so she likes to jump up a lot if she is doing something I don't want to do the answer is always always tell them what it is you do want them to do that's what basic obedience is for because they're ESL students yes they do English they're ESL students but we can teach them some English words here's the deal no is not enough okay enough because know is not an action I'm not telling you what it is I want you to do if I just say no right and maybe you stop the behavior but only for a minute but how much easier for me to teach you what it is I do want you to do okay just like in any relationship if I don't want you to jump on me why don't I just ask you to sit instead how about okay okay thing to do instead of no no no no no because you know what it is really true the old dog trainer joke because sometimes I go to somebody's home and the dog really thinks their name is no yes so we're gonna just start redirecting so she actually is starting to learn the word sit she's starting to understand that English word what we have started to teach her is that sit is like your child saying please okay so if you want anything in this world just say please that's all you got to do any life reward so if you ask your puppy to sit for every single life reward you may be practicing like 30 or 40 times a day right and watch how quickly they start to go oh my god I train people if I said do you have treats each time in the beginning little connection in the very beginning we give treats in the very beginning and then we start to wean off okay that's what good life rewards are for also right life reward isn't always BC yes okay so in the beginning she's got a new collar on she's like I'm not sure about this in the beginning we're going to do what's called lure reward training okay I take a little piece of food I'm gonna put it like a magnet to her nose and if I lift up if I lure her if I lift up her booty gonna hit the floor and I soon as her beauty hits the floor I can mark it with either a yes or with my clicker okay I've divided clicker before if I click the very second her booty hits the floor she understands that a click means I owe you a piece of food okay you did it right okay Orlick you ready to work mega girl come on thank you thank you so she's already know it I would put the magnet to the nose like this and lift oh yeah yes and then I would let the treat go you see good girl and then I say free which means we're not working anymore now watch her start to offer it to me girl so she's anticipating so she's figured out oh my gosh she has his bag of treats watch what I do right she gives it to me every time step nay have a question I have an 11-year old dog can you teach an old dog new trick hundred percent they never stop learning just like we never stop okay however if they have a habit that you don't appreciate very much it really depends on how long they've been practicing that okay what how long it would take to change the habit what if she's never practiced set sitting in her home [Laughter] how quickly it happens okay no matter how old they are only because what we're really doing is we're teaching them how to train us okay and if they teach you how to train that they go okay awesome easy and also consistency really is the key if you have multiple people in the house I mean everybody's got to be on the same page and this is something that we've had to you know I've tried to write charts for text but this makes a lot of people work right right right so we have to understand because sometimes we get people I say does your dog know sit and they go yes watch sit sit sit sit well that does that mean sit or does this mean sit all right all do we do our body language what words are we saying because they read body language before they read or they hear our English words and so I try to say I would like my puppy to actually know the English word sit and when I say sit I would like you to put your booty on the floor right that's what I want and the other thing is too sometimes I've heard people say that maybe they're concerned about the amount of treats that we keep giving our dogs do we have to pay attention to that as well yeah so you can obviously you know if I'm if I'm feeding if I'm going through a session and I'm doing a lot of treats and I can half their food for dinner do you know okay okay dinner that no okay but also we can start weaning off of these treats really quickly once she starts now she's becoming fluent in the behavior we can see that so I would automatically start weaning off her treats right away so I'm intermittently okay mitten treat okay also life rewards because she likes affection and toys all of those are rewards and I'm noticing too that she has the the leash on as well she's pooped because she's been working really hard in front of these cameras but is the leash necessary you're just trying to keep her close to you I'm just keeping her close to okay just because she wants to play she's having a fun time yeah she's like you be so devout but you see what I'm doing also I'm keeping the lease very loose so I'm not even seeing her right it's just a part of a she's a flight risk right now we're going to tell her what to do okay good care and so what about Gus Gus going through the same oh wow is it pretty pretty well should we try and see what happens you try oh boy okay I don't know if he'll listen to you the little piece of tape come here Gus put that rustling oh oh come here come here here we go see okay okay right to his nose so that you don't put the Treat in his mouth unless all four feet stay on the floor okay take it down down and then now sit oh very excited I'm bad I'm so you do it well done so I love this so if people are doing it you have to be very consistent get a fancy treat bag on the same page as links we bedazzle ours remember that your dog's an ESL student they'll be screaming all the English words at them that they don't understand just like me screaming at you in Japanese it doesn't matter right now that I say it or how many times okay as always to connect with Stephanie she's got great tips visit the scene on Houston life section of our website she is the puppy whisperer I'm gonna be honest with you we've also been thank you so much always great to see you in those fun little puppies we love it

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