Puppy Training For A Stress Free Evening

Beagle Dog Origins Revealed

Beagles are cute and amazing house pets. Learn about their origins.

Gourmet Dog Treats Buyer’s Guide

Dog treats provide dog owners with an excellent opportunity to show their four legged friends how much they love them. They can also be used as a reinforcement tool to reward good behavior. If you want to give your pet nutritious and delicious food, you should buy gourmet dog treats.

Pit Bulls – Victims Of Misconceptions And Dog Fighting

This discusses how dog fighting stigmatizes pit-bulls among different circles of dog owners. It also touches on how some unlawful owners are used to teach others the consequences of animal cruelty.

How To Eliminate Pitbull Behavior Problems

Pitbull behavior problems could be due to several factors, the trigger could be something from way back in your Pitbulls years as a pup which was never ever extinguished. In most cases, the issue is usually a matter of dominance involving the owner and or the dog. The one thing about aggression in the Pitbull, is it should be tackled at some point. Dogs whose masters allow them to act in a hostile manner spanning a lengthy time period may very well become dangerous.

Enjoy Life With a Dog, But Only For the Right Reasons

As companions for people, dogs are stars, but they deserve to shine in homes that respect them and their needs. Neither dominance nor permissiveness should be the foundation for the human/dog relationship. Dogs need our help, and communication is what’s needed. Dogs must be able to ask the questions they have about how to live in a human world, and people must attentively answer those questions.

5 Tips to Training a Husky Dog

Being a new husky owner it’s not always obvious how to train your little bundle of love. What once seemed to be a cute fur ball is now causing problems.

Pet Loss: 3 Steps to Using Photography and Creativity to Ease Grief

We do not often connect these things together, easing grief with photography and creativity. Engaging our creative side by gathering pictures, placing those photographs and then creating something new and different can have a potent impact to help ease the grief in our heart after an animal passes away. It is just that simple, and that difficult. Even taking small steps to create something to remember our loved one can go a very long way to helping our hearts. Each action we take can help our grief move and can help us begin shifting forward in our lives. Each act no matter how small or big can help us come to terms with our loss. My motto is, create something, anything at all.

Does Your Dog Have Arthritis? Make a Healthy Choice: Glucosamine

As dogs begin to age, their joints begin wearing down, along with ligaments, tendons, and the fluid between their joints. This can lead to pain in the joints that may become swollen or stiff, and often affects the mobility of the dog. One common cause of arthritic development in dogs may be found in their diet. A diet containing lots of red meat, while a good protein source, may lead to increased amounts of uric acid, which contributes to osteoarthritis.

Easy Ways to Break Your Dog From Embarrassing Humping Habits

Does your dog like to embarrass you in front of company by becoming a little too “friendly” with a guest? Did Fido go “nuts” when your boss’ wife bent over to pick up the keys she just dropped? It can be both embarrassing and upsetting to see your dog, who’s usually cute, innocent, sweet, or even docile start humping everything in sight. Here are some tips you can try to nip this bad habit in the bud.

Whipworm: How To Spot the Presence of This Parasite and How To Rid Your Dog Of Them

Our pet dogs sometimes has the so called parasites inside their bodies. One example is the whipworm. Like any other parasites, whipworms are also harmful to our pets.

What Can I Do About Excessive Barking?

There is nothing more annoying than a dog that barks all the time. It is a fact that dogs love barking, but it is usually for a good reason. Barking is the only way a dog has to verbally communicate. Every breed of dog in the world, except for the Basenji, barks.

If You Cook Your Dogs Home-Cooked Meals, They Will Love You Forever

In recent times, it has come to light that commercial dog food may not only be less than nutritious, it may actually be harmful to your dog. Pet owners have some decisions to make, either make their own dog meals at home, or shell out more money for more expensive “designer” dog foods.

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