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Different Types of Puppy Food

There are various different types of Puppy Food available on the market, and it’s entirely up to you which one you choose to feed to your puppy. The two most popular choices of food are either wet food or dry food, but there are also a few alternative options such as the raw food diet, which are now becoming more, and more popular.

Puppy Feeding: The Basics

There are many varied types of wet and dry dog foods, and puppies can be fed on either or a mix of both. Puppies can start being weaned from the age of 4 to 6 weeks…

Dog Training: Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People

The leaping up upon people behavior of your own dog is often rather aggravating for you as well as for your guest. You need to dissuade or train your pet to make sure that this jumping on people behavior may stop or perhaps remain controlled. There are numerous strategies, which you can check out to manage this specific behavior of your pet dog. Nonetheless, it almost all depends on the seriousness of the problem.

Overcoming Your Fear of Dogs

Many times a fear of dogs stems from an incident at childhood of dog bite or other memorable event involving a dog. With a little work, you can overcome that fear by meeting puppies, watching adult dogs, meeting an adult dog, and finally meeting with a behavioral therapist as a last resort.

Finally A Natural Cure For Your Puppy’s Diarrhea

I can only guess that the last time your pup had diarrhea, you hoped it would be the last right? Not only can it be extremely messy, but it can be very expensive. Most pet owners will bring their dogs to the vet or canine ER, at the first sign of diarrhea.

Dognapping and Dog Theft – Should You Be Concerned?

Recent media coverage in the UK has highlighted what seems to be a growing concern for dog owners – dog being stolen and held to ransom, or dogs being stolen and sold on for use in medical research, dog fighting or to unscrupulous dog breeders. To what extent should a dog owner be concerned about this apparent new wave of dog related crime? Read on the find out.

English Springer Spaniel Puppies – Your Adorable and Friendly Pet

Discover why English Springer Spaniel puppies are a great choice as a family dog and as child companions. They can live up to fourteen human years, grow to be medium sized and are very sociable dogs with an even-temperament and friendly personality about them.

Should You Spay Or Neuter Your Dachshund – 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider It

As the owner of a pet, you have the responsibility to keep that pet healthy and do what you can to make their life as good as it can be. Spaying or neutering is one of those things that you, as an owner, can do to promote the health of your pet and benefit society by controlling animal overpopulation. Your Dachshund will not change the way it acts, will not change its’ personality and will not blow up like a balloon by gaining tons of weight. Do the right thing for yourself and your pet, spay or neuter them.

Enjoy Your Dachshund – 6 Tips To Train Your Dog

Training your Dachshund can sometimes be tough, mainly because they can be very stubborn. But keep at it because the effort will be worth it. In the end, you will have a dog that is well-behaved, fun to have around and much less likely to cause injury to themselves. Just imagine, no more wild barking, uncontrolled jumping and generally bad behavior. Life is a lot more enjoyable and safe for your Dachshund when you have made the effort to train them.

Do You Know What’s In Your Dog’s Food?

There are so many types and brands of dog food on the market, it’s hard to figure out which one is best. Here are a few things to consider about your dog’s health and diet.

5 Things to Consider When Training a Puppy

Owning a dog requires love and patience from its owner. One must start training your woolly bundle of fur as soon as possible to help your puppy to develop into the dog you dream of. This article gives you some things you will need to consider when embarking on training your puppy.

House Training Puppies – What To Do

Hi there friend and puppy owner. Perhaps the No.1 question of all new dog owners after they get their puppy home is, “How can I teach my dog not to pee or mess wherever it likes?” All other training questions pale into insignificance compared to this one, especially if you’ve just trodden in something mushy – perhaps even right in the middle of your new carpet! So this becomes your first priority ahead of biting and teething problems. You can put up with those in the short term, but potty training is your main challenge. In this article, I have given some tips and suggestions as to how to get on top of this which I believe will be helpful to you in this endeavor. Be assured that persistence and patience on your part will win the day. All the best for a successful outcome.

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