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Nutritional Needs for Pekingese Dogs

Nutritional needs and Benefits of feeding Pekingese correctly. Pekingese dogs have specific nutritional needs. While choosing your dog’s diet, you must keep in mind its origin.

Dogs – A Big Happy Family or Canines in Crisis?

If you have more than one dog then we hope that your home is harmonious, with your pooches getting along with each other like best pals. But you may find at times (hopefully not all the time) your dogs will fall out, fighting, snarling and exhibiting signs of aggression to each other. This can also happen when you introduce a new dog (either adult or puppy) to your home.

Make Dog Obedience Training Easier

Dog Obedience Training is much easier when you have some incite on the different options and training methods. Explains some of the basic process to obtain the dog obedience you have been looking for. You will be amazed on how well you do can be with the correct training.

How To Instill Your Dog With Social Skills!

Find out how to properly socialise your dog. There are some good days and many bad ways. Find out more here.

Canine Tips – Discover the Important Benefits of Dog Exercise

Many owners don’t provide their dogs with adequate exercise. There are many health benefits of dog exercise that you need to be aware of.

The Recall – Why You Need To Train Your Dog To Come Back Now!

Don’t lose your dog because he won’t come back when called. Find out how to train him to come back with a rec command.

5 Secrets to Effective Dog Potty Training

Next to welcoming a newborn baby, introducing a puppy into your household is definitely something that’s worth cherishing. However, you have to make sure you’re fully prepared for this, especially when it comes to their potty training. Puppies don’t have complete control of their bladder and bowels at first and you will need to provide assistance in guiding your puppy on this matter.

Doggone It – SIT When You’re Told!

Are you a dog-lover, or perhaps a former one? Many of us know the frustration of a disobedient pet. Fortunately there can be a happy ending.

How To Clean Stuffed Dog Toys And Other Toys

Does your dog have favorite stuffed dog toys? Then you know eventually the toys get stinky, grungy, and just plain old dirty. Now, in a very short time you can have clean and fresh dog toys. Plus, when you have friends and family over with smaller children that love to put toys in their mouth, you will feel better knowing there is less bacteria and germs. In this article you will find ways to clean stuffed dog toys and other types of toys.

Most Famous Cairn Terrier Dog Breed

One of the most veteran breeds to come out of the British Isles is the Cairn Terrier; Cairn Terriers can be traced back as far as the sixteenth century, where according to reports they were first bred. The spiritual home of the Cairn Terrier is in the far flung Island of Skye not far off the North West Coast of Scotland.

Cave Canem (Beware the Dog)

If you have ever been in a foreign area, then you are most likely to be aware of the dangers of a canine being extra territorial. It is not uncommon to people that dogs, trained or not, guard their territories with everything they’ve got, that includes a complete set of sharp teeth. It would be an easy situation if you are just a passerby, someone who would most likely never visit the area again.

Bulldogs React Better to Positive Reinforcement

The true secret with positive reinforcement will be consistency within instructions as well as anticipation coupled with correct praise timing. This approach delivers clear signals to your dog regarding your requirements and also his place in the pack.

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